Japan All The Rage In Asian Craze For Snaps Before Nuptials

Japan all the rage in Asian craze for snaps before nuptials

The photos of the brides and grooms set against the backdrop of Japanese landmarks looked great, but wait--the couples haven't got hitched yet.

"Pre-wedding photography" is all the rage across Asia, where families of the betrothed set great stock in showing off snaps for guests to admire on the Big Day.

Gallery: Crowds Descend On Asakusa, Tokyo For Sanja Matsuri

GALLERY: Crowds descend on Asakusa, Tokyo for Sanja Matsuri

Over the weekend the streets of Asakusa, Tokyo played host once again to one of the Japan capital’s biggest and, arguably, brashest festivals, the Sanja Matsuri (三社祭).  

Centering around the popular temple complex surrounding Asakusa Shrine and Sensō-ji in the heart of Asakusa, the festival of over 700 years is considered one three great Shinto knees ups in Tokyo (the other two being Kanda Matsuri and Hie Shrine’s Sanno Festival).  Sanja Matsuri is held annually on the third weekend (Fri - Sun) in May to honor the three men who founded Senso-ji, whose spirits now reside in Asakusa Shrine.  

Katsuo Festival Held In Kochi

'Katsuo Festival' held in Kochi

An annual event to taste the regional fish specialty of katsuo, or bonito, was held in Kochi Prefecture, western Japan, on Sunday.

The "Katsuo Festival" in Nakatosa Town offers people the season's first bonito when the catch reaches its peak.

Sumo: Hakuho, Harumafuji Still Tied For Lead At Summer Sumo

Sumo: Hakuho, Harumafuji still tied for lead at Summer sumo

Hakuho put on another sumo clinic on Sunday to stay unbeaten and tied for the lead with fellow Mongolian grand champion Harumafuji after eight days of action at the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament.

Hakuho oozed class in his bout against struggling Kotoshogiku (1-7) at Ryogoku Kokugikan, quickly taking the sekiwake down with a textbook pulling overarm throw to move to 8-0 at the 15-day meet in Tokyo.

Princess Mako's Wedding Planned For Next Year: Sources

Princess Mako's wedding planned for next year: sources

The Imperial Household Agency is planning to hold Princess Mako and her university sweetheart Kei Komuro's wedding next year, sources close to the agency have revealed.

As well as deciding where the couple will live after marriage, there are many ceremonial rites that the agency and the couple must undertake before the wedding of a member of the Imperial Family, and the agency has judged that it is impossible to complete the process within the year.

Sumo: Kisenosato Rebounds To Get 3-peat Bid Back On Track

Sumo: Kisenosato rebounds to get 3-peat bid back on track

Yokozuna Kisenosato dug in deep to get his faltering bid for a third straight championship title back on track with a win over second-ranked maegashira Chiyoshoma at the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament on Thursday.

Looking to rebound from a shock second defeat Wednesday, Kisenosato (3-2) had his hands full as Chiyoshoma got himself into a good position and twice attempted to take the grand champion out with backward leg trips at Ryogoku Kokugikan.

Sumo: Kisenosato Crashes Again To Fall 2 Wins Back At Summer Meet

Sumo: Kisenosato crashes again to fall 2 wins back at Summer meet

Kisenosato crashed to a second defeat at the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament after the yokozuna was upset by top-ranked maegashira Endo on the fourth day of action Wednesday.

Kisenosato, who is gunning for a third straight title and second as yokozuna, was made to pay for not finishing off Endo at Ryogoku Kokugikan, dropping two wins off the pace.

Sumo: Kisenosato Ekes Out 2nd Win As Hakuho, Harumafuji Stay Perfect

Sumo: Kisenosato ekes out 2nd win as Hakuho, Harumafuji stay perfect

Kisenosato survived a scare and squeezed out his second win of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament on Tuesday, while fellow yokozuna Hakuho and Harumafuji kept their perfect record intact after three days.

Still nursing the left upper arm and chest injury he suffered at the Spring tourney in March, Kisenosato was on the back foot throughout against a spirited No. 1 maegashira Chiyonokuni (1-2), who handed yokozuna Kakuryu his second defeat a day earlier.

Store Sells Four 'matsutake' Mushrooms For 100,000 Yen

Store sells four 'matsutake' mushrooms for 100,000 yen

OSAKA--Four "matsutake" mushrooms, the king of autumn delicacies, made a surprise appearance at a spring-time sale here May 15, carrying a regal tax-exclusive price tag of 100,000 yen ($881) per 100 grams.

The four fragrant fungi of the "samatsutake" species from Yamaguchi Prefecture were all sold at the Hanshin Department Store in the Umeda district of Osaka's Kita Ward.

Sumo: Kisenosato Crashes To Opening-day Upset At Summer Basho

Sumo: Kisenosato crashes to opening-day upset at Summer basho

Yokozuna Kisenosato's bid for a third consecutive championship title took an early blow with a shock defeat to komusubi Yoshikaze on Sunday, the opening day of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament.

Kakuryu also suffered an upset, but the other two yokozuna -- Hakuho and Harumafuji -- emerged unscathed to make winning starts at Ryogoku Kokugikan.