New Toyota Supra Would Work Very Well As A Mid-engined Supercar

New Toyota Supra Would Work Very Well As A Mid-Engined Supercar

All things considered, we think the new Supra looks pretty good. Sure, it's not jaw-dropping like the FT-1 Concept, but anyone with the faintest idea of how the industry works should know that (almost) no production vehicle looks as good as the concept that previewed it.

Lexus Lc Rendered As A Mid-engine Supercar

Lexus LC rendered as a mid-engine supercar

Carscoops & Rain Prisk have rendered the Lexus LC as a mid-engine supercar, and the results are compelling — the short nose and rear engine bay suit the LC's design perfectly, right down to the intersection of roof and fender.

Even being an idea of pure fantasy, there's no denying the appeal of a mid-engine Lexus. If anything, this will make a good computer wallpaper for the upcoming week!

Toyota Confirms It Wants To Build A New Supercar

Toyota Confirms it Wants to Build a New Supercar

Toyota has confirmed it’s interested in building a hybrid supercar that pulls inspiration from its TS050 LMP1 racecar. 

Last week the automaker teased the GR Super Sports Concept – a wild-looking concept car that clearly pulls inspiration from the LMP1-H cars Toyota has been racing since 2012. Without context, it wasn’t clear what Toyota’s intentions were with the concept, nor how serious they were about building it – but we now have our answer.

Japan's Supercar Culture Is Unlike Anywhere Else

Japan's Supercar Culture Is Unlike Anywhere Else

The car culture in Japan is unlike anywhere else in the world, filled with locally-produced sports cars, the latest and greatest supercars, and a tuning industry that’s more prolific than anywhere else on earth.

On a recent trip to Japan, New Zealand drifting star Mad Mike decided to create a documentary highlighting Japan’s custom supercar culture and the video is well worth a watch.

Mazda Vision Concept Looks Like A Proper Four-door Supercar [63 Pics]

Mazda Vision Concept Looks Like A Proper Four-Door Supercar [63 Pics]

Following the striking Kai concept, Mazda’s Vision Coupe kept everyone impressed with its dynamic design, representing the next chapter in the company’s KODO design language.

The bodywork conforms to the golden ratio of a classic coupe design, with the cabin positioned toward the rear of the car while the flowing, clean lines make the Vision Coupe look like it’s moving forward when stationary.

Meet The 500hp Honda Civic That Can Keep Up With A Supercar

Meet The 500HP Honda Civic That Can Keep Up With A Supercar

A full 500 horses is what makes this 2014 Honda Civic a true sleeper. In other words, something that wouldn't get embarrassed by an Italian exotic in a straight line.

The Smoking Tire's Matt Farah is at it again, this time having loads of fun behind the wheel of this 2014 Civic sedan, a car that looks just about stock from the outside, but is anything but stock where it matters.

Japan's Aspark Supercar Wants To Take On The World's Best

Japan's Aspark Supercar Wants To Take On The World's Best

Launching a supercar as a brand no one is heard of isn’t easy but that doesn’t stop scores of companies attempting just that throughout the course of a year. The latest to do so is a company dubbed Aspark.

Hailing from Japan, the firm claims to have been developing an electric supercar since 2014 and it is finally ready to reveal it at this month’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Dubbed the Owl, the car will allegedly be the quickest accelerating vehicle on the market, capable of sprinting to 62 mph (100 km/h) in under 2 seconds.

2017 Honda Nsx: Only Two Sold In Oz So Far

2017 Honda NSX: Only two sold in Oz so farLocal division still 'very happy with exclusive halo supercar'

Surrounded by much hype and huge expectation, the first new Honda NSX to be sold in Australia in 25 years launched locally in late 2016. Anticipation was high and fans were, understandably, rather excited. Then Honda Australia confirmed pricing for the hybrid supercar: an eyebrow-raising $420,000 (before on-road costs).

So, a little more than 12 months on, how has the market reacted to the Japanese tour de force? Not all that well, it seems.