Toyota Bringing Off-road Variants To Chicago Auto Show

Toyota bringing off-road variants to Chicago Auto Show

Toyota has just released a teaser image for the Chicago Auto Show, and it should get the attention of off-roaders. It shows a tan Toyota Tacoma cruising through a dirt road, indicating that the company has off-road variants coming. While the image suggests a Tacoma, it won't just be the midsize pickup getting special or updated models. The company released a statement alongside the image: "The forecast for the Windy City looks sporty and outdoorsy,  with a touch of nocturnal mischief as Toyota debuts new variants to the portfolio." We're rather curious about the "nocturnal" part. There may be some new lighting features on some of the off-road models. Toyota introducing rugged or special-edition trucks and SUVs at the Chicago Auto Show is becoming something of a tradition. Last year it brought the RAV4 TRD Off-Road, Land Cruiser Heritage Edition, Sequoia TRD Pro and updated Tacoma. The year before that featured a bunch of TRD Pro updates.

Honda Will Launch New Global Platform, Heavily Slash Trim Variants

Honda will launch new global platform, heavily slash trim variants

Along with Honda's announcement of the Honda E electric city car's production name, CEO Takahiro Hachigo today revealed a smattering of other initiatives and plans for Honda's future. Perhaps the most intriguing is a new vehicle platform to be announced next year with a "global model." It will be called Honda Architecture, and Honda says it's going to increase development efficiency and expand parts-sharing between models built on the platform. What Honda didn't tell us was what model we'll see on the platform first. Since the vehicle will be introduced next year, we expect it to be for the 2021 model year. It's tough to say which vehicle will be getting this platform first, as Honda has many global models: Civic, Accord, CR-V, Fit and HR-V.

The Accord and CR-V are both already loosely based on the Civic's platform, so where that car goes, the others will follow and vice-versa. The HR-V is a Fit-based crossover, but the new Fit was announced to be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show this fall — this means it can't be the car using the new platform, since Honda says the "Honda Architecture" is coming to a model announced in 2020. Honda also said this new Fit will be getting a next-generation version of its i-MMD hybrid system. We expect absolutely stellar fuel economy from a hybridized Fit — you can check out the next-gen Fit in spy photos here.

Lexus Reportedly Expanding Lc Lineup With Convertible, High-performance F Variants

Lexus Reportedly Expanding LC Lineup with Convertible, High-Performance F Variants

Lexus plans to add more variants to the LC lineup, including a convertible and a high-performance F model.

According to a report from Auto Express, citing an inside source, the Lexus LC Convertible has received the green light, and an LC F model is nearing approval. Expect to see the LC Convertible to be introduced within 18 months to two years, with the F variant coming afterwards.

2018 Toyota Camry Unveiled With Trd And Modellista Variants

2018 Toyota Camry unveiled with TRD and Modellista variants

We’d already seen the 2018 Toyota Camry – but that vehicle was the one developed for the North American market. Here you see the 2018 Toyota Camry in Japanese domestic market spec: in other words, the version that’ll be sold here from late this year.

There are minor visual changes between the model seen here and the North American version, including different front bumpers and headlight inlays (with clear indicator lenses rather than the amber tinted ones on the US models), and tail-lights with marginally different lenses.

Rumor : Toyota Gt86 Turbo, Convertible, Sedan Variants Back On The Table

2013 Geneva Motor Show : Toyota FT-86 Open ConceptOkay Toyota, make up your mind. Figure it out. Quit playing games with our heart. Either build a bunch of variations of the excellent GT86 (also known as the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ) or don't. At this point, we're just tired of the back and forth. After no shortage of denials, an Australian website is claiming that Toyota is reconsidering convertible, four-door, turbocharged and all-wheel-drive hybrid variants of the GT86. Kindly pass all the salt.

Updated Lexus Ct200h Coming Next Year, New Variants Reported

Updated Lexus CT200h coming next year, new variants reportedLexus has had a minor success on its hands with the CT200h, a funky, five-door, sport-luxury hybrid that burst onto the scene in 2011, and managed just over 17,000 US sales in 2012. Worked out to a monthly average, that's nearly 50 percent more units per month than Lexus initially targeted when the car went on sale.

Honda Fit Getting 3 New Variants, Including Sedan

2013 Honda Fit Delivers Unmatched Combination of Versatility, Efficiency and FunHonda Fit is going to play a big role in Honda's goal of increasing sales by 18 percent by the end of the 2017 fiscal year. In this time, production of the subcompact will commence in Mexico, and sales of the car are expected to swell to 200,000 units annually thanks to an expanded model lineup.