Anime News: Seibu Railway's Romantic Short About Chichibu Now Streaming

ANIME NEWS: Seibu Railway's romantic short about Chichibu now streaming

"Chichibu de Buchichi," an original animated short offered by Seibu Railway Co., is now streaming on the company's official website.

Set in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, and featuring voice actress and Chichibu native Tomoyo Kurosawa, the anime is aimed at promoting the charms of the city and its surrounding areas.

Jtb Hokkaido To Offer Romantic Flyover Tour Of Heart-like Lake

JTB Hokkaido to offer romantic flyover tour of heart-like lakeA travel agency has arranged a charming flyover tour that takes in the picturesque mountain fall foliage and blue waters of heart-shaped Lake Toyoniko.
JTB Hokkaido Corp. will offer the sightseeing helicopter tour for 24 days beginning Sept. 17 in partnership with the local government.