Akb48 Unleash Pvs For Minegishi Minami's Graduation Song, Wakate Senbatsu & Team 8 Songs

AKB48 unleash PVs for Minegishi Minami's graduation song, Wakate Senbatsu & Team 8 songs

The PV for AKB48 member Minegishi Minami's graduation song "Mata Aeru Hi Made" as well as the short PVs for Wakate Senbatsu 1st Campus' song "Omoide My Friend" and Team 8's song "Jitabata" have all been uploaded onto YouTube. 

These three songs are the coupling tracks to AKB48's 57th single "Shitsuren, Arigato" that's scheduled for release on March 18. Type A will include the ballad "Mata Aeru Hi Made," which was written for graduating member Minegishi, Type B will include "Omoide My Friend," a song that's perfect for the graduation season, and Type C will include a cool melody called "Jitabata." The DVDs will come with the full version PVs. 

Yamashita Tomohisa Shows Off His Dance Moves In 2 New Pvs

Yamashita Tomohisa shows off his dance moves in 2 new PVs

Yamashita Tomohisa has revealed the PVs for his new songs "You Make Me" and "Right moves" on his website. 

Both of these songs can be found in Yamashita's new album "UNLEASHED" to be released on November 28. "You Make Me" is an English song that was written by Yamashita himself, and in its PV, he challenges himself to contemporary dance for the first time. 

Bump Of Chicken Drop Pvs For 'sirius' And 'bouen No March'

BUMP OF CHICKEN drop PVs for 'Sirius' and 'Bouen no March'

BUMP OF CHICKEN have dropped the PVs for their songs "Sirius" and "Bouen no March." 

"Sirius" was released as a digital single on September 24, and it was used as the opening theme for TV anime 'Juushinki Pandora' since April. The PV was shot at a drone racetrack, and it shows the four members performing on a stage of CG projection. 

Check Out The Pvs For Nogizaka46's Songs 'sora Tobira' And 'sankaku No Akichi'

Check out the PVs for Nogizaka46's songs 'Sora Tobira' and 'Sankaku no Akichi'

The PVs for Nogizaka46's new songs "Sora Tobira" and "Sankaku no Akichi" have been revealed via YouTube. 

"Sora Tobira" will be included in all types of the group's upcoming single "Jikochuu de Ikou!" to be released on August 8. The PV was shot at JAXA (Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency) in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki, and Tsukuba Expo Center. Umezawa Minami serves as the song's center. Directed by Ito Shuto, the PV shows Umezawa and the other members aiming to become astronauts. 

Exile Atsushi Reveals Pvs For 'i Think You' And 'more...'

EXILE ATSUSHI reveals PVs for 'I think you' and 'More...'

EXILE ATSUSHI has revealed the PV for his songs "I think of you" and "More..."

The two tracks will be included in ATSUSHI's solo single "Just The Way You Are" to be released on April 11. "I think of you" was recorded in Atlanta with producer T.Kura who composed EXILE's "I Wish For You."  It has the theme "our happy memories" while  "More..." has the theme of "separation."

W-inds. To Release 6 Years Worth Of Pvs

w-inds. to release 6 years worth of PVsw-inds. will release a PV collection called "WORKS vol.7" on March 18.
The new work will feature a total of 14 PVs that the group has released from 2009 to 2014. Also as bonus footage, it will include making footage, interviews, and an exclusive video from their tour in Hong Kong.

Nogizaka46 Reveals Pvs For Shakiism And 13-nichi No Kinyoubi

Nogizaka46 reveals PVs for Shakiism and 13-nichi no KinyoubiNogizaka46 has revealed the PVs for their songs, “Shakiism” and “13-nichi no Kinyoubi“!

Both songs are coupling tracks to Nogizaka46’s upcoming single, “Kimi no Na wa Kibou“, which will be released on March 13th. “Shakiism” serves as the TV CM song for House Foods‘ ‘Megashaki Gum‘. The PV takes place at a school where Ikoma Rina, who is dressed as a male student, and student monitor Ikuta Erika challenge each other in conveying their feelings to Hoshino Minami.