Nikon Director Of Development: 'if Nikon Will Go Mirrorless, It Must Be Full-frame'

Nikon Director of Development: 'If Nikon will go mirrorless, it must be full-frame'

We've known for some time now that Nikon is working on a mirrorless camera—in fact, Nikon confirmed this to DPReview directly. But one question has remained tantalizingly unanswered: will it be a full-frame system, or simply an evolution of the old 1-inch Nikon 1 system?

The answer, at least according to one high-level Nikon director, seems to be what we were all hoping for. The mirrorless camera will be full-frame.

The D850 Should Dismiss The Idea That Nikon Is On The Ropes

The D850 should dismiss the idea that Nikon is on the ropes

To be clear, I've not done much more than handle the D850 so far. Until we've spent a lot more time testing the camera, we won't know whether it's as good as its specs suggest it should be. But if it can deliver on a significant proportion of this promise, it'll be one hell of a camera. That would make Nikon look like a company fresh for the next round, rather than unsteady on its feet and heading for the canvas.

True enough, it's been a difficult couple of years for Nikon. The company's mirrorless 1 System never seem to have found its audience, at least not based on the limited US and European sales figures I've seen. The company has had an awkward run of very public recalls and apparent lapses in quality assurance and control: from oil spots in the D600, to battery recalls and faulty shutters on some D750s. To compound these woes, the company generated a lot of excitement with the announcement of the DL series: a trio of 1" sensor compacts that got as far as the company's paid pros before Nikon was forced to cancel the project due to problems with the processors.

The Nikon D850 Can Scan Film Using The New Es-2 Digitizing Adapter

The Nikon D850 can scan film using the new ES-2 digitizing adapter

There's a neat trick baked into the new Nikon D850 that you may not have noticed yet. Hidden away among the many features broken down in the D850 announcement is this line:

Negative/Positive Scanning: With the optional ES-2 Film Digitizing Adapter and compatible Micro-NIKKOR lens, the camera enables super high-resolution digitizing of 35mm slides or negatives and converts them in-camera to positives

Nikon D850 Offers 45.7mp Bsi Fx-format Sensor, 7 Fps Bursts, 4k Video

Nikon D850Nikon appears to have pulled out all the stops for its D850, announced today. It combines high resolution and speed: a full-frame 45.7MP BSI CMOS sensor with no low pass filter capable of full resolution 7 fps bursts with AF/AE (boosted to 9 fps when paired with the optional MB-D18 battery grip and EN-EL18a/b battery). The D850 also offers the D5's excellent 153-point AF system, as well as a native ISO range of 64-25,600 (expandable to 32 or up to 102,400).

The D850 also improves on the D810's video offerings with the inclusion of full-frame 4K 24/25/30p capture. Focus peaking (1080p-only) and zebra stripes are provided for videographers, as well as uncompressed 4:2:2 8-bit 4K HDMI output and microphone/headphone inputs.

Throwback Thursday: The Nikon D700

Throwback Thursday: the Nikon D700Back in 2007 (yes, that really was 10 years ago), the D3 made quite a splash in the digital camera world. It was Nikon's first ever full-frame DSLR, and while it couldn't compete with Canon's EOS-1Ds Mark III in terms of resolution, it did come with some of the best low-light performance around.

Nikon D850 Press Release Photos Leaked Ahead Of Announcement

Nikon D850 Press Release Photos Leaked Ahead Of Announcement

The Nikon D850 exists and we know that because back in July, Nikon confirmed that they are working on it and that the camera is expected to be the successor to the Nikon D810 from a few years ago. However apart from that confirmation, things like specs and also photos of the camera have yet to be revealed, or at least until now.

The folks at Nikon Rumors have recently managed to get their hands on a bunch of photos that appear to be part of the press release that Nikon is expected to put out in the near future, meaning that this is as official as it gets. According to Nikon, the D850 will be a full-frame camera, but the company stopped short of actually sharing specs like megapixel count, shooting speeds, and so on.

Nikon Delays 100th Anniversary D5, D500 And Lenses Over Logo Printing Issue

Nikon delays 100th Anniversary D5, D500 and lenses over logo printing issue

Nikon has delayed the shipment of its 100th Anniversary D5 and D500 sets due to an issue with the logo printing process that may result in the logo peeling off. Nikon Japan revealed the delay in a newly issued apology advising customers that they will have to wait for shipments to resume in late October 2017. However, the company will continue to accept new orders for the commemorative sets until August 31st.

