Anti - Conspiracy Law Will Stifle Society, Warns Cartoonist, 89

Anti-conspiracy law will stifle society, warns cartoonist, 89

FUKUOKA--Eighty-nine-year-old Susumu Nishiyama has first-hand experience of Japan's past mistakes and he fears that the contentious anti-conspiracy legislation, which critics say threatens free speech, could be history repeating itself.

The cartoonist is compelled to share his wartime experiences of freedom of expression being suppressed with young people to warn of the new legislation's dangers.

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Man Accused Of Attacking Elderly Man With Knife, 4 Others With Baseball Bat At Park

Man accused of attacking elderly man with knife, 4 others with baseball bat at park

MATSUDO, Chiba -- A man was arrested after allegedly attacking an elderly man with a kitchen knife and four men with a baseball bat in a park here on the morning of May 21, it has been learned.

The Matsudo Higashi Police Station responded to an emergency call shortly after 11:20 a.m. that there was "someone waving around a kitchen knife" in Kanegasaku Park. According to the police station, a man around his 70s was slashed in the back, and four men between their 40s and 60s were beaten on the head and arms with a baseball bat. The alleged attacker was arrested on the street near the park on suspicion of attempted murder by police from the station.

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Cats Falling Prey To Steel Traps In Hiroshima Pref. Harbor Made Famous By Felines

Cats falling prey to steel traps in Hiroshima Pref. harbor made famous by felines

FUKUYAMA, Hiroshima -- The cats that make this city's Tomonoura harbor district famous are getting seriously injured by steel traps, it has been learned.

Prefectural police are investigating a man who set the traps as his action could violate the Protection and Control of Wild Birds and Mammals and Hunting Management Law. He claims that the traps were set on his private property to rid the area of harmful pests, and thus do not violate the law.

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Gov't Sought To Factor Huge Foundation Work Cost In Shady Moritomo Gakuen Land Deal

Gov't sought to factor huge foundation work cost in shady Moritomo Gakuen land deal

OSAKA -- The Kinki Local Finance Bureau asked a real estate appraiser to consider incorporating a cost of 500 million yen for foundation work into the price of a site in Osaka Prefecture where a now scandal-hit education institution planned to open an elementary school, it has been learned.

The figure provided by the bureau, which operates under the Ministry of Finance, was made under the premise of a tall building being constructed, but the school that was planned by educational institution Moritomo Gakuen at the site in the Osaka Prefecture city of Toyonaka was only supposed to be three stories high in parts.

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Ex - Asdf Chief Found Guilty Of Bribing Campaign Staff

Ex-ASDF chief found guilty of bribing campaign staff

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- A district court sentenced Monday former Air Self-Defense Force chief Toshio Tamogami to 22 months in prison, suspended for five years, for making illegal payments to his campaign staff in his unsuccessful Tokyo gubernatorial bid in February 2014.

In rejecting the 68-year-old's not-guilty plea, the Tokyo District Court ruled Tamogami himself "did not come up with the idea of providing payments or lead the plan, but approved it" and ordered the amounts of some of the payments be raised.

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Fukuoka Police Nab Several Men Suspected Of Stealing Gold Worth 750 Mil. Yen

Fukuoka police nab several men suspected of stealing gold worth 750 mil. yen

FUKUOKA -- Prefectural police here arrested several men on May 22 in connection to a July 2016 theft where gold bars worth approximately 750 million yen were snatched on the street, investigative sources said.

The theft was carried out on a street in downtown Hakata Ward in Fukuoka, near the Chikushi Gate of JR Hakata Station, in July last year. A man and others were carrying roughly 160 kilograms of gold bars in briefcases to sell them to a precious metal shop nearby when they were approached by several men dressed in what appeared to be police uniforms. The men claimed to be police officers and started questioning those carrying the briefcases, saying they suspect that the items in the cases had been smuggled into Japan.

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China Says 6 Japanese Men Detained For "illegal Activities"

China says 6 Japanese men detained for

China said Monday six Japanese nationals have been detained for their suspected involvement in "illegal activities," without elaborating on the exact allegations or other details.

The confirmation of their status came after a Japanese government source first revealed that the six, all men, were detained in March, fueling speculation that they could have been held on suspicion of endangering national security, the allegation China increasingly applies to foreigners.

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3 More Climbers Die On Mt. Everest, Death Toll Reaches 6

3 more climbers die on Mt. Everest, death toll reaches 6

Rescuers on Monday spotted the body of an Indian climber on Mt. Everest, raising the confirmed death toll during the busiest mountaineering season to six, local officials said.

Ravi Kumar, 26, from Uttar Pradesh, had been missing since Saturday after making it to the top of the world's highest mountain. Earlier Monday two other climbers -- a Slovak and an Australian -- were reported to have died Sunday, raising to three the number of climbers who died at a time when more than 100 people were attempting the death-defying final stage to the peak.

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Tokyo Police Urge Go - Kart Tour Companies To Improve Safety Measures

Tokyo police urge go-kart tour companies to improve safety measures

Tokyo police requested Monday companies hosting go-kart city tours on public roads improve safety measures due to the increasing popularity of the attraction among foreign tourists.

The Metropolitan Police Department said it asked five go-kart rental companies in Tokyo to encourage patrons to wear helmets and protective gear while driving.

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Gallery: Crowds Descend On Asakusa, Tokyo For Sanja Matsuri

GALLERY: Crowds descend on Asakusa, Tokyo for Sanja Matsuri

Over the weekend the streets of Asakusa, Tokyo played host once again to one of the Japan capital’s biggest and, arguably, brashest festivals, the Sanja Matsuri (三社祭).  

Centering around the popular temple complex surrounding Asakusa Shrine and Sensō-ji in the heart of Asakusa, the festival of over 700 years is considered one three great Shinto knees ups in Tokyo (the other two being Kanda Matsuri and Hie Shrine’s Sanno Festival).  Sanja Matsuri is held annually on the third weekend (Fri - Sun) in May to honor the three men who founded Senso-ji, whose spirits now reside in Asakusa Shrine.  

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