Foreign Tourists Increasingly Head To Kagawa, Okayama

Foreign tourists increasingly head to Kagawa, OkayamaKagawa and Okayama prefectures in western Japan saw the sharpest increases in overseas tourist numbers in 2016, thanks largely to the popularity of an art festival, a survey by a travel website operator showed.
The number of foreign visitors to Kagawa Prefecture, which includes the cities of Takamatsu, Sanuki and Higashi-Kagawa, rose 3.4-fold from the previous year, taking the No. 1 spot, according to Rakuten Inc., operator of the Rakuten Travel website.

Kinosaki Onsen Ranked No. 1 Hot Springs For Foreign Tourists

Kinosaki Onsen ranked No. 1 hot springs for foreign touristsOffering a warm welcome to overseas visitors along with a town full of soothing waters, Kinosaki Onsen in Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture, was selected as the top “onsen” hot spring resort extending “omotenashi” (hospitality) for foreign tourists.
In the onsen awards event, supported by the Environment Ministry, the onsen town of Kinosaki was recognized for its successful efforts to increase the number of inbound tourists.

Fuchu: How To Correctly Pour A Beer And Have A Safe Childbirth

FUCHU: How to correctly pour a beer and have a safe childbirthPlace a dry glass in your left palm and raise your right hand, the one you’re holding the can with, as high as possible. From there and all at once, pour the contents into the glass until it’s half full. It will seriously foam. Wait. Wait a bit more. When the foam has stabilized, tilt your glass and pour the beer down the side of the glass.

Onsen In Matsue Wins Top Award For Once-deserted Hot Spring Town

Onsen in Matsue wins top award for once-deserted hot spring townTamatsukuri Onsen hot spring here has won the Environment Minister’s Prize, the top honor at a major new national hot springs awards ceremony, in recognition of its remarkable success in reversing this resort town’s decline.
The onsen was commended for attracting a new influx of visitors with its promise of “beautiful skin.”

Fire-damaged Restaurant Serves Meals Again

Fire-damaged restaurant serves meals againA long-established Japanese restaurant has resumed business in Niigata Prefecture, central Japan, less than 3 weeks after it was damaged in a massive fire.
The restaurant, Tsurukiya, was founded nearly 200 years ago.

Shibuya: Always Changing, Always On The Go

SHIBUYA: Always changing, always on the go“OK, 7 o’clock. Moyai or Hachiko?” was the question that followed after deciding to meet someone in Shibuya.
My university students tell me that nowadays, people call or tap an app when they get to Shibuya and they work their way toward each other, smartphones in hand. Long gone are the days when train stations used to have a message board with chalk for people to write things like, “I waited one hour for you, but you didn’t come so I am going home now.” I wonder how many readers even know what I’m talking about.

Ramen Maniac Character Joins Tokiwaso Manga Monuments

Ramen maniac character joins Tokiwaso manga monumentsIn his youth, Shinichi Suzuki lived with other aspiring manga artists, including Naoya Moriyasu, in a two-story wooden apartment building called Tokiwaso in Tokyo's Toshima Ward.
Suzuki never forgot that fellowship living in Tokiwaso, which helped give birth to Japan's manga industry. Today, contributions by the two artists are not forgotten either, with two monuments recently installed in the neighborhood in their honor.

Shimanami Kaido Cycling Route Makes World Top 50 List

Shimanami Kaido cycling route makes world top 50 listCity officials here are bracing for even more cyclists to roll in from overseas following the latest accolades for the Setouchi Shimanami Kaido Expressway’s bike route.

The course, which connects Imabari and Onomichi in Hiroshima Prefecture, was named one of the world’s 50 most appealing cycling routes by Lonely Planet’s “Epic Bike Rides of the World.”

Travel Rush At End Of New Year Holiday 2017

Travel rush at end of New Year holiday 2017The Japanese New Year holiday is coming to a close. Travelers returning to the big cities after visiting their hometowns or resorts are facing the annual "U-turn" -- with traffic jams, packed trains and full airplanes.

Congestion on expressways leading to major cities across the country reached its peak on Monday.

Baby Tiger Of Endangered Species Drowns At Yokohama Zoo

Baby tiger of endangered species drowns at Yokohama zooA baby Sumatran tiger, an endangered species, drown Thursday at a zoo near Tokyo, the zoo operator said Friday.
The three-month-old tiger fell into a water-filled trench at the Yokohama Zoo Zoorasia after being moved to a display area. The baby tiger apparently tripped over electric wires installed to prevent a fall into the trench, the zoo operator said.

Low-cost Airlines To Get Their Own Terminal At Kansai Airport

Low-cost airlines to get their own terminal at Kansai airportKansai International Airport will open a terminal exclusively for low-cost carriers Peach Aviation Ltd. and Spring Airlines Japan Co. on Jan. 28, the airport operator said.
The international terminal will be ready for business by the Lunar New Year holiday season, which runs from late January through the start of February, Kansai Airports said Dec. 22. The airport expects huge crowds of tourists from China during that period.

Tokyo Airport Now Has Toilet Paper For Smartphones

Tokyo airport now has toilet paper for smartphonesTalk abut some slick marketing. NTTDoCoMo one of Japan’s largest mobile operator has developed a smartphone only toilet paper. These special rolls are installed at the toilets of Tokyo’s Narita airport. Their purpose, well, to clean your smartphone screen and rid the phone of germs. The toilet paper is printed with vital information which include WiFi service instructions, travel information and details of translation services.