Virus Patients Recover Due To Heart-lung Machine

Virus patients recover due to heart-lung machine

A survey by Japanese doctors shows a majority of patients who underwent therapy with a heart-lung machine are recovering from serious conditions caused by the new coronavirus.

The survey shows at least 23 coronavirus patients across Japan had received the treatment involving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, also known as ECMO.

Origin puts An Xbox, Playstation, Switch, And Gaming Pc In One Machine

Origin Puts An Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, And Gaming PC In One Machine

Origin has made a gaming machine to end all gaming machines. If you’re the kind of gamer who wants to own all of the consoles and a proper gaming PC then this custom creation from Origin PC will appeal to you. It has the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and a proper gaming PC in one case.

Origin PC has created this machine in order to commemorate its 10th anniversary. This custom gaming machine has an Xbox One X, a PlayStation 4 Pro, and a Nintendo Switch. That’s in addition to a full-fledged gaming PC that’s also in the case.

2020 Lexus Rc F Track Edition First Drive Review | Not The Hardcore Machine We Deserve

2020 Lexus RC F Track Edition First Drive Review | Not the hardcore machine we deserve

THERMAL, Calif. — It's been more than 10 years since Lexus launched its high-performance F models. Ten years. After a full decade you'd think Toyota's luxury division would have it figured out by now, but the 2020 Lexus RC F Track Edition isn't the hardcore machine we were hoping for.

Maybe our expectations were too high. We saw its lackluster specs at the Detroit Auto Show in January, but you just never know until you get behind the wheel. And while there's a lot to like here — this is the most powerful and track-capable Lexus since the LFA supercar was launched in 2011 — it's quickly apparent that Lexus' engineers were held back from making the RC F Track Edition what they wanted to make.

Android's Adaptive Brightness Uses Machine Learning

Android's Adaptive Brightness Uses Machine Learning

Right now our smartphones use ambient light sensors placed on the front of the phone to detect light which can then be used to adjust our display’s brightness accordingly. For the most part this works just fine, but in Android Pie, Google has detailed how they are using machine learning to help make this experience better.

Right now when users want to adjust the brightness of their phones to suit their tastes and preferences, they have to move the slider manually. However with adaptive brightness and machine learning, Android will be able to “learn” your personal preferences. According to Google, “This means that Android will learn what screen brightness is comfortable for a user in a given lighting environment. The user teaches it by manually adjusting the slider, and, as the software trains over time, the user should need to make fewer manual adjustments.”

Meatball Machine Kodoku

Meatball Machine KodokuYuji Noda (Yoji Tanaka) works as a debt collector, but he sucks at his job and sometimes pays off their debts with his own money. His doctor brings more bad news for Yuji Noda. He learns he has cancer and will only live a few more months. Meanwhile, the parasite Necroborgs launch an invasion upon Earth. They take over human bodies and turn them into cyborgs, but because of Yuji Noda's cancer he seems to be immune to the Necroborgs. Yuji Noda must save the world.

Nec Accelerates Machine Learning For Vector Computers

NEC accelerates machine learning for vector computers by more than 50 times in comparison to Spark technologies - FareastgizmosNEC has developed a data processing technology that accelerates the execution of machine learning on vector computers by more than 50 times in comparison to Spark technologies. This newly developed data processing utilizes computing and communications technologies that leverage “sparse matrix” data structures in order to significantly accelerate the performance of vector computers in machine learning. NEC has developed middleware that incorporates sparse matrix structures in order to simplify the use of machine learning. As a result, users are able to easily launch this middleware from Python or Spark infrastructures, which are commonly used for data analysis, without special programming.

NEC’s next-generation vector computer is being developed to flexibly meet a wide range of price and performance needs. This data processing technology expands the capabilities of next-generation vector computers to include large-scale data analysis, such as machine learning, in addition to numerical calculation, the conventional specialty of vector computers. NEC will introduce this technology on July 5 at the International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing 2017 (ISPDC-2017) held in Innsbruck, Austria, from Monday, July 3 to Thursday, July 6.

Sony Releases Machine Vision Sensor Capable Of 1000 Fps Object Tracking

Sony releases machine vision sensor capable of 1000 fps object tracking

Sony has released a new machine vision CMOS sensor, and though it's destined for assembly lines and robots, it's still interesting to us. Like the chip in the RX100 V, the IMX382 is a stacked, backside-illuminated chip capable of 1000 fps imaging. And, like that sensor, its stacked design includes signal processing circuitry in the chip. Unlike the RX100 V's sensor, though, the 1.27MP IMX382 conducts video processing and subject recognition in parallel, so that it outputs both a 'viewing' stream and a 'sensing' stream simultaneously.

The sensing processing uses color and brightness information obtained from the sensor, enabling incredibly fast subject identification and tracking at 1000 fps. You can see what that looks like in the video below:

Kyoto University Turns Medieval Painting Into A 'time Machine'

Kyoto university turns medieval painting into a 'time machine'

KYOTO--Tourists can stroll into medieval times with the help of a digital reproduction of a famed folding screen.

Kyoto Arts and Crafts University has installed a life-size digital reproduction of the "Ikeda version of the Rakuchu Rakugaizu (scenes in and around the capital) folding screen" in a ground-floor gallery on its Higashiyama campus, which opened in April.

Final Fantasy Xv’s Director Calls The Switch A ‘dream Machine’

Final Fantasy XV’s Director Calls The Switch A ‘Dream Machine’So far reactions from the industry with regards to the Nintendo Switch have been largely positive, with quite a few big name developers and publishers praising the console and its possibilities. The latest to offer their praise comes from Final Fantasy XV’s director Hajime Tabata, who in an interview with Polygon called the Switch a “dream machine”.

Toyota's New Rally Machine Is Not Your Neighbor's Yaris

Toyota's New Rally Machine Is Not Your Neighbor's YarisIt's official, boys and girls: Toyota is rejoining the rally stage next season for the first time this millennium, and this is it's new challenger.
Competing in the 2017 World Rally Championship will be the new Toyota Yaris revealed today. But as you can plainly see from all those wings, this is no ordinary Yaris.