Group Asks Prosecutors To Probe Kansai Electric

Group asks prosecutors to probe Kansai Electric

More than 3,200 people have asked prosecutors to investigate a dozen former and current executives of Kansai Electric Power Company who received cash and gifts from a local government official.

A citizens' group filed the criminal complaint at the Osaka District Public Prosecutors' Office on Friday to investigate the 12 people.

Possible Drone Disrupts Kansai Airport Operation

Possible drone disrupts Kansai Airport operation

Sightings of a possible drone have caused runway closures and flight disruptions at Kansai International Airport in Osaka, western Japan.

The airport's operator says that shortly after 10 p.m. on Thursday, the pilot of a plane on approach to the airport reported sighting what appeared to be the light of a drone.

Kansai Electric Power Staff 'kept Gifts Secret'

Kansai Electric Power staff 'kept gifts secret'

Staff at Kansai Electric Power Company reportedly failed to report improper payments and gifts from a person outside the company after learning about the transactions.

Sources told NHK that the staff never informed Kansai Electric's board of directors and in-house committee handling compliance and risk management of the matter.

Kansai Electric Money Scandal Rumbles On

Kansai Electric money scandal rumbles on

A money scandal involving top executives at Kansai Electric Power may have been going on for longer than reported.

The power utility said last week that company officials had received 3 million dollars in inappropriate cash and gifts from a public official. The payments were uncovered in a tax investigation.

Workers Begin Repairing Kansai Airport Bridge

Workers begin repairing Kansai Airport bridge

Repair workers have begun attaching girders to the damaged bridge linking Kansai Airport in Osaka Bay and the mainland.

The road-rail bridge was damaged when a tanker drifted into it during a powerful typhoon in the area last September.

Kansai Airport Busy With Lunar New Year Tourists

Kansai Airport busy with Lunar New Year tourists

Large crowds of tourists from mainland China and Taiwan have arrived at Kansai Airport in Osaka, western Japan, for the weeklong Lunar New Year holidays that began on Monday.

One of the visitors said she arrived from Shanghai with two family members and wants to enjoy skiing in Fukui Prefecture and sightseeing in Osaka and Kobe.

Typhoon-hit Kansai Int'l Airport To Be Stormproof

Typhoon-hit Kansai Int'l Airport to be stormproof

The operator of Kansai International Airport has unveiled measures to protect the airport from flooding and a storm surge.

The international gateway in western Japan was temporarily closed in September when it was hit by Typhoon Jebi.

Kansai Airport Gives Out Foreign-language Leaflets

Kansai airport gives out foreign-language leaflets

Leaflets telling foreign tourists in English or Chinese how to act when a natural disaster such as a typhoon or an earthquake strikes were handed out at Kansai International Airport in western Japan on Tuesday.

The English and Chinese leaflets were produced by Osaka Prefecture and a major non-life insurance company.

Chinese Tourists Crowd Storm-hit Kansai Airport

Chinese tourists crowd storm-hit Kansai airport

Many travelers from China have begun arriving at Kansai International Airport in western Japan at the start of their country's weeklong national holiday.

The People's Republic of China marks its foundation on National Day, October 1st.

Kansai Airport Closed

Kansai Airport closed

Kansai International Airport closed its two runways from 11:00 am. The runways will remain closed until 6:00 am Monday.

Kansai Airport To Close Runways

Kansai Airport to close runways

The operator of Kansai International Airport in Osaka Prefecture, western Japan, says it will shut down the airport's 2 runways from 11 AM on Sunday due to the approaching Typhoon Trami.

An earlier typhoon in September caused extensive damage and flooding to the airport, and trapped about 8,000 passengers in the facility.

Kansai Airport To Close On Sunday

Kansai Airport to close on Sunday

The operator of Kansai International Airport in Osaka says it's closing the airport's 2 runways between 11 AM on Sunday and 6 AM on Monday due to an approaching typhoon.

The 19-hour closure is aimed at preventing passengers from being stuck at the airport.

Kansai Airport May Close Due To Typhoon

Kansai Airport may close due to typhoon

The operator of Kansai International Airport in Osaka Prefecture, western Japan, is considering temporarily closing 2 runways as early as Sunday morning due to the approaching Typhoon Trami.

A typhoon in early September caused extensive damage and flooding at the airport. The operator says it plans to pile up sandbags to prevent flooding this time.