Kumamoto Prefecture Lifts The Ban On Overseas Use Of The Kumamon Mascot Design

Kumamoto Prefecture lifts the ban on overseas use of the Kumamon mascot design

KUMAMOTO--Kumamoto Prefecture has lifted the ban on overseas use of the Kumamon mascot design, sparking anger from local companies that want to keep the popular bear-like character for themselves.

Many companies say the original purpose of the mascot should remain the same: promoting the prefecture on the southern main island of Kyushu and its products.

Introducing Hokkaido's Answer To Kumamon Mascot: Melon Bear

Introducing Hokkaido's answer to Kumamon mascot: Melon Bear

YUBARI, Hokkaido -- With Kumamoto Prefecture's "Kumamon" mascot becoming a household name across Japan, it is also worth mentioning "Melon Kuma" -- a bear-themed mascot originating in this northern city.

With most of its face resembling a melon, Melon Kuma is supposed to have transmogrified from a regular bear into a fierce-looking bear with a largely green face.

Kumamon Marathon To Be Run In Thailand To Boost Tourism

Kumamon Marathon to be run in Thailand to boost tourismRiding a wave of popularity in Thailand for its cute red-cheeked bear mascot, Kumamoto Prefecture will stage a 5-kilometer “Kumamon Marathon” in Bangkok in January.
The marathon is part of a prefecture-led campaign in the Southeast Asian nation to promote tourism in Kumamoto, which is still recovering from a series of powerful earthquakes that rocked Kyushu in mid-April.

Quake-hit Prefecture To Put Kumamon Back Into Action

Quake-hit prefecture to put Kumamon back into actionThe prefectural government of Kumamoto has decided to allow Kumamon, its hugely popular black bear mascot that has remained unseen in public settings since massive earthquakes jolted the area, to make a comeback at the request of fans and the local sightseeing industry, officials said Wednesday.

Dolphins, Kumamon Grace Body Of Amakusa Airlines' New Aircraft

Dolphins, Kumamon grace body of Amakusa Airlines' new aircraftBearing cute mascots on the outside and colorful surroundings on the inside, regional carrier Amakusa Airlines Co.'s new airliner was rolled out here on Sept. 29.
The twin-engine turboprop ATR42-600 was unveiled by the carrier, based in the prefecture's Amakusa, at a hangar in Sojo University's airport campus in Kikuyo. The facility is sited adjacent to Kumamoto Airport, which straddles several municipalities.

Kumamon Gets An Rc Dune Buggy

Kumamon Gets an RC Dune BuggyJapanese hobby kit and RC car maker Tamiya has been chasing the Kumamon cash dragon for over a year now, and along with last December’s Kumamon tractor RC car (probably because Kumamoto = agriculture), an RC standard dune buggy has now entered the lineup.

Jal To Serve 'air Kumamon'

JAL to serve 'Air Kumamon'Japan Airlines (JAL) will serve [AIR KUMAMON], the 9th installment of the popular [AIR SERIES] in-flight meal for Premium Economy and Economy class on select North Amercian and European routes starting June 1, 2013.