Kobe Hospital Conducts Coronavirus Antibodies Test

Kobe hospital conducts coronavirus antibodies test

A hospital in the western Japanese city of Kobe has found that about 3 percent of its outpatients carry coronavirus antibodies, indicating they were infected at one point.

A group of doctors, mainly from Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital, collected 1,000 blood samples from patients who visited the hospital for reasons other than coronavirus symptoms between late March and early April.

Chinese Ship Conducts Survey In Japan's Eez

Chinese ship conducts survey in Japan's EEZ

Japanese Coast Guard officials say a Chinese ship has apparently conducted a survey without consent in Japan's exclusive economic zone near the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea.

The officials say a patrol boat spotted the ship dangling what looked like a cable into the sea about 89 kilometers off Uotsuri Island on Sunday morning.

Seiji Ozawa Conducts For 1st Time In Over A Year

Seiji Ozawa conducts for 1st time in over a year

Japan's maestro Seiji Ozawa has returned to conducting after being sidelined by poor health for about 14 months.

Ozawa made an appearance for the last piece of a concert program on Wednesday. Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko were among the audience at the concert hall in Tokyo.

Docomo Conducts World's First Successful Outdoor Trial Of 5g Technologies

DOCOMO Conducts World's First Successful Outdoor Trial of 5G Technologies for Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications - FareastgizmosNTT Docomo today conducted the world’s first successful outdoor trial of fifth-generation (5G) mobile technologies for ultra-reliable low-latency communications (URLLC) using a 4.5 GHz system developed in collaboration with Huawei. The trial simulated a realistic environment involving a stationary mobile terminal that received signals at distances of 0.8 to 1 km from the base station.

During the trial, Docomo achieved an over-the-air latency of less than one millisecond together with a packet transmission success rate of more than 99.999%. The ultra-reliable low-latency communications were also achieved at distances of approximately 0.3 km to 0.6 km from the base station, when the mobile terminal was moving at approximately 25 km/h. These successful results bring Docomo one step closer to realizing a much-awaited commercial 5G communications network for mobile devices, which the company hopes to launch in 2020.

Nissan Donates $20,000, Conducts Volunteer Day For Mississippi Food Network's Backpack Program

Nissan donates $20,000, conducts volunteer day for Mississippi Food Network's BackPack ProgramToday Nissan announced a $20,000 donation to the Mississippi Food Network as part of its ongoing support for Mississippi children in need. The funds will be used to expand the organization's BackPack Program for students in elementary through junior high school. In addition to the monetary contribution, which will fund 4,000 backpack meals, employees from the Nissan Vehicle Assembly Plant in Canton packaged more than 800 meal kits for the program on November 22 as part of a Nissan day of service.

Docomo Successfully Conducts 5g Trials In Actual-use Environments

DOCOMO Successfully Conducts 5G Trials in Actual-use EnvironmentsNTT DOCOMO, INC. announced today that a 5G trial it conducted with Nokia Networks at the Roppongi Hills high-rise complex in Tokyo on October 13 achieved ultra-high-speed data transmission in excess of 2Gbps. The trial used millimeter-wavelength signals with an extremely high frequency of 70GHz, a key development for the eventual commercial use of 5G wireless technology in actual-use environments.

Nissan Conducts First On-road Test Of Prototype Vehicle Featuring Piloted Drive

Nissan conducts first on-road test of prototype vehicle featuring piloted driveNissan has begun testing its first prototype vehicle that demonstrates piloted drive on both highway and city/urban roads.
Nissan maintains two corporate visions of a sustainable mobile society: "Zero Emission" and "Zero Fatality." For Zero Emission, the company's goal is to eliminate the emission of CO2 gasses from Nissan vehicles, while Zero Fatality is an aspirational goal that aims to eliminate virtually all fatalities stemming from traffic accidents.

Honda Conducts Public-road Testing And Verifies Effectiveness Of New Congestion Minimization Technology

Honda Conducts Public-road Testing and Verifies Effectiveness of New Congestion Minimization TechnologyHonda Motor Co., Ltd. conducted public-road testing of its new traffic congestion minimization technology in Indonesia and verified the effectiveness of the technology in delaying the development of congestion, and improving fuel efficiency by more than 20 percent. The public-road testing in Indonesia was conducted from September 2012 through February 2013 on a toll road between Ulujami and Pondok Ranji (in Jakarta) which is operated by PT. Jalantol Lingkarluar Jakarta*.