2020 Honda Cr-v Hybrid Second Drive | Fuel Economy, Real-world Mpg, Interior Space

2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid Second Drive | Fuel economy, real-world mpg, interior space

The marriage seems so right you wonder what took so long. Honda's hybrid powertrain is excellent and the CR-V is its best-selling model, yet the 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid is only just arriving in dealers now. That's four years after this current CR-V generation was introduced, three years after the hybrid powertrain debuted in the Accord, two years after it was applied to the Insight (which is basically a Civic Hybrid) and five years since the first-generation Toyota RAV4 Hybrid was introduced.

The current RAV4 Hybrid is now Toyota's best-selling hybrid, and it would be shocking if this new CR-V Hybrid doesn't do the same trick for Honda. The powertrain is available on every trim level, effectively an option commanding a $1,225 premium over a comparable all-wheel-drive CR-V. That's impressively reasonable given its fuel economy advantage, added performance, agreeable drivability and lack of practical drawbacks.

Flumpool Go Nude In Jacket Covers For 'real'

flumpool go nude in jacket covers for 'Real'

flumpool have revealed the jacket covers for their new album "Real" that's slated for release on May 20. 

You may remember the jacket covers for flumpool's debut mini album "Unreal" (released in November of 2008) in which the members were pictured nude from behind. In order to portray the worldview of the album, that shows the current way of living after experiencing a period of setbacks and conflicts, the band decided to use the same studio and photographer to shoot the jacket covers. 

Flumpool To Release New Album, 'real'

flumpool to release new album, 'Real'

flumpool's new album "Real" will be released on May 20. 

This comes about 4 years since the band last released their album "EGG" in March of 2016. It will consist of a total of 13 tracks, such as "Subarashiki Uso," "HELP," and "Chiisana Hibi." 

Japanese Footballer Kubo To Join Real Madrid

Japanese footballer Kubo to join Real Madrid

Japanese soccer player Takefusa Kubo has departed from Narita airport near Tokyo for Madrid, Spain, to join Real Madrid.

The 18-year-old Kubo, who became the second-youngest player to make a debut with Japan's national team, signed a contract with the Spanish soccer giant last month.

Real Madrid Signs 'japanese Messi' Kubo

Real Madrid signs 'Japanese Messi' Kubo

Spanish soccer giant Real Madrid has announced that it has officially signed Japanese teenage sensation Takefusa Kubo.

He'll play for its Castilla reserve team next season in the third division of the country's league.

Toyota La Coupe Prototype Is Real And Really Weird (official Update)

Toyota La Coupe Prototype Is Real And Really Weird (Official Update)

We reached out to Toyota and spoke to Senior Manager Nancy Hubbell about the La Coupe. She said that it’s an internal study from the carmaker’s Japanese division with no plans for getting it on the road. “It was just a concept study and they had to get some patents on it to show it in public,” Hubbell told Carscoops. “It was designed for Japan audiences and there's no talk of putting it into production.” (Update 4/18/2019)

Suzuki Jimny Black Bison Is Real, Looks Ready To Stomp On Other Off-roaders

Suzuki Jimny Black Bison is real, looks ready to stomp on other off-roaders

The internet darling Suzuki Jimny strikes again, except this time it's considerably less cute in the Wald Black Bison getup. We drove the little SUV late last year and found it to be good, rollicking fun, but this modified version looks like the little ute's foil.

Mechanically, the Jimny Black Bison is similar to the normal Jimny. This means it has a 1.5-liter four-cylinder that makes all of 99 horsepower and 95 pound-feet of torque. Yep, that probably wouldn't fly in the U.S. The G-Wagen appearance absolutely would, though. A lift and side-exit exhaust appear to be the most obvious modifications we can see from the photos. The exhaust looks like a page straight out of AMG's playbook for the G-Wagen.