Long Goodbye: Tantei Furui Kurinosuke

Long Goodbye: Tantei Furui KurinosukeKurinosuke Furui (Ryu Morioka) grew up at an orphanage. He now works as a private detective. One day, he receives a request. The request is to collect money which was stolen by a woman who killed herself. During Kurinosuke Furui's investigation he uncovers a shocking truth.


InumukoiriAzusa Ninomiya (Narimi Arimori) is a depressed elementary school teacher in Tokyo. She has problems at work and also in her personal life. One day, she suddenly hears a voice saying "If you go to Imore island, you will get what you want.” She decides to go to the island.

Kabuki Actor Nakamura Has Lung Cancer, To Take Hiatus From Stage

Kabuki actor Nakamura has lung cancer, to take hiatus from stage

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Japanese Kabuki actor Nakamura Shido has been diagnosed with early-stage lung cancer and will take a break from performances to undergo hospital treatment, theater operator Shochiku Co. said Thursday.

The 44-year-old actor, who is also popular for his TV and film appearances, was scheduled to perform in Kabuki performances next month and in July. He found out that he has lung adenocarcinoma during a regular health checkup.

Hurricane Polimar

Hurricane PolimarTakeshi Yoroi (Junpei Mizobata) is a former street fighter, but he now works as a private investigator. Takeshi also possess a special suit made out of an augmented polymar. The suit transforms Takeshi Yoroi into Hurricane Polymar who has super strength, high-speed rotation and ability to transform into five different kinds of vehicles. He can only stay as Hurricane Polymar for up to 46 minutes and 1 second before reverting back. As Hurricane Polymar, Takeshi goes up against villains.

Smash-hit Japanese Animation "your Name." To Hit Stores In July

Smash-hit Japanese animation

After becoming a sensation in Japan and abroad, the blockbuster Japanese animation film "your name." will look to extend its winning streak with its DVD and Blu-ray Disc release on July 26.

Movie studio Toho Co. has announced that the romantic body-swapping movie by director Makoto Shinkai will be available with both English and Chinese subtitles. Fans of the time-travel love story have already swamped websites offering pre-orders for the film.

Between Sky And Sea

Between Sky And SeaNamiko Horie (Haruka) is a 19-year-old girl, living in Miyazaki Prefecture. She studies at a special school to become a care helper and helps her mother run a restaurant. Namiko Horie isn't 100% sure she wants to become a care helper. She is friends with Chihoko Yoshiwara (Chizu Nakai).

'final Fantasy' Bonds Father And Son In Tv Drama

'Final Fantasy' bonds father and son in TV drama

By Yayoi Kawatoko / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff WriterA popular online video game has become a setting in a serial TV drama — "Final Fantasy XIV: Hikari no Otosan" (FINAL FANTASY XIV Daddy of Light), currently airing on the TBS network.

The unconventional drama comprises two worlds: the live-action one, in which father and grown-up son play "Final Fantasy XIV" (FF14), and the video game one, in which the actions and expressions of the characters they control are shown.

Takahashi Issei Closes Instagram Account

Takahashi Issei closes Instagram account

On May 10, actor Takahashi Issei officially closed his Instagram account. 

Takahashi's last post was a message video, stating, "Everyone, thank you so much for following me these past two months." He continued, "I was very happy to see everyone's messages and comments of support. Please continue to support me. Thank you very much.

Aibu Saki Is Expecting Her First Child

Aibu Saki is expecting her first child

Actress Aibu Saki (31) is pregnant with her first child. According to her agency, she is due sometime this fall and will continue working while monitoring her condition.

Aibu announced, "It's a personal matter, but at this time, I would like to announce that I have been blessed with a new life. I am expected to give birth this fall and will continue to work within my ability while taking care of my physical condition." She also wrote on Instagram, "I hope to spend everyday with care while looking forward to childbirth.

Vampire Night

Vampire NightSayo Yukimura (Yurina Yanagi) is a police officer. She and her younger sister Miwa (Yuuka Ueno), who is an archer with an injured elbow, visit a ryokan. The ryokan is located deep in the mountain and features a nearby hot spring that is known for its healing qualities. But ... the ryokan is a den for vampires.

X Japan Documentary We Are X Is Itunes "editor's Choice" And Amazon's "indie Of The Week"

X JAPAN Documentary WE ARE X is iTunes "Editor's Choice" and Amazon's "Indie of the Week"WE ARE X, the transcendent and captivating rock ‘n’ roll documentary about one of the most successful bands in history, X JAPAN, is out now on Blu-Ray™, DVD and Digital HD from Magnolia Home Entertainment under the Magnet Label. The critically acclaimed documentary has been selected as both the iTunes “Editor’s Choice” and Amazon’s “Indie Of The Week” picks despite a crowded release week which includes La La Land, Hidden Figures and Moana amongst others. WE ARE X profiles the blockbuster Japanese rock band X JAPAN and its enigmatic frontman YOSHIKI--composer, classically trained pianist, drummer and the creative force behind the band’s wild success.

Tsuioku (japanese Movie)

TsuiokuAtsushi Shikata (Junichi Okada), Keita Tadokoro (Shun Oguri) and Satoshi Kawabata (Tasuku Emoto) spent their childhood days as friends. As adults, they meet again due to a murder case. Atsushi Shikata works as a detective, Keita Tadokoro is a suspect and Satoshi Kawabata is a victim. They come face to face with the truth of the murder case and their detested past sealed within their minds.