Final Fantasy Vii Remake Director Thinks Final Fantasy Viii Remake Is A Possibility

Final Fantasy VII Remake Director Thinks Final Fantasy VIII Remake Is A Possibility

But could there be plans to maybe approach other Final Fantasy games in a similar manner? In an interview with Japanese publication Famitsu (translated by Siliconera), Final Fantasy VII Remake’s director Yoshinori Kitase said that a Final Fantasy VIII Remake could be a possibility, although he noted that he might not necessarily be the one to do it.

According to Kitase, “If the youth that inherits the genes of Final Fantasy can step up and do it, then I’d like to see it made. For Final Fantasy VII Remake, the project started from my desire to make Final Fantasy VII with today’s technology while I’m still here at Square Enix. So I’d like to see it [Final Fantasy VIII Remake] done by the youth of Square Enix.”

Canon Thinks Digital Camera Market Could Shrink By Half

Canon Thinks Digital Camera Market Could Shrink By Half

With our smartphones getting more capable with each and every release, reasons for owning a digital camera are getting less to the point where according to a report from Nikkei (via Photo Rumors), they interviewed Canon’s President Fujio Mitarai who seemed to have a rather bleak outlook on the future of the digital camera market.

According to Mitarai, it seems that he believes that the market for digital cameras could shrink by about 50% in the next two years. We’re not sure how accurate the translation was so it is unclear if something might have been lost in translation, but that’s what Mitarai is suggesting. He also sees how cameras will start seeing an increase in usage in other fields, such as surveillance and medical care.

Analyst Thinks Death Stranding Could Be Released On The Ps4 & Ps5

Analyst Thinks Death Stranding Could Be Released On The PS4 & PS5

Hideo Kojima has been teasing his upcoming game Death Stranding for the past few years. Multiple trailers and teasers for the game have been released to date, but in terms of a release date for the game itself, that remains pretty much unclear, although many seem to be particularly hopeful that a 2019 release is in the cards.

However according to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, he begs to differ. Speaking to GamingBolt, Pachter seems to believe that Death Stranding might instead launch in 2020 where it will be released for both the PS4 and PS5, and that it could end up being a game that bridges both console generations.

Nintendo Thinks The Switch Could Last Longer Than 5-6 Years

Nintendo Thinks The Switch Could Last Longer Than 5-6 Years

So far all the game console makers like Sony and Microsoft have promised long-term support for their consoles, but usually what happens is that halfway through the product's lifecycle, a new console will be introduced and while the previous console continues to be supported, let's face it, everyone's attention and focus is usually on the newer ones.

However Nintendo thinks that the Switch could be the exception. Speaking during an investor's Q&A, Nintendo exec Shigeru Miyamoto suggested that the Switch could stick around longer than the 5-6 year traditional lifecycle. He claims that this is due to the uniqueness of the Switch that allows it to double as a home console and as a handheld.

Fujifilm Thinks The 1-inch Sensor Camera Market Is 'overcrowded'

Fujifilm Thinks The 1-inch Sensor Camera Market Is 'Overcrowded'

Thanks to technology we've seen how companies like Sony have managed to take 1-inch sensors and cram them into compact camera bodies, which we suppose in a way sparked a race and revolution as more companies started to do it too. Unfortunately for fans of Fujifilm, it seems that we shouldn't hold our breaths for a 1-inch sensor for now.

This is according to a recent YouTube video uploaded by TCSTV in which as noted by Fuji Rumors, Fuji Guys' Billy mentioned in the comments section that the 1-inch sensor camera market at the moment is "overcrowded". This led to speculation that this could indicate that Fujifilm doesn't see it as too lucrative to get into, especially with the number of players already in the market.

Toyota Thinks Hydrogen Will Reach Cost Parity With Hybrids By 2025

Toyota Thinks Hydrogen Will Reach Cost Parity With Hybrids By 2025

Toyota believes hydrogen-powered vehicles could become as affordable as hybrids by 2025.

While speaking at the Tokyo Motor Show, officials from the Japanese carmaker said that hydrogen fuel technologies are set to get much cheaper to produce and will prove more efficient in the coming years. Additionally, Toyota believes sales of hydrogen vehicles will rise sharply, despite the threat posed by electric vehicles.

Toyota Boss Thinks Phevs Will Out-sell Conventional Hybrids

Toyota Boss Thinks PHEVs Will Out-Sell Conventional HybridsToyota Motors chairman, Takeshi Uchiyamada, thinks that plug-in hybrid vehicles will catch on faster than conventional hybrids like the original Prius.
According to Autonews, Uchiyamada expects to sell no fewer than 1 million plug-in hybrids in less than 10 years, which would be quicker than what it took for regular hybrid vehicles to reach that mark.