According to the notice from Nikon, the logo printed onto the sets' metal case was, in some cases, peeling off. The issue will be remedied and cases with properly printed logos will be shipped starting again in about two months. The temporary shipment delay affects all three products: the D5 100th Anniversary set, the D500 100th Anniversary set, and the Nikkor F2.8 Zoom Triple Lens 100th Anniversary set.

Canon Beats Nikon To Get Eisa's Pro Dslr Award For 3rd Year Running

Canon beats Nikon to get EISA's Pro DSLR award for 3rd year running

Canon's EOS 5D Mk IV has won the European Imaging and Sound Association's (EISA) Professional DSLR of the Year award, making this the third year in a row that the brand has beaten Nikon to the top spot in the professional camera category. Neither company, though, managed to come out as well as Sony, which won a total of six titles for is compact system range.

One of Sony's titles was the prestigious European Camera of the Year award—a prize the company hasn't won in nine years—which went to the a9.

New Nikon D850 Photo Leaked

New Nikon D850 Photo Leaked

If you're a photographer who is in the market for a new professional DSLR, or a hobbyist looking for more "serious" gear, then you might have heard that Nikon has a new camera in the works in the form of the Nikon D850, which the company has confirmed is real and does exist, although specs and design remain a bit of a mystery for now.

However thanks to images uploaded and shared on the forums (via Nikon Rumors) by user Hel_NiS, a p photo of the camera has found its way online. Unfortunately this photo does not show us the complete look of the camera, but for the most part it doesn't look like Nikon will be changing the design of the camera too much.

Leaked Translated Nikon D850 Slides Confirms Its Specs

Leaked Translated Nikon D850 Slides Confirms Its Specs

While Nikon might have confirmed that they are working on the Nikon D850 camera, apart from it being a full-frame camera that is the successor to the D810, the company stopped short of sharing the specs and features that we might be able to expect. However thanks to leaked slides, we might know more about the camera already.

The slides were posted in Chinese but a translation by Nikon Rumors has confirmed some of the camera's specs. For starters the camera will feature a 45.7MP sensor which is in line with the earlier rumors that suggested anywhere between 45-46MP. The slides also confirm a 3.2-inch touchscreen LCD display that can be tilted.

Nikon Confirms They Will Make A 'serious' Mirrorless Camera System

Nikon Confirms They Will Make A 'Serious' Mirrorless Camera System

Nikon's mirrorless camera systems while not terrible, are definitely not that amazing either, leaving companies like Sony to command a huge share of the mirrorless camera market. However in a recent interview with Yahoo Japan (via Mirrorless Rumors), the company reiterated their plans to make a "serious" mirrorless camera system.

Note that the interview was done in Japanese which means that something could be lost in translation, however this is not the first time that we have heard about Nikon's plans to improve on its mirrorless lineup. Back in July an interview with Nikon President Kazuo Ushida revealed the company's plans to make a mirrorless system that will be able to beat the competition.

More Alleged Nikon D850 Features/specifications Leaked

More Alleged Nikon D850 Features/Specifications Leaked

The Nikon D850 is a camera that Nikon has recently confirmed that they are working on. However despite the company making it announcement of the camera official, they have not really revealed much about it, save for the fact that it will be a full-frame camera that is also meant to be the successor to the D810.

That being said, the folks at Nikon Rumors have recently published a bunch of specs and features of the upcoming camera that will hopefully be proven true. Starting with what we've heard so far, the D850 is said to feature a 46MP full frame CMOS sensor and shares the same AF system as the Nikon D850.

Nikon D850 Rumored To Be The 'baby' Version Of The D5

Nikon D850 Rumored To Be The 'Baby' Version Of The D5

So Nikon has confirmed that they have a new DSLR camera in the works in the form of the Nikon D850. This is supposed to be the successor to the Nikon D810 that was released several years ago, but apart from the camera featuring a full-frame sensor, not much is known about it save for some rumored specs and features.

Unfortunately it seems that we will still have to wait for Nikon to unveil more details, but in the meantime the folks at Nikon Rumors have published some additional details about the camera, which according to them will basically result in the D850 being a "baby" version of the D5, which is one of Nikon's higher-end cameras.

Nikon And Canon Japan Both Announce Delays For Upcoming Dslrs

Nikon and Canon Japan both announce delays for upcoming DSLRs

Both Nikon Japan and Canon Japan have warned users that forthcoming DSLRs will be hit by delays: The 100th anniversary edition of the Nikon D5 and the Canon 6D Mark II kit with the EF 24-70mm F4L lens are both going to arrive at your door later than expected.

According to a statement on Nikon's website, the 100th anniversary edition of Nikon's D5 has been put back by a couple of weeks from July 28th to ‘early August' while final adjustments are made. The company promises to inform users of the new release date once it is determined.