BokyoMutsuko (Shihori Kanjiya) grew up on an island. Her family emphasized tradition, which she felt uncomfortable with. As a child, she envisioned Dream Land on the mainland as a symbol of freedom. Now as an adult, Mutsuko has her own family. She hears that Dream Land will soon shut down.

Popular Anime Sailor Moon's 1st Official Goods Shop To Open In Tokyo

Popular anime Sailor Moon's 1st official goods shop to open in Tokyo

The first official merchandise shop of "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon," a globally popular Japanese animation series, will open on Saturday in Tokyo, toy maker Bandai Co. said Wednesday.

Bandai said it hopes to attract both local and foreign fans to the Sailor Moon Store, which will have a 53 square-meter space in a shopping complex in the Harajuku district, known as a fashion and cultural center.

The Third Murder

The Third MurderShigemori (Masaharu Fukuyama) is an elite lawyer. He is compelled to defend Mikuma’s (Koji Yakusho) murder case. Mikuma has a criminal record from a murder that took place 30 years ago. Mikuma also confesses to the murder charge and he faces the death sentence, but Shigemori begins to have doubts about Mikuma's guilt.

Ieiri Leo To Make Acting Debut

Ieiri Leo to make acting debut

It's been announced that Ieiri Leo will be starring in TV Tokyo's new drama 'Shinjuku Seven' premiering on October 13.

The drama revolves around a pawnshop owner named Nanase (played by KAT-TUN's Ueda Tatsuya), who is a genius appraiser. While appraising an item, he is able to solve people's worries and troubles. Ieiri will play 'Shiori', a part-time employee at a gyoza restaurant that Nanase frequents.

Seventeen, Hokuto Summer

Seventeen, Hokuto SummerAyami Kawaguchi (Haruna Hori) is a 17-year-old high school student. Her family runs a tofu shop where the tofu is made with local spring water. She is a member of her high school's kyudo club, but she doesn't do well there.

Momo To Kiji

Momo to KijiMomo Kojima (Aya Sakurai) portrayed the character of Momotaro at a play in nursery school. Since then, she has dreamed of becoming an actress. At the age of 18, Momo Kojima went to Tokyo to become an actress, but it wasn't easy for her to achieve her dream. Now, at the age of 26, Momo Kojima's father passes away. She goes back to her hometown in Okayama Prefecture. There, her mother runs a hat shop by herself. Momo Kojima also meets her friends who took part in the nursery school play.

Good-bye (sayonara Mo Dekinai)

Good-Bye (Sayonara mo Dekinai)Kaori and Tamaki broke up three years, but they still live together. Those around them are not sure what their relationship is. When Tamaki's aunt and uncle arrive for a visit, the two must decide whether they have truly broken up.

Amuro Namie To Sing The New Opening Theme For 'one Piece'

Amuro Namie to sing the new opening theme for 'One Piece'

The new opening theme for anime 'ONE PIECE' has been determined to be Amuro Namie's new song "Hope."

Amuro has previously provided her songs "Fight Together" in 2011 and "Black Make Up" in 2015, making this her third tie-up with the anime series. "Hope" is described to have a sense of speed with Amuro's strong vocals. She commented, "I sing about the crew's bond that deepens during their voyage, and how that bond becomes an eternal power and light of hope that leads them to their answers."

Before We Vanish

Before We VanishNarumi Kase (Masami Nagasawa) is on bad terms with her husband Shinji Kase (Ryuhei Matsuda). One day, Shinji Kase goes missing. He comes back a couple of days later, but he seems like a totally different person. Shinji Kase is now gentle and tender. He goes for a walk every day.

Jinjin: Sononi

Jinjin: SononiGinzaburo Tateishi (Yasuo Daichi) is a street performer in Hadano, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. One day, he meets a young man named Tetsuo Yamashita (Seiji Fukushi). Ginzaburo Tateishi introduces the young man to part-time work in forestry. Tetsuo Yamashita begins to open his heart to others due to the warmness of Ginzaburo Tateishi and those around him. Tetsuo Yamashita sets his life goals in the field of forestry, but, one day, Tetsuo Yamashita suddenly disappears.

Her Mother

Her MotherHarumi (Ryo Nishiyama) must deal with the murder of her daughter Michiyo (Nanase Iwai) by her son-in-law Koji (Tajiro Arakawa). After Koji receives a death sentence for the murder, Harumi begins to visit Koji in prison to understand why he killed her daughter. Harumi's husband and her brother are against her visits. Harumi begins to believe Koji is the only who understands her pain.

Friends Games: The Movie Final

Friends Games: The Movie FinalYuichi Katakiri (Ryo Yoshizawa), Shiho Sawaragi (Rio Uchida), Tenji Mikasa (Yuki Yamada), Makoto Shibe (Shimon Okura) and Yutori Kokorogi (Nagi Nemoto) become involved in the “Tomodachi Game” to test money or friendship.

Tv Tokyo Leads The Pack In Late-night Dramas

TV Tokyo leads the pack in late-night dramas

By Makoto Hoshino / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff WriterLate-night dramas serve as a platform for broadcasters to test out up-and-coming actors and innovative ideas. While each TV station presents an ambitious lineup of dramas aired after midnight, TV Tokyo stands out in recent years in terms of quality.

In April, the broadcaster, which created a buzz with such dramas as "Moteki" (Love Strikes!) and the "Yusha Yoshihiko" (The hero Yoshihiko) series, increased the number of times to broadcast late-night dramas to four time slots per week.