Shibasaki Kou To Cover Maroon5's Song 'maps'

Shibasaki Kou to cover Maroon5's song 'Maps'

It's been revealed that Shibasaki Kou will be doing a Japanese cover of Maroon5's popular song "Maps." It will be released digitally on February 20. 

The song will be produced by Jazztronik's Nozaki Ryota. Shibasaki commented, "As a listener of Maroon5, I feel very honored to do an official cover. With arrangement done by Jazztronik's Nozaki Ryota-san, there will be new sounds incorporated into the original melody, but the lyrics will have the same worldview.

Shibasaki Kou To Hold A Concert Tour In May

Shibasaki Kou to hold a concert tour in May

Shibasaki Kou will hold a concert tour titled 'Shibasaki Kou CONCERT TOUR 2019 ~EARTH THE KO~' next May. 

On the upcoming tour, Shibasaki commented, "On a small planet called Earth, Japan is trying to bring back a sustainable society by connecting with the world. I want to show what it means to be sustainable through music." She will be joined by Nozaki Ryota (Piano / Jazztronik) once again for the tour. 

Mano Erina And Shibasaki Gaku Tie The Knot

Mano Erina and Shibasaki Gaku tie the knot

On July 16, actress Mano Erina (27) announced that she and soccer player Shibasaki Gaku (26) have tied the knot. 

In a written announcement via FAX, Mano reported, "At this time, I would like to announce that I have married Shibasaki Gaku-san. From now on, we will build a family full of smiles while supporting each other. It would make me happy if everyone would watch over us warmly.

Shibasaki Kou To Visit 7 Cities For Her Upcoming Tour

Shibasaki Kou to visit 7 cities for her upcoming tour

Shibasaki Kou will hold a nationwide tour called 'Shibasaki Kou CONCERT TOUR 2018 ~ART THE KO~' in September and October. 

Shibasaki recently released her song "Blessing" under her new artist name MuseK. For the upcoming tour, she will be joined by Nozaki Ryota (Piano / Jazztronik) who was in charge of producing the sound for "Blessing." They will be visiting a total of seven cities beginning on September 1. The tour schedule can be seen below the cut. 

Shibasaki Kou Starts Activities With New Artist Name

Shibasaki Kou starts activities with new artist name

Under the new artist name 'MuseK,' Shibasaki Kou has released an all-English song called "Blessing" on Spotify and Apple Music. 

This is the singer's first time releasing music since her two best-of albums last year. From now on, she will release English songs as MuseK and Japanese songs as Shibasaki Kou. "Blessing" will also be released in Japanese with lyrics by Shibasaki and produced by Nozaki Ryota (Jazztronik). 

Mano Erina To Marry Soccer Player Shibasaki Gaku

Mano Erina to marry soccer player Shibasaki Gaku

It's been reported that actress Mano Erina will marry Spanish club Getafe CF's Shibasaki Gaku as early as this summer. 

According to Nikkan Sports, the two have already expressed their wish to get married to people around them, and have even told their families. 

Shibasaki Kou To Release 2 All-time Best Albums

Shibasaki Kou to release 2 all-time best albums

Shibasaki Kou will simultaneously release two all-time best albums, titled "KO SHIBASAKI ALL TIME BEST Shi" and "KO SHIBASAKI ALL TIME BEST Ei" on December 20.

The track lists for both albums were selected by the singer herself. "Shi" is a 2-disc set that will include songs she's released while under Universal Music since her debut until 2014. On the other hand, "Ei" contains songs she's released under Victor Entertainment since after 2014.

Listen To A Digest Of Shibasaki Kou's Cover Album!

Listen to a digest of Shibasaki Kou's cover album!Shibasaki Kou is preparing to release her cover album "Kou Utau" on June 17.
For "Kou Utau", Shibasaki covered 15 artists including Gesu no Kiwami Otome., Tokyo Jihen, Nakajima Miyuki, Cocco, and Fukuyama Masaharu. A digest video featuring clips of all tracks was recently uploaded onto Victor Entertainment's official YouTube channel. You can listen to it below!

'detective Conan' Movie Will Feature Shibasaki Kou's New Song

'Detective Conan' movie will feature Shibasaki Kou's new song Shibasaki Kou's new single "Love Search Light" will be released on April 16th.
"Love Search Light" is a rock tune written by Shibasaki, and composed and produced by Uchisawa Takahito (androp). It will be used as the theme song for the upcoming anime movie 'Meitantei Conan Ijigen no Sogekisha' which will open in theaters nationwide on April 19th.