Mother Crafts Kendo Gear, Passes On Skills To Daughter

Photoscape / Mother crafts kendo gear, passes on skills to daughter

Photographer Beautifully embroidered "do" breastplates for kendo are displayed on the shelves at Kobayashi Isshindo Budoguten, a Japanese martial arts equipment shop in Machiya, Arakawa Ward, Tokyo.

At the shop, which marks the 150th anniversary of its foundation this year, fourth-generation shop owner Reiko Inagaki, 64, is busy repairing the protective gear worn by kendo martial artists every day.

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Japan’s Tallest ‘hina Doll’ Tower Rises 7 Meters High In Saitama

Japan’s tallest ‘hina doll’ tower rises 7 meters high in Saitama“Hina” doll fans will be in seventh heaven at the sight of a 7-meter-high “hinadan” pyramid--Japan’s tallest--set up at a mall here for Hina Matsuri, the traditional Girls' Day festival.
About 1,800 hina dolls from all over the country were carefully placed on each of the hinadan’s 31 red-carpeted tiers at the Elumi Konosu Shopping Mall on Feb. 16.
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Music Comes First For Back Number

Music comes first for back numberThree-piece rock band back number is gaining tremendous popularity among young people.
The band recently released its first greatest-hits album “Encore,” compiling 32 songs, including “Hanataba” (Bouquet) a tune that carried the band to fame, and “Christmas Song,” which gained popularity as the opening theme song for a TV drama. The album is a good piece for tracing the band’s history.
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Moon Over The Hill At 4.51 Billion Years Old

Moon over the hill at 4.51 billion years oldIt turns out the moon is older than many scientists suspected: a ripe 4.51 billion years old.
That’s the newest estimate, thanks to rocks and soil collected by the Apollo 14 moonwalkers in 1971.
A research team reported on Jan. 11 that the moon formed within 60 million years of the birth of the solar system. Previous estimates ranged within 100 million years, all the way out to 200 million years after the solar system’s creation, not quite 4.6 billion years ago.
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