Orange Juice Faucet No Longer Running Joke At Matsuyama Airport

Orange juice faucet no longer running joke at Matsuyama airport

A new refreshment stand featuring a unique faucet opened Thursday at Matsuyama airport in western Japan, making a reality the long-running joke that orange juice flows like water in citrus-producing Ehime Prefecture.

At the stand, named the Orange Bar, customers can serve themselves the juice of local citrus fruits for 350 yen per glass, with the type of juice varying depending on the season. Ehime is one of Japan's major citrus fruit production areas.

Fried Chicken Marinated In Refreshing Ume Apricot Vinegar

Fried chicken marinated in refreshing ume apricot vinegar

Ume (Japanese apricot) become plumper each time it rains here in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan's top production area of the fruit.

The town of Minabe is home to the renowned Nanko-ume. It was 44 years ago that the "ume ka" (ume section) was opened in the village office of Minabegawa, which later became Minabe town.

Crunchy Pickled Plums Give Contrast To Marinated Tuna

Crunchy pickled plums give contrast to marinated tuna

"Danshi Chubo ni Hairo-kai" (Men, let us enter the kitchen club) will celebrate its 40th anniversary in November.

The Tokyo-based club, known as Danchu-kai, has been active since back in the day when men rarely ventured into the kitchen unless they were raiding the fridge for a beer.

Head Of Men's Club Spawns Salmon Cooked In Piecrust

Head of men's club spawns salmon cooked in piecrust

Men who cooked were once teased as "roach husbands" because they scurried around the kitchen.

Despite the derision, men who loved cooking formed a club called Danshi Chubo ni Hairo-kai (Men, let us enter the kitchen club). The Tokyo-based group, known simply as Danchu-kai, will celebrate its 40th anniversary in November under its fourth chairman, Hiromi Kanbe, 69.

Horse Mackerel And Veggies, And Crisp Crackers Of Deep-fried Bones

Horse mackerel and veggies, and crisp crackers of deep-fried bones

"Discarding things is all the rage, but I don't throw things away. I want to see them live out their lives," says Tomi Matsuba, the 67-year-old designer for the Gungendo clothing brand.

The Iwami Ginzan lifestyle research institute that she runs is located amid farmland in the Omori district of Oda, Shimane Prefecture. The area is known as home to the former Iwami Ginzan silver mine.

Fukushima May Get Rice Variant That Absorbs Less Radiation

Fukushima may get rice variant that absorbs less radiation

TSUKUBA, Ibaraki Prefecture--A new type of the famed Koshihikari rice strain that absorbs just half as much radioactive cesium as the regular variety may be grown in Fukushima Prefecture.

The National Agriculture and Food Research Organization hopes to introduce it into the prefecture as part of efforts to dispel lingering negative publicity after the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant disaster of 2011.

Jal Upgrades In-flight Services, Equipment To Woo Foreign Fliers

JAL upgrades in-flight services, equipment to woo foreign fliers

By Etsuo Kono / Japan News staff writer Japan Airlines Co. is accelerating efforts to upgrade its in-flight services, as well as equipment used on medium-haul international flights. The carrier is particularly focusing on routes to Hawaii and Southeast Asia, because of the increasing number of international tourists traveling on these routes.

The airline's refurbished fleet of eleven Boeing 777-200ER aircraft — dubbed "JAL Sky Suite" to reflect the higher level of comfort and services offered — began flying in July last year. The refurbished planes now include fully reclining seats with direct access to aisles in business class.

City In Fukushima Hopes Cool 'ramen Ice Cream' Treat Will Get Warm Reception

City in Fukushima hopes cool 'ramen ice cream' treat will get warm reception

KITAKATA, Fukushima -- A tourist facility in this city known as a holy grail for ramen has hatched a new plan to attract hungry tourists: "ramen ice cream."

The unique treat is sold at the Kitakata Ramen Jinja (shrine) & Ramen Museum in the city, home to a version of the noodle dish revered as one of Japan's top three. The icy version comes in a cup containing soft-serve ice cream made to look like noodles and topped with "naruto," a famous pink and white sliced fish cake, made from rice cakes. The soy sauce flavor is true to the original, and the shop recommends topping the treat with black pepper or chives.

Yubari Melon Lovers Out Of Luck After Hokkaido Feeding Frenzy

Yubari melon lovers out of luck after Hokkaido feeding frenzy

YUBARI, Hokkaido--A restaurant's melon offer proved too appealing, and dozens of diners waited in line in a fruitless effort for dessert.

Melon no Terrace, located in the city's Takinoue district, issued an apology on its June 6 opening day for underestimating the voracious appetite for the famed Yubari melons.

Mother's Deep-fried Tofu Dumpling Gets Taste Buds Dance

Mother's deep-fried tofu dumpling gets taste buds dance

Tomi Matsuba has been advocating a "lifestyle with roots" from Iwami Ginzan, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Oda, Shimane Prefecture.

The 67-year-old designer of the clothing brand Gungendo also renovates traditional-style old houses and writes books emphasizing the wisdom of time-honored ways of life.

Lisa's In And Around Tokyo: Tomigaya--for Chocolate, It Hits The Sweet Spot Every Time

Lisa's In and Around Tokyo: Tomigaya--For chocolate, it hits the sweet spot every time

Such mysterious names! Bamboo Shoot's Village, Mushroom's Rural Settlement and Small Branch? And, English names that give no hint of the product, like Look, Black Thunder and Koala's March?

Well, Choco Baby, Pocky, and Toppo lend a little connection to its naming as you might be able to imagine the outline of the product. Tirol chocolate? Now we're getting somewhere--finally, a name that conjures up a connection. The Swiss are famous for consuming about 10 kilograms of chocolate per person each year. Wait, the Tirol Alps are in Austria. Well, close enough.