Live Music Scene May Be Spreading Virus In Osaka

Live music scene may be spreading virus in Osaka

The live music scene in Osaka seems to be spreading the new coronavirus.

Osaka Prefectural officials suspect a mass infection with the virus may have occurred at a second live music venue in the region.

Gunshot Heard Near Scene Of Attack On Policeman

Gunshot heard near scene of attack on policeman

Police in Osaka say what is believed to be a gunshot was heard in the city of Suita on Sunday morning shortly after a police officer was stabbed and had his handgun stolen.

A 33-year-old man was arrested on Monday morning on suspicion of attempted murder and theft.

Restaurant Customer Describes Scene

Restaurant customer describes scene

About 40 people were at the restaurant on Sunday when the explosion occurred.

One man was in a partitioned room on the second floor with five friends when the blast ripped through the realtor's office next door.

Acting Speaks Louder Than Words: Nonverbal Shows Making Waves In Theater Scene

Acting speaks louder than words: Nonverbal shows making waves in theater scene

By Takamichi Asakawa and Yuka Matsumoto / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff WritersFeaturing actors' expressions and movements but little to no dialogue, nonverbal theater is becoming an increasingly popular form of nigthtime entertainment in Japan as performers dazzle audiences with sophisticated feats and clever visual stunts.

These nonverbal productions — sometimes called physical theater — feature mimes and acrobats. Its popularity spans the globe, with Cirque du Soleil and Blue Man Group from North America and the South Korean slapstick cooking show Nanta among the best-known acts.

Vr System Reproduces Fire Scene For Fire Extinguishing Drill

VR System Reproduces Fire Scene for Fire Extinguishing Drill

NEC Corp, NEC Networks & System Integration Corp and MX Mobiling Co Ltd (Koto-ku, Tokyo) will release a system that uses VR (virtual reality) and enables to experience fire extinguishing in September 2017.

The system, "VR Fire Extinguishing Experience Simulator," does not require special facilities for training fire-extinguishing techniques. Therefore, an emergency drill can be performed in various places both indoors and outdoors.

Giant Ice Wreath Co-stars With Mount Fuji In Thrilling Scene

Giant ice wreath co-stars with Mount Fuji in thrilling sceneThis huge doughnut-shaped ice sculpture looks good enough to eat--and the view of Mount Fuji through its ring is the icing on top.
Visitors can see the striking artwork on the premises of a resort hotel here through late February, depending on the weather in the Kiyosato highland.

All-new 2015 Nissan Murano Bursts Onto Scene With Popular Science Magazine’s “best Of What’s New” Award

2014 New York Auto Show : 2015 Nissan MuranoThe 2015 Nissan Murano has redefined the premium crossover once again, and the world's largest science and technology magazine has taken note. Today, Popular Science named the 2015 Murano a "Best of What's New" award winner, the magazine's top honor given to products or technologies that represent a "significant step forward." The all-new Murano – which resets the standard in the midsize crossover segment with breakthrough design, premium interior and purposeful technology – is part of an exclusive group of vehicles recognized in the Automotive category.