Ces 2017: Mazda Cx-5's Hud Projects Image On Windshield

CES 2017: Mazda CX-5's HUD Projects Image on WindshieldMazda Motor Corp employed a head-up display (HUD) that projects an image on the windshield for the new "CX-5" SUV (sport utility vehicle) in the aim of improving visibility.
This is the first time that Mazda has used such a windshield projection-type HUD for its vehicle designed for the Japanese market, the company said. The new CX-5 is scheduled to be released Feb 2, 2017.

Mazda Cx-3 And Cx-5 Bringing Sporty Capes To Tokyo

Mazda CX-3 And CX-5 Bringing Sporty Capes To TokyoThe new Mazda CX-5 may have only debuted four weeks ago, but the Japanese company hasn't wasted any time in making it even more head-turning.
The CX-5 Custom Style has been created for next month's Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 and, while it isn't known if it will reach the production line, it is easy to differentiate from the base model.

Mazda Reveals Two Special Mx-5's For Tokyo Auto Salon

Mazda Reveals Two Special MX-5's For Tokyo Auto SalonMazda has unveiled a pair of distinctive MX-5 roadsters which it will debut at next month's Tokyo Auto Salon.
The first of the pair is dubbed the RF Custom Style and is based around the fastback model of the popular sports car. Compared to the standard car however, it receives a number of new style touches including a low-slung front splitter and blacked-out side skirts.

Mazda Cools Up Mx-5 With New Arctic Edition For The Uk

Mazda Cools Up MX-5 With New Arctic Edition For The UKMazda's latest MX-5 wears the 'Arctic' tag and comes with some cool visual updates.
Based on the SE-L Nav grade and equipped with the 131 PS (129 HP) 1.5-liter engine, the special edition is offered in a limited number of just 400 units in the United Kingdom, priced from £20,995 ($26,585).

Mazda Begins Cx-3 Production At Hofu Plant

Mazda Begins CX-3 Production at Hofu PlantMazda Motor Corporation announced today that the company began production of the Mazda CX-3 subcompact crossover SUV yesterday at Hofu Plant No.1 in Yamaguchi, Japan. The move strengthens the automaker's supply system for SUV vehicles, demand for which continues to grow globally.

Mazda's New Pm-18 Ready To Speed Down The Road To Indy

Mazda's New PM-18 Ready To Speed Down The Road To IndyNo matter what the racing discipline, aspiring drivers don't simply show up to a race at the top level and start competing. Most have a whole ladder set up to nurture up-and-coming talents, like the Road to Indy program – which includes the Pro Mazda Championship that's introducing the new single-seater you see here.

Mazda Has No Plans For An Rx-9, Despite Ongoing Rotary Development

Mazda has no plans for an RX-9, despite ongoing rotary developmentWe know Mazda is capable of making wonderful cars in any form or bodystyle. It also likes to tease enthusiasts with promising concepts like the stunning RX-Vision. In news that's sure to raise the ire of enthusiasts around the world, it seems the automaker has no plans to follow through with a production version of that beautiful, Soul Red coupe. In fact, it doesn't look like Mazda is interested in building any sports car that would slot above the Miata.

Mazda Australia Will Load Its New Cx-5 With More Standard Features

Mazda Australia will load its new CX-5 with more standard featuresThe all-new 2017 Mazda CX-5 will hit Australia in the first half of next year, and you can expect Mazda to build on the sales and marketing model that has seen the mid-sized SUV sell so successfully here since launching in 2012.
At an end-of-year wrap for what has been another successful 12 months for the brand in Australia, Mazda committed to improving upon the CX-5’s standard offering.

All-new Mazda Cx-5 Looks Delicious In Mps Attire

All-New Mazda CX-5 Looks Delicious In MPS AttireAmong the most significant world premieres at the Los Angeles Auto show was certainly the latest-generation Mazda CX-5.
With styling closely mimicking that of the larger CX-9, the stylish mid-size SUV received a lot of attention and rightly so. But what could make the new CX-5 even more impressive? A high-performance MPS variant, of course!

Subaru, Toyota And Mazda Increasing Ev Development

Subaru, Toyota And Mazda Increasing EV DevelopmentJapanese automakers Subaru, Mazda and Toyota are all ramping up the development of electric vehicles despite their previous hesitations about such models.
As recently announced, Toyota, which has long pursued hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, is turning its attention towards electric models, already preparing to launch an in-house venture company to develop them. Mazda meanwhile plans to launch its first EV in 2019 while Subaru will do the same in 2021.

Production Of All-new Mazda Cx-5 Begins In Japan

Production of all-new Mazda CX-5 begins in JapanMazda started production of the all-new Mazda CX-5 yesterday at Ujina Plant No. 2 near the company’s global headquarters in Hiroshima. The compact SUV recently unveiled at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show will go on sale in Japan in February before being rolled out in other markets around the world.

Mazda Announces Overview Of New 'cx-5' Suv

Mazda Announces Overview of New 'CX-5' SUVMazda Motor Corp announced the overview of the new "CX-5" SUV (sport utility vehicle) to be unveiled at Los Angeles Auto Show 2016, which is open to the public from Nov 18 to 27, 2016.
The CX-5 is scheduled to be released in Japan in February 2017 and in North America, Europe, etc after that.