Marunouchi: A Tasteful Locale With A Terrific History

MARUNOUCHI: A tasteful area with a fabulous history"I work at the organization central station in Marunouchi," the lady sitting at the table by mine gladly announced to the gathering she was eating with. I think it was a "gokon" assemble daring meet up, and her announcement instantly brought her status up in the pecking request. Individuals remarked how "kakkoii" (prestigious and cool) that was. Through the ages a few things don't change all that much.

Ryusendo Cave's Mysterious Blue Lakes Sparkle Again After Typhoon

Ryusendo Cave's supernatural blue lakes sparkle again after tropical stormBack to looking great, the Ryusendo buckle here has recaptured its enchanted blue shading after Typhoon No. 10 wreaked ruin last August and will revive to the general population from March 19.
Local inhabitants and volunteers were dealt with to an extraordinary see of the broadly clear waters on March 15, which had been turned dull and dim by the typhoon.

Luxury Liner Queen Elizabeth To Start Cruise From Japan For 1st Time

Luxury liner Queen Elizabeth to start cruise from Japan for 1st timeThe luxury cruise ship Queen Elizabeth arrived at Kobe port in western Japan on Monday ahead of its first cruise departing from and returning to Japan.
The eight-day voyage from Kobe through March 20 comes after the municipal government of Kobe asked the Cunard Line, the ship's British operator, to organize a Kobe-originating tour as it celebrates the 150th anniversary this year of the port's opening.

4-year Revival Completed At Nikko Toshogu Shrine’s Gate

4-year revival completed at Nikko Toshogu shrine’s gateThe richly colored roof and intricate carvings of Nikko Toshogu shrine’s main gate were shown to the public on March 10 after its first large-scale repair work in about 40 years.
The work at the shrine, a World Cultural Heritage site, started in 2013 and cost about 1.2 billion yen ($10.4 million).

Japanese-american Calls For Travel Ban Suspension

Japanese-American calls for travel ban suspensionThe daughter of a Japanese-American civil rights activist is calling for the suspension of US President Donald Trump's second travel ban.
Trump signed a new executive order on Monday, temporarily barring the entry of people from 6 Muslim-majority countries if they do not already possess a valid visa.

Jr East's Luxury Train To Debut In May Along With Passenger Lounge

JR East's luxury train to debut in May along with passenger loungeEast Japan Railway Co. said Thursday that passengers on its luxury sleeper train set to begin operation in May will also be offered use of an exclusive lounge at a terminal in Tokyo.
The 10-car "Train Suite Shiki-Shima" will take travelers from Ueno Station through parts of Japan, including the northernmost main island of Hokkaido and the Tohoku northeastern region.

Trip Pitches ‘walk Across Three Prefectures In Three Steps'

Trip pitches ‘walk across three prefectures in three steps'Ever been in three places at once? That may not be possible, but a location here offers the next best thing--where you can “walk across three prefectures in just three steps.”
That’s the slogan for a “cross-border” stamp-collecting campaign designed to attract tourists to a point where three prefectures in the northern Kanto region converge.

Aquarium To Open Near New Legoland Theme Park In Nagoya

Aquarium to open near new Legoland theme park in NagoyaFamilies are set to descend on the Kinjofuto district of this city’s Minato Ward in ever greater numbers, as a new aquarium near the new Legoland Japan is planned for a 2018 opening.
British-based visitor attraction company Merlin Entertainments Plc, which will open the Lego-themed outdoor park in April, announced it will also open Japan’s first Sea Life aquarium.

The Palm Tree In Kyoto And The Shoguns: A Story Of Which Came 1st

The palm tree in Kyoto and the shoguns: A story of which came 1stDecked out in its distinctive winter coat, a tropical sago palm in the Ninomaru Garden of historic Nijo Castle here is stopping tourists in their tracks.
What, many visitors seem to be asking, is going on? It is simply that gardeners at the UNESCO World Heritage site in the city's Nakagyo Ward want to protect the tree--which, at first glimpse, appears to have four or five limbs--during winter when temperatures hover at around 5 or 6 degrees.

Throwback Thursday: Panasonic Lumix Dmc-tz1, Travel Zoom Pioneer

Throwback Thursday: Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1, travel zoom pioneerPrior to February 2006, if you wanted a camera with a long lens, you had to get something like this. But on the 14th of that month, Panasonic introduced the world's first compact travel zoom camera with optical image stabilization: the Lumix DMC-TZ1, which had a 10x 35-350mm equivalent lens. Where even relatively compact long-zooms like the Lumix DMC-FZ5 wouldn't fit in an average-sized pocket with its dimensions of 108 x 68 x 85mm, the TZ1 came in at 112 x 58 x 40mm. Naturally, it was also lighter: 250 g, compared to the FZ5's 326 g.

Sightseeing Train Offers Aromas And Flavors Of Kumamoto

Sightseeing train offers aromas and flavors of KumamotoWith pleasant wood aromas filling the carriages of Kyushu Railway Co.’s new sightseeing train, and delicious food and drinks on offer to enhance the experience, the “Kawasemi Yamasemi” promises a feast for the senses.
The train, which was unveiled to the media at JR Kyushu’s Kokura Sogo Sharyo Center rail yard here on Feb. 27, smells so inviting, thanks to the use of Japanese cypresses and cedars.

New Capsule Hotel In Osaka Offers More Room Than A Coffin

New capsule hotel in Osaka offers more room than a coffinHanshin Electric Railway Co. will climb aboard the budget accommodation business with a “high-class” capsule hotel that won’t give claustrophobics nightmares.
Unlike many conventional capsule hotels, the new hotel will offer 2.1-meter-high rooms, spacious enough for a guest to stand in, unless they are an NBA center.

Navigating Tokyo’s Subway Maze Gets Easier For Tourists

Navigating Tokyo’s subway maze gets easier for touristsThe Tokyo metropolitan government on Feb. 21 installed its first multiple-language, direction-giving ticket-vending machine on a Toei subway line to prepare for a further influx of visitors from abroad.
The machine, at Tochomae Station on the Oedo Line, allows travelers to choose from among English, Chinese and Korean. French, Spanish and Thai services will be added by the end of March.

Cherry Blossoms Forecasted To Flower Slightly Later Than Usual

Cherry blossoms forecasted to flower slightly later than usualThis year's cherry blossoms will generally bloom slightly later than usual across Japan, according to forecasts announced by private weather company Weather Map Co. on Feb. 23.
Cherry blossoms in many areas from the Tokai region and westward are expected to flower later than usual due to the warm winter and low temperatures lasting into early March. In particular, blooming is expected to be highly delayed in Kyushu, except for Fukuoka Prefecture.