Japan Issues Request To Troops Over U.n. S. Sudan Mission Completion

Japan issues request to troops over U.N. S. Sudan mission completion

TOKYO (Kyodo) - Defense Minister Tomomi Inada on Friday issued a request to the Self-Defense Forces to pull back from a U.N. peacekeeping mission in South Sudan by late May, which will end an over five-year arrangement of Japanese troops in the youngster African nation.

Noting that the exercises of the Ground Self-Defense Force's affable building units have been "highly evaluated" by the United Nations and the South Sudan government, Inada advised a meeting of service authorities to try most extreme endeavors to guarantee that all SDF individuals return home securely.

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Japan Resistance Party Set Out Calls Toward Finishing Up Nuke Boycott Talks

Japan restriction party set out calls toward closing nuke boycott talks

The head of a Japanese resistance party called Friday for conveying talks banning atomic weapons to an effective conclusion as quickly as time permits before a key gathering commences next week.

"We call for finishing up a tradition to disallow atomic weapons as ahead of schedule as possible," Japanese Communist Party boss Kazuo Shii said in a letter he gave to Kim Won Soo, U.N. undersecretary general and high illustrative for demilitarization affairs.

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Abe Denies Assertions In Outrage Hit School Chief's Sworn Testimony

Abe denies charges in embarrassment hit school chief's sworn testimony

TOKYO (Kyodo) - Prime Minister Shinzo Abe denied Friday that he or his significant other Akie gave cash or ideal treatment to an Osaka school administrator at the focal point of a developing political outrage as affirmed the earlier day by the head of the association in sworn declaration before the Diet.

Opposition legislators contended that further examination is required into whether an administration helper to Akie Abe was included in the offer of a vigorously marked down bit of state-possessed land a year ago to the school administrator, Moritomo Gakuen, which as of late dropped its arrangement to open a grade school on the site.

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Feature: Lessons Learned In Protecting Shinkansen Passengers

FEATURE: Lessons learned in protecting shinkansen passengers

On Oct. 23, 2004 at 5:56 p.m., the first bullet train derailment in history occurred when a shinkansen en route from Tokyo to Niigata went off the tracks following a powerful earthquake in the Chuetsu region of Niigata Prefecture.

Toki No. 325 was cruising at a speed of 204 kilometers per hour on the Joetsu Shinkansen Line between Urasa and Nagaoka stations when the temblor hit. It was the first bullet train to derail since Japan started high-speed railway services in 1964.

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Feature: Language Schools To Help Athletes Prepare For 2020 Games

FEATURE: Language schools to help athletes prepare for 2020 Games

Language schools in Japan are tying up with sports associations to help improve the English skills of Japanese athletes in the lead up to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The push is aimed at overcoming concern about athletes' struggles to communicate in English during international competitions, while the schools see it as an opportunity to tap into a new market and revenue stream.

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20 Years On, Kin Seek Return Of Japanese Abducted By North Korea

20 years on, kin seek return of Japanese abducted by North Korea

Relatives of Japanese citizens abducted by North Korea decades ago called Friday for their return, maintaining hope even in the face of worsening relations due to Pyongyang's nuclear and missile development programs.

A group representing abductees' families headed by Shigeo Iizuka, whose younger sister Yaeko Taguchi was kidnapped in 1978 at age 22, said at a gathering in Tokyo ahead of the group's 20th anniversary Saturday, it hopes for the return of all the victims "this year."

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Highlight: Smaller Firms In Japan Broadening Parts In Abroad Assistance

FEATURE: Smaller firms in Japan developing parts in abroad help

Smaller firms in Japan are expecting a more dynamic part in the nation's abroad headway help, offering their capacity to neighborhood accessories with help from the Japanese government.

Wago, a processor of rustic things arranged in Katori, Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo, is helping agriculturists in Kenya augment their benefit by upgrading creation and displaying of grape tomatoes.

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Arraignments Suspended For 2 Past Images Who Trespassed On Railway

Indictments suspended for 2 past symbols who trespassed on railroad

Prosecutors on Tuesday suspended indictments for Iyo Matsumoto and Yu Hayami, tolerably matured TV characters and past pop images, who trespassed onto a railroad track in western Japan.

The decision came as the prosecutors contemplated the way that the two women have considered their direct and that their exercises did not impact plan operations, a specialist at the Kyoto District Public Prosecutors Office said.

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Unproductive Woman Passes On Newborn Child Using Egg Gave By Secretive Female

Infertile woman passes on baby using egg gave by obscure female

A woman with ovarian issues has delivered a newborn child through in-vitro readiness using her significant other's sperm and an egg gave by an obscure female, an altruistic affiliation supporting productivity treatment said Wednesday.

While there have been a couple cases in which fruitless mothers have imagined a posterity using sperm from their mates and eggs from their sisters or associates, this is the primary case made open in Japan of a newborn child considered using an egg gave by a stranger.

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Beat U.s. Nuclear Specialist Criticizes N. Korea's Rocket Launch

Top U.S. nuclear emissary reviles N. Korea's rocket dispatch

Top U.S. nuclear emissary, Joseph Yun, rebuffed North Korea's tried rocket dispatch Wednesday and urged China to rouse Pyongyang to stop its instigations and threats.

The dispatch attempt harmed U.N. Security Council resolutions, Yun, the U.S. outstanding representative for North Korea approach, told journalists after talks in Seoul with Kim Hong Kyun, South Korea's uncommon operator for Korean Peninsula peace and security affairs.

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