Sony A7iii Rumored For This Fall, Will Use The A9's Autofocus System

Sony A7III Rumored For This Fall, Will Use The A9's Autofocus System

If you're looking for a new addition to Sony's A7-series of full-frame mirrorless cameras, you might only have to wait until the coming fall. According to a report from Sony Alpha Rumors, they have heard from one of their sources that the Sony A7III camera is expected to be announced this coming fall.

To be more specific, they have put it between October and November, so we'll definitely be keeping an eye out for it then. The report also claims that the A7III will be sporting a brand new 24MP sensor and it will also come with a new autofocus system, both of which are apparently based on the Sony A9 which was announced earlier this year.

Youtube Reacts To Sony Xperia Xz Premium

YouTube reacts to Sony Xperia XZ PremiumSony Xperia XZ Premium has been available in some countries for a little over a week now and we’ve seen some great reaction from across the web.
If you’ve yet to get hands-on with our latest smartphone, we’ve pulled together a few unboxing / review films from some of our favourite YouTube channels to give you a taste of what you can expect, including an in-depth look at one of our favourite features – Super slow motion – from the team at Tech Radar.

Sony Apparently 'refused' A Cross-platform Minecraft

Sony Apparently 'Refused' A Cross-Platform Minecraft

During E3 2017 yesterday, Microsoft announced that Minecraft would be cross-platform compatible, in which gamers on different gaming platforms such as mobile, PC, or console, will be able to play with each other. This covered pretty much every console out there, including the Nintendo Switch.

However one console was missing from that list and it was none other than the Sony PS4. While Sony has yet to confirm, a tweet by Windows Central's Jez Corden revealed that Sony had apparently "refused". In an article by GamesBeat, they approached Microsoft as to why the PS4 wasn't included in the list.

Sony Playstation Video App For Android Tv Released

Sony PlayStation Video App For Android TV Released

Sony’s PlayStation Video app is a great resource if you want to watch movies and TV shows that you have already purchased through the PlayStation Store. Android TV feels like a natural home for this app as it will enable users to view that content on the biggest screen in their home. Sony has figured that out as well which is why the company has released the PlayStation Video app for Android TV.

The app provides users with instant access to their PS Video library so that they can start streaming any and all movies and TV shows that they have previously purchased. They can also purchase new titles directly from the app on Android TV.

Sony: What Is The Future Of Mobile Entertainment?

Sony: What is the future of mobile entertainment?XZ Premium is packed with cutting-edge technologies including a 4K HDR screen for unprecedented video playback quality. Earlier in the year the BRAVIA team talked us through what 4K HDR actually means, and we revealed that for the first time ever on a smartphone, XZ Premium users will be able to enjoy 4K HDR content from Amazon Prime Video. So now 4K HDR technology and content is available on XZ Premium what does this mean for the future of entertainment?

Sony Releases Real Madrid Live Wallpaper

Sony releases Real Madrid live wallpaperSony Mobile has released a Real Madrid themed live wallpaper, celebrating the clubs historic European Champions League victory last week. The wallpaper features panning footage of the stadium, including real fan footage. The live wallpaper can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Sony Confirms Limited Edition Gold Playstation 4 Slim

Sony Confirms Limited Edition Gold PlayStation 4 SlimOver the past week, we’ve seen a couple of leaks which suggested that Sony is preparing to launch a new color option for the PlayStation 4 Slim. Leaked images showed that the console was going to be offered in gold color. Now you might think that this is an unorthodox color choice for a gaming console but Sony thinks there’s going to be demand for it. Sony has officially announced the limited edition gold PlayStation 4 Slim.

Sony Develops Back-illuminated Time-of-flight Image Sensor

Sony Develops Back-Illuminated Time-of-Flight Image Sensor With the Industry’s Smallest Pixel PitchSony has developed a back-illuminated time-of-flight (ToF) image sensor with a 10µm pixel pitch, the industry’s smallest. This accomplishment was made possibly combining the ToF image sensor technology of Softkinetic and Sony’s back-illuminated CMOS image sensor technology. With ToF technology, the distance to an object is measured by the time it takes for light from a light source to reach the object and reflect back to the sensor. ToF image sensors detect distance information for every pixel, resulting in highly accurate depth maps.

Sony Announces The Development Of Next-generation Cinealta 36x24mm Full Frame Motion Picture Camera System

Sony announces the development of Next-Generation CineAlta 36x24mm Full Frame Motion Picture Camera System  –  Sony


Sony Electronics is announcing plans for its next-generation CineAlta digital motion picture camera system. This latest addition to the CineAlta family is being developed through careful research and close collaboration with creative professionals including Directors, Cinematographers and Digital Imaging Technicians. Through the implementation of features demanded by the industry, Sony is demonstrating its commitment to innovation and the creative freedom needed for feature filmmaking and production.

Sony Expands High Speed Storage Lineup With Enhanced Hard Disk Drives

Sony Expands High Speed Storage Lineup with Enhanced Hard Disk DrivesSony’s newest hard disk drives expand its growing line of portable storage choices, delivering faster speeds, greater connectivity, increased reliability and enhanced durability. The new 1TB and 2TB HDDs are designed for any professional use requiring memory card backup and ingest in the field or office, including education, corporate, government, broadcast and production applications.

Sony Continues Evolution Of Digital Paper With Enhanced Second-generation Technology

Sony Continues Evolution of Digital Paper with Enhanced Second-Generation TechnologyThe second generation of Sony’s Digital Paper (model DPT-RP1) gives users a better document reading, annotating and note-taking experience. New updates include an easier-to-read high-resolution display, a more responsive touch panel, precise handwritten note-taking capabilities and wireless document transfer to a PC or MAC — all packaged in a sleek new device design.

Sony: From Her To Here: The Voice Behind Xperia Ear

Sony: From Her to here: The voice behind Xperia EarXperia Ear is the in-ear ‘hearable’ that went from concept to reality when it launched in November last year. Not much bigger than a regular earphone, this tiny box of tricks helps users stay up to date with their schedule, make and receive calls, and plenty more. Hands-free, eyes free, Xperia Ear is really interesting from a design perspective.

Sony Reveals Xperia Xz Premium And Xa1 Ultra Us Prices And Release Dates

Sony Reveals Xperia XZ Premium and XA1 Ultra US Prices and Release Dates

Sony announced a slew of new devices during this year’s edition of MWC, but some of them weren't released in all markets. Now, the company revealed pricing and release dates for the Xperia XZ Premium, Xperia Touch, and Xperia XA1 Ultra.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium will be made available in the US starting June 12, 2017. The smartphone will arrive for pre-order at Amazon and Best Buy, while the release will take place one week later, on June 19. Users in the US will get the opportunity to buy the phone unlocked through Amazon, Best Buy, Fry’s and other retailers which weren’t mentioned in the press release.

New Firmware Is Available For Sony Playstation 4 Consoles - Get Version 4.70

New Firmware Is Available for Sony PlayStation 4 Consoles - Get Version 4.70

Just now, Sony has made available the download links for the new 4.70 system software update developed for its PlayStation 4 gaming consoles, which allows players to view match results for each player in tournaments and improves the system’s overall performance.

If you intend to make use of this new release, first ensure that your PS4’s currently installed firmware isn’t either newer or matching version 4.70, and only afterward save the appropriate .PUP file.