Two Reactors To Be Halted For Anti-terror Measures

Two reactors to be halted for anti-terror measures

The operator of a nuclear power plant in southwestern Japan says it will suspend operations of two reactors next year as it will not be able to meet the deadline for the construction of mandatory anti-terrorism facilities.

Kyushu Electric Power Company revealed the plan for its Sendai plant in Kagoshima Prefecture at a news conference on Thursday.

Anti-terror Facilities Must Pass Early Inspection

Anti-terror facilities must pass early inspection

Japan's nuclear regulator has decided that it will order nuclear power plants to suspend operations if their new mandatory anti-terror facilities are not completed and have not passed inspections one week before the deadline.

The decision could lead to reactors in Japan that are currently online facing orders to shut down.

Utility Plans Anti-terror Facility Within Deadline

Utility plans anti-terror facility within deadline

The operator of Genkai nuclear power plant in western Japan says it plans to complete a required anti-terror facility within the deadline set by the country's nuclear regulator.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority has been pushing nuclear plant operators to meet each specific deadline for equipping anti-terror facilities, otherwise their reactors will face suspension.

Anti-terror Drill Held At Narita Airport

Anti-terror drill held at Narita Airport

Officials at Narita Airport near Tokyo have held a counterterrorism drill as the country prepares for large-scale international events for two consecutive years.

The Rugby World Cup will be held this fall and the Olympics and Paralympics will take place the following summer.

Nuclear Plants' Anti-terror Measures Delayed

Nuclear plants' anti-terror measures delayed

Nuclear plant operators in Japan say it will be difficult to install anti-terrorism facilities at their plants within the timeframe set by the government.

They informed the Nuclear Regulation Authority of the expected delays at a meeting on Wednesday.

Drones To Be Studied As Potential Terror Tool

Drones to be studied as potential terror tool

Japan's nuclear watchdog has decided to closely examine how drones could be used in possible terrorist attacks on nuclear power plants.

A Japanese law bans drones from flying over critical government facilities and nuclear plants without permission.

Abe: Law Necessary To Prevent Terror Attacks

Abe: Law necessary to prevent terror attacksJapan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says the country needs a law to impose criminal charges on those plotting terror attacks ahead of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020.
Abe was speaking to the Lower House Budget Committee on Thursday.

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