Mercedes-amg E43 And Infiniti Q50 Red Sport Get Together To See Which One's Faster

Mercedes-AMG E43 And Infiniti Q50 Red Sport Get Together To See Which One's Faster

Despite these two cars packing a similar amount of horsepower, there are still some noticeable differences worth discussing.

For instance, the Infiniti Q50 is by no means a direct rival for the E-Class, in the sense that this would have been a somewhat fairer fight if the Infiniti had taken on the C43 instead of the E43.

Infiniti Prototype 9 Blends Old And New With Stunning Results

Infiniti Prototype 9 Blends Old and New With Stunning Results

Concept cars these days, especially electric ones, can be a bit dull and repetitive – but the new retro-inspired Infiniti Project 9 is anything but. 

The Project 9 pulls its inspiration from 1930s-era Grand Prix cars. You might even think it’s the real deal with its wire wheels, elongated hood, and hand-formed tail, but this prototype is all-new and even packs an electric powertrain beneath its aluminum bodywork.

Infiniti Tries To Replicate A Painting By Drifting A Q50 In Jdm Spot

Infiniti Tries To Replicate A Painting By Drifting A Q50 In JDM Spot

Eager to show off the sporty prowess of the Infiniti Q50, the automaker has released a somewhat-strange but undeniably creative commercial for the Japanese market.

The clip shows German racing driver Michael Krumm behind the wheel of a blue Q50 as he attempts to stay in the blue lines of a thin course painted in an empty parking lot. The only catch is that the course is a replica of an abstract painting created by a pig. Yes, you read that right.

Infiniti Prototype 9 Is A Wonderfully Beautiful Ev Grand Prix Car

Infiniti Prototype 9 is a wonderfully beautiful EV grand prix car

Few automobiles are as elegantly beautiful as the open-wheel grand prix cars of the 1940s, '50s and '60s. The simple, slender shapes of these cars bear no extravagant flourishes or adornments. The purposeful design is what gave these cars their beauty, and it's these classic machines that inspired the new Infiniti Prototype 9. Teased earlier this week, this concept blends old and new, with classic lines hiding a modern all-electric powertrain. The Prototype 9 will make its full debut next week at the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

Infiniti says the car was built around a simple idea: what would a 1940s Infiniti grand prix car look like? While the silver paint may be more German than Japanese, the design could easily be mistaken for an actual '40s grand prix car. Only the Infiniti-styled grille gives it away. Everything about it, from the thin bias-ply tires wrapped over center-locking wire wheels to the bulging screws around the driver's seat, is pitch perfect.

Infiniti Is Preparing An Amazing Retro Inspired Ev Concept

Infiniti is Preparing an Amazing Retro Inspired EV Concept

Infiniti has announced it will debut a racing inspired, retro look concept at the upcoming Pebble Beach Concours D elegance.

Infiniti says the concept aims to blend “the ingenuity and adventure of early motorsports with the brand’s contemporary “Powerful Elegance” design language.” The design is a throwback to 1930s Grand Prix cars, however the powertrain will be entirely modern. It’s not yet clear what it will consist of, but Infiniti says it will incorporate “advanced EV technology.”

Infiniti Donates More Than $1 Million To Charity

INFINITI donates more than $1 million to charity

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – This year, INFINITI has donated more than $1 million to a variety of coaches' charities as part of the brand's ongoing corporate partnership with the NCAA® and the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC). Phil O'Connor, director Marketing Communications and Media, presented the checks to the winners at INFINITI Americas Headquarters in Tennessee.

"We are pleased to have INFINITI as a partner in support of NCAA student athletes and higher education values," said Dan Gavitt, NCAA senior vice president for basketball. "Having a strong brand such as INFINITI as a part of our NCAA Corporate Marketing Program indicates that the company believes in student-athlete success, both academically and athletically." 

Infiniti Reports July 2017 Sales

INFINITI reports July sales

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – INFINITI today reported July sales of 10,840 vehicles, an increase of 9.0 percent. For the year, INFINITI sales are up 20 percent to 89,983.

The all-new Q60 sports coupe increased 1,134 percent to 765 vehicles delivered. Overall, INFINITI coupes and sedans are up 10 percent for the month, and are up 18 percent in 2017.

Updated 2018 Infiniti Q50 Pricing Announced

Updated 2018 Infiniti Q50 Pricing AnnouncedThe 2018 Infiniti Q50 2.0t Pure has been priced from $35,105 including destination.

The sedan received modest updates for the 2018 model year, including a refreshed exterior and interior appearance. The 2018 Infiniti Q50 is available in a total of 12 models, with four powertrain choices along with rear-wheel and all-wheel drive available across all trim levels. There’s also a new global trim naming structure: Pure, Luxe, Sport, and Red Sport 400.

Infiniti Kills Off Qx70 Crossover To Focus On Qx50

Infiniti Kills Off QX70 Crossover To Focus On QX50

An Infiniti spokesman has announced that the QX70 crossover has been killed off. Sad. Kind of. Not really.

Although U.S. customers continue to demand crossovers, Infiniti told Automotive News that the QX70 won’t be offered for the 2018 model year and that it will instead shift its marketing efforts to the smaller QX50, set for a comprehensive overhaul in 2018.

Infiniti Q50 Ev Is A Concept For The Year 2025

Infiniti Q50 EV Is A Concept For The Year 2025

Wondering what an all-electric midsize sedan from Infiniti could look like eight years from now? Check out this hypothetical successor to the Q50.

The designer, one Navneeth Kannan, started out by imagining a futuristic Infiniti-badged model, with a driver-focused design inside and a bold architecture that will subtly hint at its electrified powertrain.

How One Couple Got A New Infiniti For Under $18,000

How One Couple Got A New Infiniti For Under $18,000

If you're in the market for a new car in the United States and have less than $18,000 to spend, you'll find plenty of choices – but they'll mostly be econo-boxes like the Chevy Sonic, Kia Rio, or Fiat 500. You wouldn't expect to find something like a brand-new Infiniti crossover among them, yet that's just what one couple in Kentucky got.

Chris and Sherri Cooper saw an ad on Facebook for a 2017 Infiniti QX30, listed for $17,790 instead of the $35k MSRP (or <$30k base price). “I snapped a picture of it real quick and showed it to (my husband) and was like, ‘This is crazy. Look at the price of this brand new car,’” Sherri told local station WDRB.

2018 Infiniti Q50 Production Begins In Japan

2018 Infiniti Q50 production begins in JapanINFINITI has begun production of the 2018 INFINITI Q50, with first vehicles manufactured at the company's facility in Tochigi, Japan. The premium sports sedan will soon be shipped to the United States for arrival at INFINITI retailers later this summer.