Sony Launches Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts 3 Walkman

Sony Launches Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts 3 Walkman

Kingdom Hearts fans have had a very long wait for the latest title in the franchise and as they now rejoice, Sony is celebrating that achievement with a limited edition Series A Walkman. Those of you who have been around long enough know that the Walkman isn’t a new product. It’s actually one of Sony’s most iconic cassette players and was first released in 1979. This particular one doesn’t require cassettes, though, it can hold plenty of songs in its 16GB of internal storage.

The limited edition NW-A55 Series A Sony Walkman is a digital model with a unique Kingdom Hearts 3 design. The game’s main protagonist Sora is featured front and center in this design. Sony isn’t just coming out with a limited edition Walkman to celebrate the launch of Kingdom Hearts 3.

One Ok Rock Reveal Pv For 'kingdom' Theme Song

ONE OK ROCK reveal PV for 'Kingdom' theme song

ONE OK ROCK have revealed the PV for their new song "Wasted Nights."

This is the lead track to the band's new album "Eye of the Storm" to be released on February 13 and was written as the theme song for the movie 'Kingdom.' In the PV, you can see the band performing in a storm.

One Ok Rock Pen Theme Song For Movie 'kingdom'

ONE OK ROCK pen theme song for movie 'Kingdom'

ONE OK ROCK's new song "Wasted Nights" will be used as the theme song for movie 'Kingdom', which will open in theaters on April 19. 

'Kingdom' is a live-action adaptation based on a manga series by Hara Yasuhisa. Set during the Warring States Period, it tells the story of an orphan named Xin, who aims to become the greatest general of the country. It's directed by Sato Shinsuke, and Yamazaki Kento will play the role of Xin. 

Some Kingdom Hearts 3 Ps4 Pre-orders Canceled By Gamestop

Some Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pre-Orders Canceled By GameStop

If you pre-ordered a special edition Kingdom Hearts 3 PlayStation 4 Pro from GameStop, you might want to check your email. The retailer has canceled an undisclosed number of pre-orders for this variant of the console for the simple reason that it sold more units that it actually had lined up.

GameStop confirmed via Twitter that because of an “error,” it oversold pre-orders for the Kingdom Hearts 3 PlayStation 4 Pro. As a result of this, “some” pre-orders have had to be canceled. Customers who had their order canceled will receive a $25 gift coupon from the retailer as compensation.

Kingdom Hearts Themed Hotel Rooms Will Soon Be Available In Japan

Kingdom Hearts Themed Hotel Rooms Will Soon Be Available In Japan

You can find a few quirky hotels in Japan. If a robot-staffed hotel isn’t up to your liking, perhaps you’d be interested in rooms that are decked out in Kingdom Hearts themes. If that appeals to you then you’ll be interested to know that Kingdom Heart themed rooms will be opening up in the Disney Ambassador Hotel at the Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan this March.

These rooms will be limited to three adults and will feature two regular sized beds and one trundle bed. Prices start from over 46,000 yen or $400 per night. True to form, the door can be opened with a key that looks like a Keyblade.

Square Enix 'wants' To Bring Kingdom Hearts 3 Onto The Switch

Square Enix 'Wants' To Bring Kingdom Hearts 3 Onto The Switch

While the Nintendo Switch has proven to be a commercial success for Nintendo, it seems that there are still quite a few big named games out there that have yet to be released on the console. We’re not sure why, but if we had to guess, hardware limitations could be one of them as the Switch isn’t exactly the most powerful console compared to the PS4 or Xbox One.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is an example of a game that will not be launching on the Switch, but apparently Square Enix wants to change that. In a video put out by YouTuber DreamcastGuy, he claims to have heard from a source that the company apparently “wants” to bring Kingdom Hearts 3 onto the Switch, but are apparently going to base their decision on whether or not it will sell.

Utada Hikaru And Skrillex Collaborate For 'kingdom Hearts Iii' Opening Theme

Utada Hikaru and Skrillex collaborate for 'KINGDOM HEARTS III' opening theme

Utada Hikaru and Skrillex have collaborated for the song "Face My Fears", which will serve as the opening theme for 'KINGDOM HEARTS III.' 

It's already been announced that Utada's song "Chikai" will be used as the theme song for the new game. Utada, who knew that Skrillex was a fan of the 'KINGDOM HEARTS' series,  had originally asked him to make a remix of "Chikai." However, Skrillex expressed his wishes of working on a new song together rather than doing a remix. Poo Bear, who often works with Skrillex on his works, also participated in producing the song. 

'kingdom' To Get Live-action Film Adaptation

'KINGDOM' to get live-action film adaptation

It's been announced that Hara Yasuhisa's manga, "KINGDOM," will receive a live-action film adaptation. 

'KINGDOM' is a historical action manga set during the Warring States period in China. Its story revolves around a young boy named Xin who aims to become a top general of the army. It began its serialization in 'Weekly Young Jump' in 2006 and has been adapted into anime and games. In 2016, it was turned into a live-action animation starring Yamazaki Kento as Xin to commemorate its 10th anniversary. 

Utada Hikaru Reveals New 'kingdom Hearts' Theme Songs

Utada Hikaru reveals new 'Kingdom Hearts' theme songs

The theme song for the highly anticipated 'KINGDOM HEARTS' game has been revealed. 

This was announced at the 'D23 Expo Japan 2018' at Tokyo Disney Resort. As you may already know, Utada has provided "Hikari" ("Simple and Clean") and "Passion" ("Sanctuary") for the previous 'KINGDOM HEARTS' games. For 'KINGDOM HEARTS III' the theme songs will be titled "Chikai" for the Japanese version and "DON'T THINK TWICE" for the English version. You can check out the trailers below. 

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Is Now Official

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Is Now Official

Whenever we see mashups of various Nintendo franchises, it is usually done by Nintendo themselves and with existing Nintendo properties, such as in the case of Mario Kart and the Super Smash Bros. franchises. However this year Nintendo will be attempting something different with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

Announced by Ubisoft at E3 2017, it seems that the rumors have come true as this game is essentially a mix of characters from the Mario universe and Ubisoft's Rabbids characters. Its description reads, "The Mushroom Kingdom has been torn apart by a mysterious vortex, transporting the chaotic Rabbids into this once peaceful land. To restore order, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Yoshi must team up with a whole new crew: four Rabbids heroes! Together, they will battle with weapons through four worlds filled with combat, puzzles, and unpredictable enemies."

Video : Sony Kingdom Under Fire Ii: Extended Ps4 Trailer Released

VIDEO : Sony Kingdom Under Fire II: Extended PS4 Trailer ReleasedThe team at Blueside is pleased to reveal an extended PS4 trailer of our upcoming, grand action/strategy game Kingdom Under Fire II.
The trailer was edited using real gameplay, like all our former trailers featuring Kingdom Under Fire II. The extended version trailer shows more detail and additional battle scenes running on our powerful, in-house “Blueside Engine.” The music was composed by renowned game and film composer Cris Velasco, who has been featured in the God of War video game series.

Sony E3 2014 : Kingdom Under Fire Ii Coming To Ps4

Sony E3 2014 : Kingdom Under Fire II Coming to PS4I’m Sang Youn Lee, Producer and Director of Kingdom Under Fire II. I’ve developed Kingdom Under Fire I, Kingdom Under Fire: Crusaders, and N3.
Kingdom Under Fire II is brand new, action RTS, in which players can control both troops and the hero at the same time. As a free-to-play MMO, players can evolve from a unknown mercenary up to the ultimate ruler of the world, and also players can explore massive scale battlefields together with friends.