Eikura Nana And Kaku Kento Are Expecting Their First Child

Eikura Nana & Kaku Kento are expecting their first tykeIt's been accounted for that performing artist Eikura Nana (29) is pregnant with her first tyke.
Through her office, Eikura declared, "It's an individual matter, however as of now, I have been honored with another life." She stated, "I have now entered my steady period. I am going through every day placidly with the support of family and numerous others around me."

Tsunehiko Watase, Yakuza Motion Picture Star Known For Part In "oshin," Dies

Tsunehiko Watase, yakuza motion picture star known for part in "Oshin," kicks the bucketYakuza motion picture star Tsunehiko Watase, who is additionally known for assuming a key part in the incredible TV dramatization "Oshin," passed on at a healing facility in Tokyo as of late, his office said Thursday. He was 72.
Watase had been experiencing treatment after a tumor was found in his annoy bladder in 2015. He passed on Tuesday of different organ disappointment, as per his office. Watase is the more youthful sibling of Tetsuya Watari, likewise an actor.

Eras To Give The Signature Melody To 'ani-koma' Live-activity Film

GENERATIONS to give the signature tune to 'Ani-koma' live-activity filmIt was declared that GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE would give the signature tune to the up and coming motion picture "Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu."
"Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu" is a cutting edge film adjustment of Yagami Rina's manga. It spins around a disagreeable secondary school young lady Tachibana Setoka (played by Tsuchiya Tao) who all of a sudden gets famous with different hot folks.
GENERATIONS part Katayose Ryota is showing up as Setoka's sibling, and Kusakawa Takuya (Chotokkyu), Chiba Yudai, Sugino Yosuke will likewise showing up in it.

Yamashita Tomohisa's 'code Blue' Comes Back To Getsu9 With Season 3

Yamashita Tomohisa's 'Code Blue' comes back to Getsu9 with Season 3It was announced that Yamashita Tomohisa's starring Fuji TV drama "Code Blue : Doctor Heli Kinkyu Kyumei" would be coming back with a new season!
The first season of "Code Blue" was aired back in 2008 and received a high rating. It featured young doctors struggling to become flight doctors on emergency medical service helicopters. There was a special episode aired in 2009, and its second season (aired in 2010) also attracted many viewers.

Fukushi Sota Goes On A Journey With A Cat In 'tabineko Report' Live-action Film

Fukushi Sota goes on a journey with a cat in 'Tabineko Report' live-action filmActor Fukushi Sota (23) will be starring in "Tabineko Report", a live-action film adaptation of Arikawa Hiro's best-selling novel.
A story of "Tabineko Report" revolves around Satoru (Fukushi) and his cat named Nana. Because of a certain reason, Satoru cannot keep his loving cat, so he and Nana go on a journey together at various places in Japan to find a new owner. By visiting important people in his life, including his best childhood friend and his first love, undelivered feelings and unknown past secrets begin to be revealed.

Cosmetic Wars

Cosmetic WarsAkane Misawa (Aya Omasa) is an industrial spy. She infiltrates into a long-established cosmetics company to steal proprietary information. While working there, Akane Misawa begins to have doubts about her actions.

Takahashi Issei Opens Instagram Account

Takahashi Issei opens instagram accountOn March 7, upcoming actor Takahashi Issei opened his official Instagram account (@issey_tabisuru).
Takahashi has been making his appearances in various dramas and movies since his child actor days, but he grabbed attention for his role in the film "Shin Godzilla." He is currently starring in the ongoing TBS drama "Quartet" as a Viola player, which is also attracting many viewers.

Tantei Wa, Konya Mo Yuuutsuna Yume Wo Miru

Tantei wa, Konya mo Yuuutsuna Yume wo MiruReiji Benii (Tomoki Hirose) works with his partner Shoji Aoi (Tsunenori Aoki) at a private detective agency that he inherited from his grandfather. One day, they receive a request from a boy and they become involved in an unforeseen case.

Shabon Dama

Shabon DamaIzumi (Kento Hayashi) was abandoned by his parents. He now commits burglary, targeting women and the elderly. He is chased by the cops. While on the run, in the mountains of Miyazaki Prefecture, he helps an injured elderly woman, Suma (Etsuko Ichihara). Izumi then stays at Suma's home. At first, Izumi keeps an eye for money that he can steal. The people though in the village think Izumi is Suma's grandson and take care of him. A change takes place in Izumi.

Haruta & Chika

Haruta & ChikaHaruta (Shori Sato) is handsome and smart, Chika (Kanna Hashimoto) is bright and naive. When they were children, they were friends until Haruta’s family moved away while he was in the 3rd grade. They meet again during a high school entrance ceremony. After all of these years, Chika is eager to join the wind instrument club. Due to an incident, the wind instrument club is about to be disbanded. Chika can't give up the flute so she attracts Haruta to her side and tries to recruit members from the wind instrument club. The group attempts to solve various cases taking place at their school while they plan to take part in a contest.

Horikita Maki Retires From Showbiz

Horikita Maki retires from showbizActress Horikita Maki (28) has retired from showbiz as of February 28.
On March 1, Horikita released a statement via her agency, stating, "At this time, I have decided to leave my job." She continued, "I am now a mother and am spending each day happily with the family I love. I want to protect this warm and irreplaceable happiness with everything I have."