2020 Toyota Supra With $800 Ecu Tune Takes On Equally-powered But A Lot Cheaper Ford Mustang Gt

2020 Toyota Supra With $800 ECU Tune Takes On Equally-Powered But A Lot Cheaper Ford Mustang GT

A drag race between a Toyota Supra and a Ford Mustang sounds very interesting indeed, but there’s a sizeable difference in horsepower when both are in stock form as the former has 335hp and the latter, 443hp. On the other hand, the Supra starts from £54,000 in the UK, while the Mustang GT, from significantly less at £43,045.

Cheaper Nintendo Switch Could Launch By End Of June

Cheaper Nintendo Switch Could Launch By End Of June

According to the rumors, Nintendo could be working on a cheaper version of the Nintendo Switch in the fall of 2019. These rumors have since been “confirmed” by a report from Bloomberg who claims that this cheaper version of the Switch could actually be launched by the end of June 2019.

Coincidentally enough, E3 2019 is taking place in June, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo were to make some kind of announcement at their own presentation where the console would then launch a couple of weeks later. As to the differences between the models, last we heard, the cheaper Switch will focus on portability.

Toyota C-hr Gets New Base Trim That's About $1,400 Cheaper

Toyota C-HR gets new base trim that's about $1,400 cheaper

Toyota has announced pricing and trim levels for the 2019 C-HR crossover. A rather substantial price drop for the cheapest C-HR is at hand: while the 2018 C-HR started at $23,410 for the XLE trim, the new base C-HR, the LE starts from $20,995 excluding destination fees, or $22,090 with them.

Earlier, Toyota only offered the C-HR with two trim levels, the XLE and XLE Premium, but the latter has now been removed, and there are three versions. The LE's introduction means a touch of de-contenting, as the base model is offered with 17-inch steel wheels and a plastic steering wheel. While there are LED DRLs, the headlights are halogen. Still, even the LE gets the 8-inch touchscreen that is Apple CarPlay compatible, and dynamic radar cruise control. As well as the DRCC, all models get Toyota's Safety Sense suite that includes collision avoidance systems such as automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection and steering-assisting lane keeper.

Confirmed: The Iphone Xr Will Be Cheaper In Japan

Confirmed: The iPhone XR Will Be Cheaper In Japan

Earlier it was reported that Apple could be looking to discount the iPhone XR in Japan. Exactly by how much was anyone’s guess, but now it has been confirmed that the previous reports were true and that over in Japan, buying the iPhone XR on contract from carrier NTT Docomo will help customers save $100 over the course of the contract’s period.

Note that this $100 in savings isn’t a direct discount of the phone’s price, but rather it seems to be in line with the previous reports claim that the savings could be done through carrier subsidies. Previously the iPhone XR 64GB model on a 24-month contract would have cost 36,000 yen in installments, but now it will cost 24,000 yen.

Pacific Saury Dishes May Become Cheaper

Pacific saury dishes may become cheaper

Japanese restaurant chain operators are considering reducing the prices of their Pacific saury dishes because the fish is in plentiful supply this year.

Ootoya Holdings will sell a set meal of Pacific saury at its outlets across Japan from Monday until the end of October.

Nintendo Now Selling Cheaper Switch Bundle Without Dock

Nintendo Now Selling Cheaper Switch Bundle Without Dock

Nintendo’s hit console, the Nintendo Switch, has now become a bit more affordable. The company has started selling a cheaper Switch bundle in Japan which comes without the dock for TV. Referred to as “Switch 2nd Unit Set," it’s meant for customers who already have a Switch connected to the TV and thus don’t require an additional dock. It also works well for players who only want to use the console for handheld gaming.

Nintendo has priced this new bundle at 24,980 yen or $225 and it features the Switch console with two Joy-Con controllers and as many strap attachments. It offers savings of 5,000 yen or $45 compared to the normal Switch bundle. The company is only selling this bundle in Japan right now.

2019 Lexus Ls Launches In The U.s. Priced Cheaper Than Old Model

2019 Lexus LS Launches In The U.S. Priced Cheaper Than Old Model

Lexus is launching the new LS luxury sedan in the US market with an entry price that’s actually cheaper than its predecessor.

The new Lexus LS starts from $75,995, including a $995 destination and handling fee, making it $3,820 cheaper than the outgoing long-wheelbase model. The hybrid LS 500h has a starting price of $80,505.

2018 Lexus Rx450h Is Way Cheaper Than The 2017 Model

2018 Lexus RX450h is way cheaper than the 2017 model

The dawn of a car model's new model year often means a slight increase in price across the board. Sometimes, though, a company goes the opposite direction, and in the case of Lexus, goes way in the opposite direction. For 2018, Lexus slashed the base price of the RX450h hybrid by $7,340 versus the 2017 model for a total of $46,690. The price reduction isn't only for the normal RX450h, the F Sport version sees a major decrease of $4,090 for a new starting price of $53,400.

The purely gasoline-powered Lexus RX350 line doesn't get the same deep discounts for 2018. They actually increased in price, but only slightly. Normal RX350s, both front- and all-wheel-drive, are $50 more this year. The same goes for the F Sport versions of the RX350.

Ntt Docomo's Global Sim To Offer Cheaper, Easier Mobile Use

NTT Docomo's global SIM to offer cheaper, easier mobile use

NTT Docomo Inc. has developed the world's first SIM card that can store multiple profiles from cellphone carriers, negating the need to change SIMs or use roaming services when traveling abroad.

Japan's leading telecommunications provider announced the innovation on Nov. 28 and its plan to launch a new service using it as early as 2018.

Toyota Warns Kentucky Workers That Japan-made Camrys Are Cheaper

Toyota Warns Kentucky Workers That Japan-Made Camrys Are Cheaper

Toyota warned Kentucky workers building the Camry to cut costs or else, apparently looking for ways to increase the US plant’s efficiency which is also the company’s biggest in the world.

The Japanese car maker claims that they can build a Camry in Japan, ship it all the way to Kentucky and make more money than building one in their Kentucky facilities in a short video shown to employees, Bloomberg reports.

Cheaper Honda Civic Type R Apparently Revealed In Nhtsa Filings

Cheaper Honda Civic Type R apparently revealed in NHTSA filings

The Honda Civic Type R is one of the fastest and most capable hatchbacks around, but with a base MSRP of $34,775, it isn't exactly the most affordable. The high base price is due in part to the mono-spec nature of the car: one trim with all the bells and whistles. That said, it seems that Honda may be working on a second model that ditches some equipment, presumably lowering the car's price. This news was uncovered by The Truth About Cars.

TTAC was digging around in NHTSA filings when it discovered that Honda registered two Type Rs, one listed as a Touring model. Both cars use the same K20C1 turbocharged 2.0-liter and six speed manual, but the separate listing suggests less equipment. On most Hondas, the Touring package includes things like LED lighting, automatic climate control, premium audio and navigation. Expect the lesser Type R to ditch most or all of those features. Smaller wheels and less aggressive aero could be on the table, too.

New Train To Offer Cheaper But Luxury Trips To The Sanin Region

New train to offer cheaper but luxury trips to the Sanin region

TOTTORI--West Japan Railway Co. (JR West) plans to let passengers experience the Sanin region's gorgeous sites and rich culture in relative luxury but without breaking the bank.

The Ametuchi sightseeing train is scheduled to start services in July 2018. It will make round trips between Tottori and Izumoshi stations on the JR Sanin Line on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.