King & Prince's New Song To Be Used In Cm For Shinken Zemi

King & Prince's new song to be used in CM for Shinken Zemi

King & Prince's new song "Kaze ni Nore" will be used as the new CM song for Benesse Corporation's 'Shinken Zemi' starting February 8.  

The CM stars comedian Degawa Tetsuro who shows the appeal of the evolution of Shinken Zemi's teaching materials. The CM song "Kaze ni Nore" will be included in King & Prince's new single "Kimi wo Matteru" to drop on March 20. On this song, the group commented, "There are days when you want to give up. But you are not alone. You always have family or friends by your side. We recorded 'Kaze ni Nore' hoping that it would support those whoa re chasing after their dreams.

Toshi, Niigaki Takashi, Yoshioka Riho, And Ashida Mana Form A Band For Y!mobile's New Cm

ToshI, Niigaki Takashi, Yoshioka Riho, and Ashida Mana form a band for Y!mobile's new CM

Y!mobile's new TV CM 'Y!BAND Kessei' will begin airing on February 1. It's been revealed that Toshl (X JAPAN) and Niigaki Takashi (Genie High) will be starring in this CM. 

The CM is set in a school classroom where Yoshioka Riho, who plays the teacher, introduces new transfer students ToshI who suggests they start a band. ToshI is the vocalist, Niigaki plays the keyboard, Yoshioka the guitar, Ashida Mana the recorder, and Futenyan (the cat) the drums. 

Greeeen Sings New Cm Song For Au's Santaro Series

GReeeeN sings new CM song for au's Santaro series

It's been announced that GReeeeN is singing the CM song for au's latest 'Santaro' series that started airing on New Year's Day. 

The CM stars Matsuda Shota, Suda Masaki, Arimura Kasumi, Nanao, Kawaei Rina, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Matsumoto Honoka, and Nakagawa Taishi. GReeeeN's new song "Issho ni Yukou" is an arrangement of the baseball anthem "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" and Bach's "Jesus bleibet meine Freude." It will be digitally released on Utapass on January 9, and its music video will be revealed via au's website.

Koki Speaks Spanish In New Cm For Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Koki speaks Spanish in new CM for Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Kimura Takuya and Kudo Shizuka's daughter Koki starred in her second CM for Otsuka Pharmaceutical's new drink brand 'Body Mainte Drink.'

The new CM was filmed at a hotel terrace near Antwerp Cathedral in Belgium. In it, you can see Koki practicing her Spanish during a lesson with her instructor. 

Kimura Takuya's Daughter Koki To Star In Her First Cm

Kimura Takuya's daughter Koki to star in her first CM

Kimura Takuya and Kudo Shizuka's daughter Koki will be appearing in her first TV CM. She will be starring in the CM for Otsuka Pharmaceutical's new drink brand 'Body Mainte Drink' to air beginning November 9. 

The brand was created with the concept "to support people who are working hard toward their dreams and to support the bridge between hard work and the result." As such, the brand wanted to support Koki, who has taken a step towards her dream of "becoming a fashion model and composer who can be active worldwide."

Juju's New Song To Be Used In 'find My Tokyo.' Cm

JUJU's new song to be used in 'Find my Tokyo.' CM

JUJU's new song "Metro" has been picked up as the CM song for Tokyo Metro's 'Find my Tokyo.' campaign. 

Actress Ishihara Satomi serves as the image character for the 'Find my Tokyo.' campaign CM series. The new CM, titled "Takadanobaba_Asia no Fukami," shows Ishihara enjoying Taiwanese desserts and Burmese cuisine. 

Yonezu Kenshi To Provide The New Cm Song For Gatsby

Yonezu Kenshi to provide the new CM song for Gatsby

Yonezu Kenshi is getting ready to release his double A-side single "Flamingo / TEENAGE RIOT" on October 31. One of the title tracks "TEENAGE RIOT" has been picked up as the theme song for men's cosmetics brand Gatsby's CM series 'GATSBY COP.'

This CM series stars actors Yagira Yuya & Arata Mackenyu. Yagira plays a wild senpai cop, while Arata is the cool newbie cop. 

Hata Motohiro Composes New 'au' Cm Song Sung By Kiritani Kenta

Hata Motohiro composes new 'au' CM song sung by Kiritani Kenta

The new CM for au's "Santaro Series" have begun airing on August 1. Its CM song "Ouchi wo Tsukuro" is composed by Hata Motohiro. 

In the CM, Kiritani Kenta, who plays 'Urashima Taro,' sings "Ouchi wo Tsukuro" while playing the Sanshin. While being surrounded by his friends, they dream about their goal of "building a family." 

Softbank Cm Dog Kai-kun Passes Away

Softbank CM dog Kai-kun passes away

Hokkaido dog Kai-kun, known for his role as 'Otousan' in the Softbank CMs, passed away on June 28 due to old age. He was 16 years old. 

In an announcement titled, "To the first Otousan, Kaikun, with thanks," Softbank's official website stated, "On the dawn of June 28, 2018, Hokkaido dog Kai-kun, who had starred in our TV CMs as the first Otousan of the Shirato Family since 2007, has gone to heaven due to old age. He was 16 years old."

Southern All Stars Announce New Best-of Album, Cm Tie-up & Tour For 40th Anniversary

Southern All Stars announce new best-of album, CM tie-up & tour for 40th anniversary

Southern All Stars, who celebrated their 40th anniversary on June 25, have announced the release of a new best-of album, a CM tie-up with 'Mitsuya Cider,' and a tour next spring.

Twenty years have passed since the group released their best-of album "Umi no Yeah!!" on June 25, 1998. The upcoming album will include their hit singles, such as "TSUNAMI" and "Tokyo VICTORY" as well as their latest single "Tatakau Senshi (Mono) Tachi e Ai wo Komete." It will be a 2-disc set containing a total of 29 previously released songs and three brand new ones. 

Watabe Ken And Sasaki Nozomi Star In A Cm Together

Watabe Ken and Sasaki Nozomi star in a CM together

On May 21, comedian Watabe Ken attended a project presentation event for 'Xylitol.' 

In its CM, Watabe co-stars with his wife, model/actress Sasaki Nozomi. You can see the couple walking through a forest until they meet a young girl from Finland. This is their first time starring in a CM as husband and wife.