Sony No Longer Allow Ps4 Gamers To Share Screenshots, Videos On Facebook

Sony No Longer Allow PS4 Gamers To Share Screenshots, Videos On Facebook

However, it seems that Sony has decided to remove Facebook integration with the PS4 console, meaning that you can no longer directly share your game’s screenshots or videos with the social media network.

According to Sony, “Starting on October 7th, 2019 Facebook integration will no longer be supported on the PS4 system. This includes Facebook’s share features such as posting gameplay and trophy activity and using the friend finder feature.” The company adds, “PlayStation 4’s share features will remain the same, except Facebook will no longer be offered as a destination to share screenshots, videos, music, trophy details, or links to gameplay broadcasts.”

Nintendo Switch Online Offering Gamers Full Game Trials

Nintendo Switch Online Offering Gamers Full Game Trials

Nintendo sometimes offers Switch gamers a trial of games that they want to play. However, these trials are quite limited in the sense that you couldn’t really do much in the game as it was a trial, but the idea is that it should still give you a good enough idea of what to expect before you buy it.

However, if you want to enjoy the game in full to get an even more comprehensive experience, you’re in luck. This is because Nintendo has announced that for Switch Online subscribers, they will be offering them a full game trial of Mario Tennis Aces. This means that you get to play the game in its entirety before you decide if you want to buy it or not.

Sony Playstation 5 Price Will Be 'appealing To Gamers'

Sony PlayStation 5 Price Will Be 'Appealing To Gamers'

It was clear that one of the reasons why the Sony PS4 managed to have such a huge lead on Microsoft’s Xbox One at the start was due to pricing. Microsoft had priced their console a good $100 more and justified it by including the Kinect accessory, which while appreciated, felt unnecessary.

By the time Microsoft dropped their prices, it felt like it might have been too late. This goes to show that in such a competitive space, sometimes offering more might not be good enough, and that’s definitely something Sony is keeping in mind. According to Peter Rubin of WIRED, he revealed that during his interview with Sony’s Mark Cerny, the topic of pricing of the upcoming PlayStation 5 was brought up.

Nintendo Doesn't Want Gamers To Spend Too Much On Mobile Games

Nintendo Doesn't Want Gamers To Spend Too Much On Mobile Games

Oddly enough that doesn’t seem to be what Nintendo wants. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems that Nintendo is apparently asking for developers of its mobile games to try and make it so that gamers won’t need to spend excessive amounts of money on its game.

This was revealed by an agent for CyberAgent, the developer behind the mobile Dragalia Lost title. “Nintendo is not interested in making a large amount of revenue from a single smartphone game. If we managed the game alone, we would have made a lot more.” Nintendo later confirmed this to be true in statement that reads, “We discuss various things, not just limited to payments, to deliver high-quality fun to consumers.”

Xbox Exec Says Sony 'still Isn't Listening To Gamers'

Xbox Exec Says Sony ‘Still Isn't Listening To Gamers'

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Sony has taken a lot of flak recently from gamers over its stance on cross-play. Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida tried to explain the company’s reasoning behind the move at IFA 2018 by saying that one of the main reasons why cross-play isn’t supported on its platform is because the PlayStation 4 offers the “best experience” for gamers compared to the other platforms. That remark has earned a response from Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra who says that Sony “still isn’t listening to gamers.”

Gamers Can Now Post Reviews Of Switch Games On Nintendo's Website

Gamers Can Now Post Reviews Of Switch Games On Nintendo's Website

Online game distribution platforms such as Steam often display ratings and reviews of games by other gamers, letting customers know if a game might be worth their time and money. While reviews for Nintendo Switch games can be found online, they were never really in the same place, at least until now.

It appears that Nintendo is allowing gamers to publish reviews of Switch games on its website. This means that gamers who surf on over to the Nintendo website to browse for games will be able to see reviews and ratings of the game left by other players. At the moment the listing for reviews isn't as intuitive as other systems, although this is largely due to the fact that Nintendo's website also plays home to a bunch of other systems like the Wii U, 3DS, and more.

Gamestop Expects Gamers To Hold Onto Their Nintendo Switch Longer

GameStop Expects Gamers To Hold Onto Their Nintendo Switch Longer

Sometimes gamers buy a console and later they decide they don't like it, or get bored with it, or want something else, so they sell it or trade it in. However with the Nintendo Switch, it seems that GameStop believes that gamers will be holding on to the console longer than the competition.

This is according to GameStop's interim CEO Daniel DeMatteo during the company's quarterly financial conference call to investors. According to DeMatteo, he claims that gamers are very engaged with the console and are enjoying the first-party titles available for it. GameStop's Chief Operating Officer Tony Bartel also stated that the company usually sees an average of 180 days before consoles and games are traded in in significant numbers after launch, but they expect the Switch to defy those conventions.

Engineer Creates Nintendo Switch Accessory For One-handed Gamers

Engineer Creates Nintendo Switch Accessory For One-Handed Gamers

As able bodied gamers we tend to take a lot of things for granted, like when playing PC games we can use both the mouse and keyboard successively, and when playing consoles using gamepads aren't a problem either, but what about those who are unfortunate enough to only have one hand?

There are several solutions out there for PCs and consoles, but it looks like the Nintendo Switch could be getting its first accessibility accessory. Designed by engineer Julio Vazquez, he has created an accessory for the Switch's Joy-Con controllers that will allow gamers with one hand to play with both controllers at once.

Some Ps4 Gamers Unable To Appear Online After 4.72 Update

Some PS4 Gamers Unable To Appear Online After 4.72 Update

Updates are usually meant to fix things and improve on things, but in some cases sometimes things go wrong. In the case of Sony's PS4, the latest update to version 4.72 has left some players unable to appear online, as evidenced in various internet forums such as NeoGAF and Reddit (via PlayStation Lifestyle).

One user writes, "When I last slept my PS4 I was appearing offline, now no matter what I change my status to, Online or Appear Offline, I remain to appear logged off. Restart, turn off and back on, nothing changed it. I just turned the PS4 on and my online status is checked as Online but my profile still has my appearing offline. I click Appear Offline and it goes to the ‘Please wait…' screen and comes back and Online is still checked. Yet, like I said, I'm appearing offline still."

Japanese Gamers Are Spending The Most In Pokemon Go

Japanese Gamers Are Spending The Most In Pokemon GO

Microtransactions within games these days are an extremely popular method used by developers and publishers to make money. They can be found in games that are free, as well as games that are paid-for, and in some cases, these in-app purchases are almost necessary if you want to advance further.

In some ways Pokemon GO is that way, which is why it was not surprising to learn that the game managed to pull in $1.2 billion in revenue. Now according to data from SensorTower, it seems that Pokemon GO players in Japan are spending the most money on the game compared to gamers in other parts of the world.

10.7% Of Gamers In Japan Plan To Buy The Nintendo Switch

10.7% Of Gamers In Japan Plan To Buy The Nintendo SwitchHere’s a question for you guys: how many of you are planning on picking up the Nintendo Switch upon its release? Do let us know in the comments below! That being said, in the meantime a new survey carried out in Japan has revealed some interesting statistics which we’re not sure if it bodes well for the company.