Kake Scandal Document Does Exist, Education Ministry Admits

Kake scandal document does exist, education ministry admits

After weeks of downplay and denial, the education ministry admitted June 15 it had found 14 documents with the same or strikingly similar contents to the one that cast greater interest in the Kake Educational Institution scandal.

Hirokazu Matsuno, the education minister, held a news conference that day in which he explained the findings of a second ministry investigation and said similar documents had been found. He also apologized for having said that the first investigation had been proper and complete.

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Anti - Terror Bill Enacted

Anti-terror bill enacted

Japan's Diet has enacted a bill criminalizing the act of planning serious crimes such as terror attacks.

The Upper House of the Diet passed the bill into law on Thursday morning with a majority vote from the governing Liberal Democratic and Komeito parties along with Nippon Ishin and other lawmakers.

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Abe Vows To Prevent Terrorist Attacks

Abe vows to prevent terrorist attacks

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has vowed to stave off terrorist attacks in cooperation with the international community by swiftly concluding an international treaty designed to prevent cross-border organized crimes.

He made the comment shortly after the enactment of a bill criminalizing the act of plotting terror attacks and other organized crimes early on Thursday.

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Protests Continue Against Anti - Terror Law

Protests continue against anti-terror law

Protesters continued to voice opposition to an anti-terrorism bill passed by the Diet on Thursday. The government presented the bill, which criminalizes the act of planning serious crimes, as a deterrent to terrorist attacks.

Demonstrators who gathered near the Diet building decried how the bill was passed and its possible effects on society. The organizer said about 900 people joined the protest.

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Upper House To Discuss Kake Documents Friday

Upper House to discuss Kake documents Friday

Japan's Upper House Budget Committee will take up the matter of the controversial veterinary school documents on Friday.

On Thursday, the chairman of the main governing Liberal Democratic Party's Diet affairs committee for the Upper House, Masaji Matsuyama, discussed the timetable for deliberations with his counterpart, Kazuya Shimba, of the largest opposition Democratic Party. The current Diet session ends on Sunday.

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Yamanaka Speaks Of 10 Years From Ips Discovery

Yamanaka speaks of 10 years from iPS discovery

Kyoto University Professor Shinya Yamanaka says he will continue his research in stem cell technology to use it in treating patients. The Nobel Laureate is known for discovering iPS cells.

Yamanaka was speaking at a symposium in Boston on Wednesday to recognize progress in research and clinical application of iPS cells. It was part of the annual meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research.

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Hiroshima Mayor Talks With Un Disarmament Chief

Hiroshima Mayor talks with UN disarmament chief

The mayor of the Japanese atomic-bombed city of Hiroshima has held talks with the chief of the UN disarmament section, ahead of the second round of negotiations on a proposed international treaty to ban nuclear weapons.

Mayor Kazumi Matsui is in New York to deliver a speech at the second round of negotiations, due to open on Thursday with representatives from over 100 countries attending.

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Anger Erupts Over Ruling Bloc's 'surprise Attack' To Put 'anti - Conspiracy' Bill To Vote

Anger erupts over ruling bloc's 'surprise attack' to put 'anti-conspiracy' bill to vote

People took to the streets outside the Diet building on June 14 after anger erupted over the ruling coalition's tactics to skip a committee vote on the controversial "anti-conspiracy" legislation and send the bill directly to a plenary session of the House of Councillors for a vote.

"I've never heard of such a move. It's a surprise attack," said one of the protesters gathered near the Diet building on the night of June 14 about the ruling coalition's move to vote on the controversial bill at the plenary session without holding a vote in the committee.

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Japan's Crown Prince Leaves For 7 - Day Visit To Denmark

Japan's crown prince leaves for 7-day visit to Denmark

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Crown Prince Naruhito, the heir to the Japanese imperial throne, left Haneda airport in Tokyo on Thursday for a weeklong visit to Denmark to celebrate 150 years of diplomatic ties between the two countries.

It is the first official overseas trip for the crown prince since Japan's parliament enacted a special law last Friday to allow his father, 83-year-old Emperor Akihito, to abdicate within three years after its promulgation.

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