New Suzuki Swift Aimed Squarely At Mazda 2, June Launch Confirmed – Update

New Suzuki Swift aimed squarely at Mazda 2, June launch confirmed – UPDATE

UPDATE, 24/4/17: The company’s Australian arm has now confirmed a June debut for the 2017 Suzuki Swift. Pricing and details will be confirmed closer to launch.

Suzuki Australia says it expects the brand new Swift, due in June this year, to battle the Mazda 2 for sales supremacy in the private (non-fleet) part of the market.

Perk Up Your Mazda Miata With Bbr's New 248-horsepower Turbo Kit

Perk up your Mazda Miata with BBR's new 248-horsepower turbo kitFor three decades, enthusiasts have argued whether the Mazda MX-5 Miata needs more power. For its part, Mazda seems fine with leaving the Miata as is, even reducing the horsepower from the third- to fourth-generation models, though the car lost a little weight. That's where tuners like BBR in the UK and Flyin' Miata here in the US step in, offering aftermarket solutions for those that crave a little more grunt. BBR announced today that its new 248-horsepower Stage 1 turbo kit is ready and waiting for the new 2.0-liter-powered ND Miatas, including the new Miata RF.

One-millionth Mazda Mx-5 Comes Home

One-Millionth Mazda MX-5 Comes HomeMazda Motor Corporation announced today that the One-Millionth Mazda MX-5, a commemorative model celebrating the production of 1 million units of Mazda's iconic two-seater convertible sports car, has returned home after a year-long tour that saw the model exhibited at fan-facing events around the globe. The car arrived back at the company's Hiroshima headquarters on April 7.

Good News For Mazda Miata Racers

Good News For Mazda Miata Racers

The Mazda MX-5 Miata may be dismissed by those who don't know better as a “chick car,” which is a bit of a shame considering that it's one of the best-handling rear-drive roadsters on the market.

But it's not just appreciated by fans on the road. It's hugely popular on the race track as well. And to those for whom Miata means racing, Mazda has made two small announcements that could mean the world to some weekend warriors.

Buy A 2016 Mazda Mx-5 And Save Up To $2,000

Buy A 2016 Mazda MX-5 And Save Up To $2,000

Prospective Mazda MX-5 owners in the U.S. will be rejoicing following news that the company is offering up to $2,000 off for last year’s model.

Cars Direct has discovered that from April 4, Mazda started offering a $1,500 bonus for 2016 examples of rear-wheel drive sports car in a number of western states including California. Alongside this bonus, there is the potential for current Mazda owners to save a further $500 thanks to a special loyalty bonus.

Mazda Mx-5 Rf Wins Best Prize At 2017 Red Dot Awards

Mazda MX-5 RF wins best prize at 2017 Red Dot grantsThe new Mazda MX-5 RF has won the "Red Dot: Best of the Best" prize at the 2017 Red Dot item configuration grants, and with it yet another plume in the top for Mazda and its KODO – Soul of Motion styling. The one of a kind two-seater retractable fastback along these lines copies the accomplishment of its fourth-era MX-5 delicate top kin, which took away a similar honor in 2015.

Arrange The New Mazda Cx-5 From £23,695 In Uk

Order The New Mazda CX-5 From £23,695 In UK

After making its European presentation at the Geneva Motor Show, the new era Mazda CX-5 is currently on its approach to UK dealers.

It will go discounted locally beginning June 30th, as clients will get the opportunity to pick between two trim levels: SE-L Nav and Sport Nav.

Our Mazda Mx-5 Miata Has The Best Engine Straight In The Business

Our Mazda MX-5 Miata has the best engine gulf in the business

One of the things that is really baffling about current automobiles is the way by which they all cover their advancement under a famous bushel. You pop the hood, and nine times out of 10, you're gone up against with some measure of dull plastic disguising the utilitarian bits. On a couple automobiles the plastic covers irrefutably the base to have a "respectable" engine. Others have each tank, hose, wire and screw secured under a layer of smooth plastic. Few encapsulate this practice better than anything engine strait of the current Lexus LS 460, seen underneath. If Lexus was this embarrassed about its engine, conceivably it should have essentially impacted the hood shut.