Japan Wants Joseph To Remain National Rugby Coach

Japan wants Joseph to remain national rugby coach

Japanese rugby's governing body has decided to officially ask the national team's head coach, Jamie Joseph, to stay in the post after leading the side to the best eight in the World Cup for the first time ever.

The president of the Japan Rugby Football Union, Shigetaka Mori, told reporters that a panel made the decision on Thursday. The decision was reportedly unanimous.

Japan Rugby Coach, Captain 'proud' Of The Team

Japan rugby coach, captain 'proud' of the team

The members of Japan's national rugby team have looked back on their performance in the World Cup, one day after failing to reach the semifinals.

Head coach Jamie Joseph and the 31 players held a news conference on Monday in Tokyo.

Naomi Osaka Splits From Coach Jenkins

Naomi Osaka splits from coach Jenkins

Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka says she has split from her coach, Jermaine Jenkins.

Osaka said on Twitter that the two won't be working together anymore.

Nishino To Coach Thai National Soccer Team

Nishino to coach Thai national soccer team

Former Japan national team manager Akira Nishino will coach Thailand's national soccer team with an eye to the World Cup in 2022.

The Thai football association announced on Monday that Nishino had accepted the offer to become the new head coach of the Thai team.

Coach, Players Comment After Loss In World Cup

Coach, players comment after loss in World Cup

The coach and players of Nadeshiko Japan spoke after failing to advance to the quarterfinals in the Women's World Cup in France.

Coach Asako Takakura said she felt sorry that the team could not turn scoring opportunities in the second half into goals.

Japan Soccer Coach: 'give It Their All' In France

Japan soccer coach: 'give it their all' in France

Japan's women's soccer team coach says she wants her players to "give it their all" in the World Cup in France.

Coach, Asako Takakura and captain, Saki Kumagai, spoke to reporters in Paris on Sunday, a day before playing Argentina in their first match.

Marathon Coach Yoshio Koide Dies

Marathon coach Yoshio Koide dies

Marathon coach Yoshio Koide has died at the age of 80. He trained top Japanese runners including Olympic medalists.

Sources say Koide was suffering from heart problems and was in intensive care this month and died on Wednesday morning.

Naomi Osaka Announces New Coach

Naomi Osaka announces new coach

Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka has a new coach, following an abrupt split with her former coach Sascha Bajin.

Osaka tweeted a photo of the new member of her team, Jermaine Jenkins, thanking him for joining.

Becky Announces Marriage To Baseball Coach Kataoka Yasuyuki

Becky announces marriage to baseball coach Kataoka Yasuyuki

On February 13, Becky (34) announced that she has gotten married to baseball coach Kataoka Yasuyuki (35). 

Becky uploaded a photo of a bird onto Instagram and announced, "It's a personal matter, but I recently married minor league Yomiuri Giants coach Yasuyuki Kataoka-san." She continued, "Without forgetting my grateful feelings, I will move forward slowly and steadily. Please continue to support me.

Naomi Osaka Splits With Coach Sascha Bajin

Naomi Osaka splits with coach Sascha Bajin

The world's number one tennis player, Naomi Osaka, has announced she has split with coach Sascha Bajin.

Osaka said on Twitter on Monday that she was parting ways with the German coach. She gave no details on the decision.

Ex-yokozuna Kisenosato Debuts As 'oyakata' Coach

Ex-yokozuna Kisenosato debuts as 'oyakata' coach

In Japanese professional sumo, former yokozuna grand champion Kisenosato has made a debut as "oyakata" coach and pledged to continue to make a contribution to the sport.

Kisenosato retired on January 16th after suffering consecutive losses on the first three days in the year's first 15-day competition.

Keisuke Honda Starts To Coach Cambodia Soccer Team

Keisuke Honda starts to coach Cambodia soccer team

Japanese soccer star Keisuke Honda, who became the effective coach of the Cambodia's national team, says he intends to move forward slowly and steadily to build up the team.

Honda led a practice session of the team for the first time in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh on Tuesday.

Becky Is Dating Baseball Coach Kataoka Yasuyuki

Becky is dating baseball coach Kataoka Yasuyuki

On June 26, some sports papers reported that talento Becky (34) and Kataoka Yasuyuki (35), coach for the Yomiuri Giants, are dating. Announcer Ogura Tomoaki confirmed the reports on 'Tokudane!' saying that he confirmed the news with coach Kataoka himself. 

At the beginning of the program, Ogura, who is good friends with Kataoka, commented, "I was surprised when I opened the newspaper this morning!" He then continued, "I felt like a father who didn't know anything about his son's love life."

Japan Coach Speaks Before World Cup Opener

Japan coach speaks before World Cup opener

Japan's head coach says his side will try to take the initiative in the country's World Cup opener against Colombia.

Akira Nishino appeared at a pre-game news conference in the Russian city of Saransk on Monday along with Captain Makoto Hasebe.