Japan Tourism Agency Monitors Row With S.korea

Japan Tourism Agency monitors row with S.Korea

The Japan Tourism Agency is monitoring how tensions with South Korea may affect tourism.

Agency Commissioner Hiroshi Tabata said on Wednesday that some South Korean firms have canceled employee tours to Japan.

Tracker Shoe Monitors, Keeps Tabs On Dementia Patients

Tracker shoe monitors, keeps tabs on dementia patients

A Tokyo company is hoping its special shoes with an embedded tracker are the perfect fit for families who have loved ones with dementia.

Achilles Corp., known for its shoes and plastic products, based in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward, created the special footwear for dementia patients who may wander off. They will help families or caregivers to keep track of and locate the patients at all times.

Mattress Monitors Body Pressure/motion To Prevent Bedsores

Mattress Monitors Body Pressure/motion to Prevent BedsoresMolten Corp will release an air mattress that can measure the body pressure and motion of a patient lying on it with sensors.
The mattress, "Leios (MLES80)," features (1) "body pressure control" function, which adjusts the internal pressure of its air cells to optimize body pressure based on measured data, and (2) "body position control" function, which adjusts the position and orientation of each body part.

Nec Announces Two New Multisync Monitors

NEC Announces Two New Multisync MonitorsThe US branch of the Japanese corporation NEC has announced two new professional monitors that belong to the company’s MultiSync line. The two new monitors are called EA305WMi and EA275WMi and feature 30-inch and 27-inch displays, respectively, as well as IPS technology, wide 178-degree viewing angles, DisplayPort 1.2 inputs and outputs and NEC’s ControlSync technology.

Sony Brings 4k To The Medical Industry With New 31- And 55-inch Monitors

Sony Brings 4K to the Medical Industry With New 31- and 55-inch MonitorsSony is bringing 4K technology to the medical industry, with two new 4K medical-grade monitors — the 31-inch (LMD-X310MD) and 55-inch (LMD-X550MD) models.
Sony also plans to unveil a line of 4K products designed to complement every step in the surgical workflow. The new products, planned to be available over the next several months, include a 4K medical grade recorder, 4K video over IP converter and a content management system.