Sumo: Kisenosato's Spring Basho Win 'memory Of A Lifetime'

Sumo: Kisenosato's Spring basho win 'memory of a lifetime'

OSAKA (Kyodo) - Yokozuna Kisenosato said Monday the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament will leave an everlasting memory, however he stays modest as he understands his self-improvement as a sumo wrestler will stop the minute he permits himself to lay on his shrubs.

New Yokozuna Kisenosato Wins Emperor's Cup

New Yokozuna Kisenosato wins Emperor's Cup

In sumo, as of late progressed Yokozuna or astounding champion Kisenosato uncovered from a shortage to win his second Emperor's Cup in a row.

Kisenosato vanquished Ozeki or champion Terunofuji to even their records at 13 wins and 2 mishaps on Sunday, the most recent day of the championship.

Sumo: Yokozuna Kisenosato Denies Terunofuji To Win Spring Title

Sumo: Yokozuna Kisenosato denies Terunofuji to win Spring title

Taped-up yokozuna Kisenosato battled against famous misfortune to win the Spring Grand Sumo rivalry in passionate outline, smashing in-edge ozeki Terunofuji twice on Sunday and transforming into the primary as of late lifted yokozuna to win a title in 22 years.

After bearing a tumble to one side shoulder on Friday, Kisenosato was insufficient the following day, when his second in succession disaster allowed Terunofuji to stand out. Requiring a win on Sunday to even their records at 13-2 and oblige a title playoff, Kisenosato by some methods survived while his adversary slipped to the surface.

Sumo: Harumafuji Hands Kisenosato First Thrashing At Spring Tourney

Sumo: Harumafuji hands Kisenosato first annihilation at Spring competition

Yokozuna Harumafuji sent Kisenosato tumbling down the ring to his first thrashing as yokozuna - and left him with a damage - on Friday, the thirteenth day of the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament, where ozeki Terunofuji now imparts the lead likewise to one defeat.

Harumafuji (10-3) left Kisenosato reeling with a solid low charge and the Mongolian didn't let his adversary move out, pounding the debutant yokozuna out and off the ring in the day's last bout.

Kisenosato Retaliates For Latest Loss

Kisenosato vindicates latest misfortuneWhen Kisenosato won the New Year competition with a 14-1 record, his exclusive imperfection went ahead the ninth day against then individual ozeki Kotoshogiku.
Now a yokozuna, Kisenosato proceeded with his rush a moment straight title by dealing with his enemy to remain undefeated on the ninth day of the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka on Monday.

Kisenosato Keeps Record Unblemished

Kisenosato keeps record unblemishedYokozuna Kisenosato was the last to venture into the ring on the center day of the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka on Sunday. One of three yokozuna remaining, he finished the eighth day as one of two undefeated wrestlers.
Kisenosato hoped to have it simple by rapidly getting No. 3 maegashira Shohozan (1-7) on the edge, before the maegashira made what appeared to be a rebound. Shohozan got both hands on Kisenosato's belt, yet couldn't drive the greater man out of the ring. The yokozuna, detecting the risk, attempted to toss down Shohozan with his left arm. At the point when that didn't work, Kisenosato then attempted to toss down the maegashira with his right arm, at last prevailing to the endorsement of the crowd.

Kisenosato Keeps Cool, Nabs 2nd Win

Kisenosato keeps cool, nabs 2nd winWith all eyes on Kisenosato, the new yokozuna made sure not to disappoint on the second day of the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka on Monday.
Kisenosato took on komusubi Shodai, conqueror of yokozuna Hakuho on the first day, and appeared to be in trouble early in the bout. The yokozuna was pushed to the edge of the ring, but then set his feet to gain leverage, pushing back with authority. Turning the tables, Kisenosato sent Shodai (1-1) flying out of the ring for his second win.

Hakuho Aims To Steal Back Spotlight

Hakuho aims to steal back spotlightAs Kisenosato makes his debut at sumo’s top rank today at the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka, fellow yokozuna Hakuho is ready to steal the spotlight that had previously shone so brightly on him.
The tournament is the first in 17 years with a quartet of yokozuna in the rankings. Hakuho has held the rank for nearly 10 years since earning promotion following the Summer tournament in 2007.

Kisenosato To Debut As 4th Yokozuna

Kisenosato to debut as 4th yokozunaKisenosato held up the freshly printed ranking sheet and, seeing his name in the largest and boldest letters — reflecting his promotion to sumo’s highest rank — grasped the expectations that lie ahead.
“[As a yokozuna], the definitive criteria is to be in the battle for the championship,” Kisenosato said Monday, following the release by the Japan Sumo Association of the official rankings for next month’s Spring Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka.

Authentic Sumo Hot Pot That Nurtures Mightiest Champion Lands In Hong Kong

Authentic sumo hot pot that nurtures mightiest champion lands in Hong KongMore than 1,000 Japanese restaurants call Hong Kong home, but the newest one may be a bit special to one of the nation's finest athletes -- and to the government in Tokyo.
The eatery was brought over by a record-holding sumo wrestling grand champion, Hakuho Sho, who made a rare visit to the Chinese territory Tuesday for the debut of a restaurant that specializes in an authentic hot pot dish that nurtured his career, body and strength.

Sumo: Kisenosato To Be Named 72nd Yokozuna Wednesday

Sumo: Kisenosato to be named 72nd yokozuna WednesdayOzeki Kisenosato is set to become the first Japanese-born yokozuna in 19 years after a Japan Sumo Association (JSA) advisory body recommended his promotion on Monday.
Kisenosato will be named the 72nd yokozuna, the first born in Japan since Wakanohana in 1998, at an extraordinary JSA board meeting Wednesday as a formality, after the rankings for the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament are decided.

After Years Of Persistence, Kisenosato Ready To Rise To Sumo's Pinnacle

After years of persistence, Kisenosato ready to rise to sumo's pinnacleSumo Ozeki Kisenosato shored up his hopes of being promoted to the top rank of yokozuna after winning the January Grand Sumo Tournament, felling Yokozuna Hakuho on the tournament's final day on Jan. 22.
The 30-year-old grappler, whose real name is Yutaka Hagiwara, finished the 15-day tournament at Tokyo's Kokugikan sumo venue with a 14-1 record. In his victory interview, the Ibaraki Prefecture native, who belongs to the Tagonoura stable, was unable to hold back his tears of joy.

Sumo: New Year Champ Kisenosato Beats Hakuho, Set For Yokozuna

Sumo: New Year champ Kisenosato beats Hakuho, set for yokozunaOzeki Kisenosato came one step closer to becoming yokozuna as he twisted down hard-shoving Mongolian grand champion Hakuho on Sunday, the final day of the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament.
The win was the icing on the cake for Kisenosato (14-1), who had secured his maiden championship the previous day, and gave an added boost to the 30-year-old Ibaraki Prefecture native's chances of reaching sumo's pinnacle rank.