2017 Frankfurt Motor Show: Honda’s Electric Vision Gathers Pace

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show: Honda’s Electric Vision gathers paceHonda will use the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show to reveal the next steps in its plan for electrification of its European car range. The focus for the brand at Frankfurt will be the world premiere of the Honda Urban EV Concept, setting the direction for a future production model. Alongside this debut, the CR-V Hybrid Prototype previews the European version of the all-new CR-V SUV.

Nikon Celebrates 100th Anniversary With New Vision And Crazy Music Video

Nikon celebrates 100th anniversary with new vision and crazy music video

Today is Nikon's 100th anniversary. Founded on this day in 1917 as Nippon Kogaku K.K., the Nikon Corporation has transformed from a manufacturer of precision optical glass into one of the most iconic photographic brands in the world. Their camera legacy began in 1948 with the Nikon Model I and continues on to this day. And regardless of your opinion of Nikon today, the past 100 years are certainly worth celebrating.

The festivities has been going on all year, with videos, a dedicated website, a series of special edition products, posters paying tribute to the company's most iconic cameras and a lot more, all released this year under the "100th Anniversary" seal.

Sony Releases Machine Vision Sensor Capable Of 1000 Fps Object Tracking

Sony releases machine vision sensor capable of 1000 fps object tracking

Sony has released a new machine vision CMOS sensor, and though it's destined for assembly lines and robots, it's still interesting to us. Like the chip in the RX100 V, the IMX382 is a stacked, backside-illuminated chip capable of 1000 fps imaging. And, like that sensor, its stacked design includes signal processing circuitry in the chip. Unlike the RX100 V's sensor, though, the 1.27MP IMX382 conducts video processing and subject recognition in parallel, so that it outputs both a 'viewing' stream and a 'sensing' stream simultaneously.

The sensing processing uses color and brightness information obtained from the sensor, enabling incredibly fast subject identification and tracking at 1000 fps. You can see what that looks like in the video below:

Qx50 Concept: Infiniti's Vision For A Next-generation Mid-size Premium Crossover

QX50 Concept: INFINITI's vision for a next-generation mid-size premium crossoverMaking its global premiere at the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the QX50 Concept showcases INFINITI's vision for a next-generation mid-size premium crossover.
Demonstrating how the design of the 2016 QX Sport Inspiration, its conceptual forebear, could be adapted for a future production model, the QX50 Concept confidently articulates INFINITI's 'Powerful Elegance' design language. A 'cabin-forward' silhouette combines with muscular lines and flowing surfaces to telegraph its purpose as a dynamic and practical crossover.

Mitsubishi Electric Installs 6 Meter By 54 Meter Diamond Vision Screen

Mitsubishi Electric Installs 6 meter by 54 meter Diamond Vision ScreenMitsubishi Electric has installed a new 6 meter by 54 meter Diamond Vision screen at the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC)’s Happy Valley Racecourse in Hong Kong. The screen with 3.5 times higher resolution (1.5 times higher x 2.3 times higher) and 1.5 times higher contrast than the current system, is expected to greatly improve spectators’ enjoyment of in-race excitement and provide crystal-clear information, such as odds information and race conditions.

Mazda’s Vision Of The Future Is Rotary Powered

Mazda’s Vision of the Future is Rotary PoweredDon’t expect to see the Mazda RX-Vision Concept head to production unless it has a rotary engine.
Speaking at the 2016 J.D. Power Automotive Marketing Roundtable, vice president-marketing at Mazda North American Operations, Russell Wager, gave a glimpse at the Japanese automaker’s focus for the future. The company intends to move towards “Mazda premium,” but that doesn’t mean it will debut a pricey model.

Sigma Adds The 85mm F1.4 Art, 12-24mm Art, 500mm F4 Sport Lenses To Its Global Vision Line

Sigma adds the 85mm F1.4 Art, 12-24mm Art, 500mm F4 Sport lenses to its Global Vision lineSigma has announced three new full-frame lenses for its Global Vision Line. The long-rumored and long-awaited 85mm F1.4 Art, the 12-24mm F4 Art, and the 500 F4 DG OS HSM Sport.
The 85mm F1.4 Art has been designed with resolution and bokeh in mind. A stronger HSM AF motor produces 1.3x the torque of the previous setup hopes to improve autofocus speed as well. The lens will be available in late October at a price $1199.

Honda Patents Show Technology That Could Give You X-ray Vision

Honda patents show technology that could give you X-ray visionA pair of patent applications from Honda appear to show technology that will bring us one step closer to augmented-reality driving. The patents involve head-up displays (HUDs) and technology that can show people and vehicles that would otherwise be obscured. It'd be like being Superman behind the wheel.

Mazda's Rx Vision Probably Won't Happen

Mazda's RX Vision probably won't happenMazda is doing a lot of things the right way in this age of beige-ness. It just crammed a turbocharged inline-four into the improved CX-9, a bold move unto itself, and one that should also be heartening for Mazdaspeed fans. Wouldn't that engine make for a swell Mazdaspeed3 or Mazdaspeed6? There's a reasonable ray of hope there, but not necessarily a guarantee.