Police To Be Allowed To Give Antidote Shots

Police to be allowed to give antidote shots

Japan's health ministry is to allow police and firefighters to give antidote injections on the spot to people hit by chemical terrorism.

Japan's law in principle allows only doctors and nurses to administer injections.

2021 Nissan Rogue Spy Shots Give Us Our First Look At The Next-gen Crossover

2021 Nissan Rogue spy shots give us our first look at the next-gen crossover

Here's our first look at what we think is the next-gen Nissan Rogue, and it looks like Nissan is shaking it up this time. The swoopy and swept-back design on the current Rogue's front end is nowhere to be found, as it's replaced by a blocky, straight up and down look. If not for the semi-visible V-Motion grille seen through the wrappings, it would be rather difficult to I.D. this car.

Much of that is due to the rather generic crossover shape seen through the camouflage. The closest thing to a Rogue-like concept car we've seen from Nissan as of late is the Xmotion, and this doesn't exactly take much inspiration from the wild concept. That particular car is much more rugged in appearance, while this one remains a staid crossover, making sure it doesn't rock the boat. One specific design element we can pick out is a separate headlight/driving light setup. Similar to cars like the Hyundai Santa Fe or Chevrolet Blazer, the Rogue appears to be splitting up the DRL from the main headlight. The size of the gap between the two visible headlight fixtures is just too large for it all to be one massive headlight unit. With headlights getting smaller all the time, and this design trend starting to take off, it's no big surprise to see it here.

Toyota Tundra Spy Shots Indicate Rear Suspension Upgrades

Toyota Tundra spy shots indicate rear suspension upgrades

One of our spy photographers caught a Toyota Tundra prototype truck out testing, and we were tempted to write it off as another light refresh of a truck with roots in 2007, especially since the cab is unchanged. But then we noticed that Toyota went to great pains to make sure no one could see the rear axle and suspension. Vinyl coverings lurk in the wheel wells, and bristles line the edges of the bed. So we suspect Toyota has done something interesting with the rear end.

What could it be? Well, based on the shock mounts, it looks like it will retain a solid rear axle, which makes sense considering full-size truck buyers might frown on independent rear suspension. We think Toyota may be working on a coil-sprung rear suspension similar to what the Ram 1500 uses. Air springs could be another possibility. This is speculation, but our theory is supported by what looks like a locating link in one of the images, which would be necessary with coil springs or air springs as neither provide natural fore and aft positioning the way leaf packs do.

Toyota Supra's Instrument Cluster Partially Revealed In Spy Shots

Toyota Supra's instrument cluster partially revealed in spy shots

Although we've seen most of the production Toyota Supra, albeit in race car form, we still haven't seen the final interior. And most of the time, the prototype test drivers keep the interior well-covered. These new spy shots help give us a more complete picture of the interior, providing us a look at the instrument panel.

Unsurprisingly, the gauge cluster features big screens for vehicle information and for speed. It does appear to have a nice big analog tachometer square in the middle, though. That tachometer is also augmented by a digital readout of the rpm at the base of the cluster. To the right and left are more conventional illuminated gauges for fuel and temperature.

Toyota Supra Prototype Spy Shots Seem To Confirm Design In Leaked Images

Toyota Supra prototype spy shots seem to confirm design in leaked images

SupraMkV.com has been on a roll this week with info about the new Toyota Supra. The forum shared images and specifications that leaked in a Japanese car magazine of the race-ready model that Toyota teased. Now the forum has shared an up-close photo of a Supra in the thinnest camouflage we've seen yet. Because of this, we can tell that the leaked photos from the car magazine appear to be spot-on.

Although the front bumper is partly obscured, we can see that the Supra does indeed have that tall center grille inlet seen in the leaked images. The line dividing it from the flanking grilles clearly extends a bit higher than the side grilles. We can also just barely make out the outline of the headlights, which narrow down significantly as they stretch to the middle. Basically, it looks like what we saw in the leaked images. Other details that match up with those photos are the little air inlets under the headlights and the vent in the rear fender. The design of the wheels matches, too.

Spy Shots: Camouflaged Lexus Rc F Spotted At Nürburgring

Spy Shots: Camouflaged Lexus RC F Spotted at Nürburgring

A camouflaged Lexus RC F has been spotted at the Nürburgring by Autoblog spy photographers — here it is from all angles:

The strategic use of the swirl wrap suggests this RC F might be our first look at the coupe’s mid-cycle refresh, though the testing at Nürburgring is a positive sign that the changes might be more than skin-deep.

Toyota Supra Leaves Its Bmw Showing In New Spy Shots

Toyota Supra Leaves its BMW Showing in New Spy Shots

Fresh photos of the upcoming 2019 Toyota Supra are giving us a new look at the car’s interior, and the BMW influence is clear. 

Looking through the window, a BMW shifter for an automatic transmission is clearly seen, along with the same knob used on BMW’s iDrive infotainment system. Even the steering wheel appears to be from the new Z4, although a Toyota badge is clearly visible underneath some tape.

Granny Calls The Shots On Seafood Dishes Based On Mom's Recipes

Granny calls the shots on seafood dishes based on mom's recipesTokiko Suzuki, affectionately known as "Granny Tokiko" on TV cooking programs, credits her mother Chiyo for her skills in the kitchen.
“She taught me most of the dishes that people keep telling me are delicious," says the 92-year-old Suzuki. “She was called O-Chiyo-san. Being the youngest of six siblings, I was always by her side.”

Toyota Supra Spy Shots Inspire Production-spec Renderings

Toyota Supra Spy Shots Inspire Production-Spec RenderingsAmong the most eagerly anticipated cars set to be released next year, the reborn Supra is expected to put Toyota back on the performance sports car map and revive one of Japan's most iconic cars.
Spied a multitude of times in recent weeks, the new Supra will take some design inspiration from the FT-1 concept car. However, as production is still some way from commencing, recently spied prototypes haven't been sporting road-ready bumpers, lights or a finalized hood.

Video: Soccer Trick Shots With Lexus & Clint Dempsey

Video: Soccer Trick Shots with Lexus & Clint DempseyWith UEFA European Championship wrapping up, it’s a good time to look at a recent trick-shot team-up between Lexus & USA footballer Clint Dempsey.
It’s a testament to Dempsey’s skill that he makes this look easy — here’s a behind-the-scenes video showing just how difficult these shots really were.

New Mazda Cx-4 Teaser Shots Emerge

New Mazda CX-4 teaser shots emergeThe Kodo styling language seen on last year's Koeru concept seems to translate well to a production car, judging by these teaser images of the upcoming CX-4 from Mazda's Chinese press site. And, as has been seen on several recent Mazdas, concept cars can be quite close to their eventual production versions.