Pg&e Should Try This Alps Drone For Fully Automated Power Grid Inspections

PG&E Should Try This ALPS Drone For Fully Automated Power Grid Inspections

ALPS, known for its in-car electronics components has put together a Done system that can autonomously inspect powerline infrastructure.

The drone has highly precise and sensitive sensors, including a Lidar, which is a laser-based radar that provides 3D awareness of what’s around the drone. As an upgrade, ALPS is working on adapting an RF (radio-frequency) positioning system that has a 30cm (11-inch) precision instead of the normal 16 feet precision of civilian GPS systems.

Nec Flying Car Puts Drone Air Traffic Control To The Test

NEC Flying Car Puts Drone Air Traffic Control To The Test

It was a bit surprising to see a company like NEC prominently featuring a car-size drone on its CEATEC 2019 booth, so we stopped by to check things up.

And no, NEC isn’t going to jump in the drone transportation market, at least, not by producing drones. This prototype is built to test a drone Air Traffic Control System developed by NEC.

Kono Apologizes For Drone No-fly Zone Mistake

Kono apologizes for drone no-fly zone mistake

Japan's Defense Minister Taro Kono has apologized for a series of mistakes in data compiled by his ministry, including one related to designating no-fly zones for drones.

The ministry said on Thursday that it corrected mistakes in data on 12 of 13 facilities it designated in June as no-fly zones for drones. Some of the mistakes involved identifying private land as SDF property.

Ministry Corrects Mistakes To Drone No-fly Zones

Ministry corrects mistakes to drone no-fly zones

Japan's Defense Ministry says it has corrected mistakes in data on 12 of the 13 facilities it designated as no-fly zones for drones.

In June, the ministry listed 13 facilities -- most of them Self-Defense Forces camps where command centers are located -- as places where drones cannot be flown.

Motegi Condemns Drone Attacks On Saudi Oil Sites

Motegi condemns drone attacks on Saudi oil sites

Japan's Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi has strongly condemned Saturday's drone attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. Iran-backed Houthi rebels in neighboring Yemen say they carried out the strikes.

Motegi said in a statement released on Sunday that peace and stability in the Middle East is extremely important for the entire international community. He also said that a stable oil supply from the Middle East is indispensable for the stability and prosperity of the global economy, including Japan.

Misato Town Aims To Be First In Drone Deliveries

Misato town aims to be first in drone deliveries

Misato Town aims to be the first local area in Japan using drones to make parcel deliveries.

Misato is typical of many rural towns in the country that face depopulation and labor shortages. The drone initiative is a response to those problems.

Drone Deliveries To Start To Japanese Islet

Drone deliveries to start to Japanese islet

Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten and supermarket chain Seiyu are starting a drone delivery service for summer visitors to an island off Yokosuka, near Tokyo.

The two companies on Monday held a ceremony to launch the service which begins operating next month on Sarushima.

Diet Enacts Law To Restrict Drone Flights

Diet enacts law to restrict drone flights

Japan's Diet has enacted a law to severely restrict the use of drones over facilities of the US military and the Self-Defense Forces.

The legislation, which aims to prevent terror attacks using drones, was passed by a majority vote in the Upper House on Friday.

Drone Sows Seeds On Landslide-damaged Mountain

Drone sows seeds on landslide-damaged mountain

Drones are being used to help restore vegetation to mountainous parts of western Japan where torrential rains caused 8,500 landslides last July.

Drone operators based in Tokyo and Hiroshima held a trial operation Tuesday on a mountainside in the city of Kure in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Japanese Police To Introduce Anti-drone Guns

Japanese police to introduce anti-drone guns

Japan's National Police Agency has decided to deploy a new type of equipment called a "drone jamming gun" to prevent possible terrorist attacks.

The device uses radio waves to block the control signal of an illegal drone. Other countries, including the United States, have already introduced the technology.

Japan Protests Planned Russian Drone Deployment

Japan protests planned Russian drone deployment

Japan has lodged a protest with Russia over a media report that Moscow plans to deploy a new type of surveillance drone in Japan's Northern Territories.

The Russian newspaper Izvestia reported on Monday that the country's military has decided to deploy Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles to an artillery unit stationed on two of the four Russian-controlled islands.