Japan To Speed 5g Rollout With Traffic Lights

Japan to speed 5G rollout with traffic lights

The Japanese government has unveiled plans for rolling out next generation 5G networks as quickly as possible. They call for putting antenna base stations on traffic lights across the country.

Government officials want 5G services to be available from next year. But this could be difficult as it requires far more antenna installations than current networks.

Traffic Accident Narrowly Misses Children

Traffic accident narrowly misses children

There was yet another car accident involving small children in Japan Wednesday. The accident occurred at a park in Ichihara city, Chiba Prefecture.

Five children and two care workers from a nearby nursery were playing in the park at the time. None of the young children were injured in the accident, but a caregiver in her 30s suffered a bone fracture after being hit by the car. The woman reportedly told police she pushed the children outside the sandbox so they wouldn't be run over.

2 Toddlers Die In Western Japan Traffic Accident

2 toddlers die in western Japan traffic accident

Two toddlers have died after a vehicle plowed into pedestrians at an intersection in western Japan. One other child is in serious condition, and eight were seriously injured.

The accident occurred at an intersection in the city of Otsu on Wednesday morning. The car collided with a group of 13 children and their three carers who were waiting for the pedestrian crossing signal to change. The group was out on a walk from a daycare center.

2 Toddlers Die After Traffic Accident In Japan

2 toddlers die after traffic accident in Japan

Two toddlers have died after a vehicle plowed into them in an accident at an intersection in western Japan.

A car collided with a group of 13 children and their three carers out on a walk from a daycare center at the intersection in Otsu city on Wednesday morning. The group had been waiting for the signal to change.

Traffic Congested At Start Of 10-day Holidays

Traffic congested at start of 10-day holidays

A 10-day holiday period has started in Japan. Roads, trains, and airports are congested as people head for their hometowns and other destinations.

The Japan Road Traffic Information Center says that as of 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, several expressway lanes were backed up for up to 21 kilometers.

Japan To Study Traffic Reduction For Olympics

Japan to study traffic reduction for Olympics

The Japanese government says it will conduct a pilot study this summer to reduce traffic congestion during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The government says it will run the pilot in July and August to simulate traffic during the Games.

Police: Malicious Web Traffic On The Rise In Japan

Police: Malicious web traffic on the rise in Japan

Police in Japan have reported a year-on-year increase of about 50 percent in malicious web traffic in 2018.

The National Police Agency says its investigators observed a daily average of 2,752 cases of suspicious activity at one of their online monitoring posts. The figure for the previous year was 1,893. The investigators are analyzing web traffic to obtain information about cyber-attacks.

Akb48 Takahashi Juri's Birthday Event To Be Postponed After Traffic Accident

AKB48 Takahashi Juri's birthday event to be postponed after traffic accident

It's been reported that AKB48 member Takahashi Juri was involved in a traffic accident on February 3. As a result, her birthday event, which was scheduled to be held on February 6 at AKB48 Theater, will be postponed. 

On her way home on February 3, Takahashi was riding a vehicle that struck by another vehicle that was making a right turn in the opposing lane. Doctors did not find any broken bones, but she was instructed to wait and see for about a week. As such, her birthday event will be postponed to sometime in or after March. 

Alcohol Tests Eyed For Air Traffic Controllers

Alcohol tests eyed for air traffic controllers

Japan's transport ministry is to require air traffic controllers in the country to take alcohol tests.

The move follows the ministry's decision in December to obligate domestic airline pilots to take pre-flight tests due to revelations of alcohol-related problems involving flight crews.

Road Traffic Law Draft To Allow For Self-driving

Road traffic law draft to allow for self-driving

Japan's National Police Agency on Thursday released a draft proposal of a revised road traffic law that for the first time includes provisions for self-driving automobiles.

The proposal is in line with the government's goal for practical operation by 2020 of autonomous vehicles on highways. That goal would have the person in the driver's seat leave all aspects of driving to the control system.

Easing Traffic Congestion During 2020 Tokyo Games

Easing traffic congestion during 2020 Tokyo Games

The Japanese government is to ask firms to take steps to ease traffic congestion during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Government officials met on Tuesday to discuss measures to ensure athletes and spectators will be transported smoothly. Tokyo metropolitan government officials, organizing committee members and representatives of business groups also took part in the meeting.

Kansai Airport Recovers Half Of Air Traffic

Kansai airport recovers half of air traffic

Flight operations at Kansai International Airport in Osaka have been restored to about half the normal level, two weeks after a massive typhoon hit the island facility.

At the airport's major Terminal 1, a total of 183 domestic and international flights had resumed as of Tuesday. That's about 45 percent of the normal level.

How To Disable Traffic Notifications (android)

How To Disable Traffic Notifications (Android)

One of the Google Map’s features that is handy from time to time is ‘Traffic Notifications’, which keeps you posted about traffic conditions. If you are not much of a driver, the particular feature can be quite annoying. We are going to show you how to disable it. The process, as always, is a piece of cake.

Mission accomplished.