X Japan's Yoshiki Completes Surgery, Begins Recovery In Los Angeles

X Japan's Yoshiki Completes Surgery, Begins Recovery in Los AngelesYoshiki of X Japan underwent surgery for cervical artificial disc replacement on Tuesday (USA time), May 16th, 2017, at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. The operation was concluded successfully.
Diagnosed as having “cervical foraminal stenosis” (radiculopathy of the left arm and herniated discs at the C5-C6 levels) due to his intense drumming style, his artificial disc replacement surgery required several hours of highly intricate skills by Dr. Neel Anand. Yoshiki is currently in stable condition. According to the doctor, he will have difficulty using his voice for a while after the surgery. He should regain his regular voice within the coming months as recovery progresses.

B'z To Release Their 1st Single In 2 Years

B'z to release their 1st single in 2 yearsPopular rock unit B'z will be releasing a new double A-side single "Seimei / Still Alive" on June 14th. This will mark the duo's 53rd single and also their first single in two years.

One of the title tracks "Seimei" is the CM song for "UCC BLACK Muto", which they will also start a collaboration campaign in June, while the other title track "Still Alive" was the theme song to Kimura Takuya's starring TBS drama "A LIFE : Itoshiki Hito", which aired back in January.

Radwimps Reveal Pv For 'senno'

RADWIMPS reveal PV for 'Senno'

RADWIMPS have revealed the full PV for their song "Senno". 

"Senno" is one of the title tracks to the band's latest single "Saihate Aini / Senno". The PV features a young boy playing the role of an angel and a demon to represent the two sides of human beings.

Brats To Release Bonus International Content For Ainikoiyo / Nounai Shoukyo Game

BRATS to release bonus international content for Ainikoiyo / Nounai Shoukyo GameJapanese girls rock band BRATS will release their double-A-side single "Ainikoiyo"/"Nounai Shoukyo Game" on digital platforms worldwide with bonus international content on May 25, one month before the CD release of the single in Japan.
"Ainikoiyo" (theme from the anime To Be Hero) and "Nounai Shoukyo Game" (theme from the film Slaveman) will also be released in Japan on June 21 in a limited-edition CD+DVD package with 2 music videos and the full 6-song set of performance videos from their March 29 "Reborn" concert at Ikebukuro Live Inn Rosa, the band's first live event in over 2 years.

Earphones Enable To Check Physical Conditions While Listening To Music

Earphones Enable to Check Physical Conditions While Listening to Music

Kyocera Corp prototyped an optical sensor that measures blood flow in hypodermal tissues and exhibited it at Medtec Japan 2017, which took place from April 19 to 21, 2017, at Tokyo Big Sight.

It can be embedded in wearable devices, etc to visualize the functions to adjust autonomic nerves and blood pressure, heat stroke and dehydration. The company aims to commercialize the sensor in 2018 or 2019.

Maison Book Girl To Release New Single This Summer

Maison book girl to release new single this summer

Maison book girl's new single (currently untitled) will be released on July 19.

The girls just held a one-man live titled "Solitude HOTEL 3F" on May 9 at Akasaka BLITZ. It was during this show that they announced the release of their new single. More details will be revealed later, so stay tuned!

Interview: Shonen Knife @sunnyvale, Brooklyn

INTERVIEW: Shonen Knife @Sunnyvale, Brooklyn

It was the warmest NYC night of the past few weeks. Not even close to the door time, long lines of Mohawk-hairstyle punks and innocent-looking college age kids have already formed alongside the dark-red brick wall of Sunnyvale. Even though the people here seem to have no visible intersection points with each other’s lives, everyone is waiting together for a show from Shonen Knife, one of the most significant girl rock bands in the world.

After being greeted by the band’s tour manager, I was led backstage to where the girls were hanging out before the start of the show. They seemed incredibly nice, easy to talk to, and even a little shy. I first asked what it is that has kept them going forward for 36 years, apparently not something that this band had been thinking of at all. Naoko, guitarist and lead singer, one of the original members of the band, told me she hadn’t even realized they have come this far. “All of a sudden”, she said,”we are already here.”. They never thought about what it meant to be a band. Why does it matter after all? They have played for this long, had a lot of fun, and are just not yet ready to move onto anything else.