Hagoita - Ichi Paddles Wow Visitors At Fair

Hagoita-ichi paddles wow visitors at fairVarious hagoita wooden paddles decorated with the faces of people in the news this year amused visitors at the annual year-end Hagoita-ichi fair on its opening day at Sensoji temple in Taito Ward, Tokyo, on Saturday.
Colorfully decorated hagoita are being sold at the fair, which has about 25 stalls. The paddles feature designs including popular scenes from kabuki productions; portraits of samurai warrior Sanada Yukimura, who was active in the Sengoku warring states period (late 15th century to late 16th century); and comedian Pikotaro — whose “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” song became a big hit via the internet.
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Inter Milan Defender Nagatomo And Actress Taira To Marry In Jan.

Inter Milan defender Nagatomo and actress Taira to marry in Jan.Inter Milan's Japan international defender Yuto Nagatomo and actress Airi Taira are set to marry as early as January next year, a source close to the matter said Saturday.
Nagatomo and Japan-based Taira have had a long-distance relationship since they started dating in 2015, according to the source.
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A Zigzag Tour Of The Modern Art Masters

A zigzag tour of the modern art mastersThe exhibition “Masterpieces from the Centre Pompidou: Timeline 1906-1977” on view through late September at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum is different from many of the other exhibitions of French modern and contemporary art we have seen over the years in two important ways, and both can be read from the show’s on-point title.
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Kodo Soloist Turns Wadaiko Dream Into Reality

Kodo soloist turns wadaiko dream into realityIn a serene forest on the island of Sado in Niigata Prefecture, members of the world-renowned Kodo group pursue their creativity at the so-called Kodo-mura, or Kodo Village.
This year, the wadaiko (Japanese drum) performing group is celebrating its 35th anniversary. One young soloist is Yuta Sumiyoshi, 24, a composer who suggests ideas for the group and discusses new projects with other members.
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