Tap: The Last Show

Tap: The Last ShowShinjiro Watari (Yutaka Mizutani) is a former tap dancer. An accident that occurred on stage caused him to retire. He then worked as a stage director, but found difficulties in that role. Now, Shinjiro Watari spends his days drinking. A theater manager asks Shinjiro Watari to direct the last show of the theater. Shinjiro Watari begins work on the last show with young tap dancers.
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Innocent Curse

Innocent CurseChildren go missing in a town and the adults around the missing children die suspiciously. An internet rumor spreads that any adult that meets a returned child will die 3 days later.
Local newspaper reporter Shunya Ezaki (Arioka Daiki) begins to investigate the mysterious deaths. Meanwhile, Shunya Ezaki’s girlfriend Nahomi Harada (Mugi Kadowaki) works at a kindergarten school. A boy's mother does not pick him up at the school and Nahomi Harada takes him with her.
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Flow And Minori Chihara Join For Bandai Namco Shanghai "anisong Party"

FLOW and Minori Chihara join for Bandai Namco Shanghai "Anisong Party"Anisong heavyweights FLOW and Minori Chihara performed a special collaboration concert in Shanghai, China, on June 9, delivering a 2-hour-plus set of anime song favorites, including a surprise cover version of Hironobu Kageyama (JAM Project)'s Dragon Ball Z theme "CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA". For the show's encore, Minori Chihara joined FLOW onstage to sing along with the group's hit song "DAYS" from the anime Eureka Seven.
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Yoshiki To Attend Special Screening Of "we Are X" At Anime Expo 2017

Yoshiki to attend special screening of "We Are X" at Anime Expo 2017WE ARE X--the critically acclaimed documentary film about the rock group X JAPAN from the production team behind the Oscar-winning Searching for Sugar Man--will receive a special screening at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles on Sunday, July 2 (12:00PM-2:00PM at JW Marriott, L.A. Live). The screening of WE ARE X will be followed by a live Q&A with X JAPAN’s YOSHIKI. Later that night, WE ARE X will be sponsoring the Anime Expo Masquerade & World Cosplay Summit U.S. Finals (8:00PM-10:00PM at LACC Main Events-Hall B). The Anime Expo Masquerade has been a longstanding tradition at the festival--running for over 20 years--and is a cosplay and performance competition, with one of the largest cash prizes in the country. A sight to behold, people from all around the world compete in the masquerade which is a grand showcase of cosplay and performance.
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Horse Mackerel And Veggies, And Crisp Crackers Of Deep - Fried Bones

Horse mackerel and veggies, and crisp crackers of deep-fried bones

"Discarding things is all the rage, but I don't throw things away. I want to see them live out their lives," says Tomi Matsuba, the 67-year-old designer for the Gungendo clothing brand.

The Iwami Ginzan lifestyle research institute that she runs is located amid farmland in the Omori district of Oda, Shimane Prefecture. The area is known as home to the former Iwami Ginzan silver mine.

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Online Poker: Behind The Scenes

Online poker: behind the scenesOnline poker is a phenomenon which has changed the nature of the game forever. It brought poker into the mainstream, allowing easy access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as opposed to a trip to the casino or setting up a physical tournament. In an industry worth £4.5 billion in the UK alone, online poker is a serious money maker for online casinos. So how do they manage to keep current customers interested and entice new players at the same time?
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MukokuKengo Yatabe’s (Gou Ayano) mother passes away. His father was great at kendo, but he is now in a vegetative state. Kengo was also accomplished in kendo, but he stopped participating in the martial art activity after an incident. Now, he spends his days drinking and working as a security guard at a station building. One day, Tooru Haneda (Nijiro Murakami) appears in front of Kengo. Tooru is a high school student who likes rap music. Triggered by Tooru’s talent with kendo, Kengo resumes practicing kendo.
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Nishino Kana Chops Off Her Hair For New Single 'girls'

Nishino Kana chops off her hair for new single 'Girls'

Nishino Kana has revealed the jacket artwork for her new single "Girls" that's scheduled to be released on July 26.

The singer's 31st single was written as the theme song for adventure game 'Layton Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy'. On the lyrics, Nishino commented, "I wrote this as a 'cheering song for girls' while imagining women who are intensely doing their best." To match the image of this song, she chopped off over 30cm of her hair. 

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Akb48 Team 8's Hamamatsu Riona Announces Graduation

AKB48 Team 8's Hamamatsu Riona announces graduation

AKB48 Team 8 member Hamamatsu Riona is graduating from the group.

This announcement was made by Hamamatsu herself on June 12 during SHOWROOM's program 'AKB48 Team 8 Tokubetsu Haishin Room'. On the reason for her graduation, she wrote on Team 8's official website, "I've always felt it was important to 'evolve' every day. I felt that the time has come for me to take a step and move forward in my one and only life. From now on with my English skills as my weapon, I hope to widen my activities by challenging myself to acting and talento work."

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