Hitachi And Honda Sign Mou Aiming To Establish A Joint Venture Company For Electric Vehicle Motors

Hitachi and Honda Sign MoU Aiming to Establish a Joint Venture Company for Electric Vehicle MotorsHitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd., and Honda Motor Co., Ltd., today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding ("MoU") on Feb. 3, aiming to establish a joint venture company for the development, manufacture and sales of motors for electric vehicles. The two companies now will conduct formal discussions regarding the establishment of the new company.

Hitachi Maxell's Led Lantern Powered By Water, Salt

Hitachi Maxell's LED Lantern Powered by Water, SaltHitachi Maxell Ltd will release an LED-based lantern that generates electricity by using water and salt Jan 25, 2017.
The lantern, "Mizusion," emits light because magnesium alloy, oxygen in the air and salt water function as a negative electrode, positive electrode and electrolyte, respectively, and generate electricity.

Hitachi Develops Lens-less, Ultra-slim Camera

Hitachi Develops Lens-less, Ultra-slim CameraHitachi Ltd developed a new image-sensing technology to reduce the size and cost of cameras for its "social innovation" business.
With the new technology, the company aims to take images in more locations, collect them as data, analyze them by using AI (artificial intelligence), etc and use them as valuable data.

Hitachi Walk-through Type Explosives Trace Detection System

Hitachi walk-through type explosives trace detection systemHitachi will begin providing walk-through type explosives trace detection system for critical infrastructure facilities such as power plants and data centers from this October. The system detects explosives in 3 seconds by efficiently collecting the fine particles attached on ID cards and analyzing them with built-in devices.

Hitachi Zosen Receives Order For Solid Polymer-type Hydrogen Generator

Hitachi Zosen Receives Order for Solid Polymer-type Hydrogen GeneratorHitachi Zosen Corp announced Sept 15, 2016, that it has received an order for hydrogen production equipment from Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).
The hydrogen production capacity of the equipment, "Hydrospring," is 5Nm3/h. Hitachi Zosen will deliver it to Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute of AIST (FREA) in January 2017.

Hitachi Starts Trials Of Emiew3 Humanoid Robot At Haneda Airport

Hitachi starts trials of EMIEW3 humanoid robot at Haneda airportHitachi Ltd. started trials of its EMIEW3 humanoid robot at Tokyo's Haneda airport on Friday to aid foreign visitors to Japan.
During the trials through December in the domestic Terminal 2 at the airport, the robot will communicate with passengers in Japanese and English at a designated information center and display relevant information.

Hitachi Develops High Performance Data Processing Technology

Hitachi develops high performance data processing technology increasing data analytics speed by up to 100 timesHitachi today announced the development of a database management system optimized for the high-speed embedded memory in the hardware (FPGA) and technology for high performance parallel data processing in FPGAs. Using these technologies, speed of data analytics was successfully increased by up to a maximum of 100 times compared with not using these technologies.

Hitachi All-solid Li-ion Battery Works Without Pressure

Hitachi All-solid Li-ion Battery Works Without PressureHitachi Zosen Corp developed an all-solid lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery using a sulfide-based solid electrolyte.
The mainstream of the current Li-ion rechargeable batteries is filled with liquid electrolyte. Because organic materials are used for the liquid electrolyte, there are problems related to durability and safety.