A Funky Study For A 2020 Nissan Juke

A Funky Study For A 2020 Nissan Juke

Just when we thought that the Nissan Juke couldn’t possibly get any funkier, in comes this set of CGIs that reveal one of the most bold designs of the subcompact SUV so far.

According to their creator, Adan Lopez, the images were "inspired by the different movements of water, after its calm is briefly perturbed by a Katana sword, from the most pronounced and almost angular waves to the most tense and calmed curves of its surface when it returns to its peace" - yes, we'll let you digest that.

Tokyo 2020: Budget Uncertainty Will Continue To 2019

Tokyo 2020: Budget uncertainty will continue to 2019

TOKYO (AP) -- Uncertainty over the final budget for the 2020 Olympic Games will continue until 2019, the head of the Tokyo Organizing Committee said on Tuesday.

"We will continue to explore more cost efficiencies," Tokyo 2020 CEO Toshiro Muto told the foreign media amid concerns regarding the higher-than-projected costs.

Company To Test Space-debris-retrieval Satellite In 2019, Aim To Commercialize By 2020

Company to test space-debris-retrieval satellite in 2019, aim to commercialize by 2020

A Singapore-based venture company aspiring to enter the space business unveiled a life-sized model of a satellite that would retrieve space debris, with which the company plans to conduct a test run in orbit in 2019 and to make commercially viable by 2020.

"Space is filled with trash, and if things continue as they have, space exploration will no longer be sustainable. There definitely is demand (for the craft)," Mitsunobu Okada, the 44-year-old founder and CEO of Astroscale, said. Okada also revealed that his company has just accepted a 2.8 billion yen (about $2 million) investment from ANA Holdings Co. and other investors.

Marriott's Top Luxury Brand Hotel To Open Locations In Tokyo In 2020

Marriott's top luxury brand hotel to open locations in Tokyo in 2020

Real estate developer Mori Trust Co. and U.S. hotel operator Marriott International Inc. said Wednesday that Marriott's top luxury brand hotel will open for the first time in Japan in 2020 to attract foreign tourists ahead of the Tokyo Games.

High-end hotel Edition will open at two locations -- Toranomon and Ginza -- in central Tokyo at once in the spring or summer of 2020 as the developer anticipates sufficient demand because premium hotels are scarce in the capital compared with major foreign cities, they said.

Refugee Olympic Team To Compete In 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Refugee Olympic Team to compete in 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) confirmed on July 9 that a Refugee Olympic Team will compete in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, following on from the team's debut at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Commenting on the decision, Director General of the Tokyo Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Toshiro Muto, said, "This is a wonderful development. There is a still a lot more to do, but I'm keen to work on the various matters that need to be handled." The move also fits in well with the games' vision of "diversity and harmony."

Official Tokyo 2020 Olympic And Paralympic Stationery To Go On Sale

Official Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic stationery to go on sale

The organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will start selling official games stationery mainly on its website from June 16 onward, it has been learned.

The stationery range includes goods such as ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils (both 650 yen each), B5-sized notebooks (450 yen each), writing mats (350 yen each) and pencil cases (1,100 yen each). All prices exclude tax.

Report: Lexus To Release Super Yacht By 2020

Report: Lexus to Release Super Yacht by 2020

National Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shimbun has further confirmation on the upcoming Lexus super yacht:

The automaker plans to release a speedboat under its luxury Lexus brand by 2020 to further expand its name-recognition from roadways to waterways.

Ioc Appeals To Women, Youth With New Sport, Event Additions For Tokyo 2020

IOC appeals to women, youth with new sport, event additions for Tokyo 2020

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will include a record 33 sports for a total of 339 events, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced on June 9, with sport and event additions that are hoped to both increase female participation and the interest of young people in the games.

"I am delighted that the Olympic Games in Tokyo will be more youthful, more urban and will include more women," commented IOC President Thomas Bach of the decision to add three sports and two events to the 2020 lineup. The IOC hopes to battle dwindling interest in the games with the changes, but the additions do not come without concerns about their scale and cost to the host city.

3-on-3 Basketball Added To 2020 Tokyo Olympic Program

3-on-3 basketball added to 2020 Tokyo Olympic program

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) -- The IOC added 3-on-3 basketball to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic program on Friday in an effort to give the games a more youthful and urban appeal.

In another move toward street sports, BMX Freestyle cycling will join the Olympics for the first time among a net increase of 15 gold medals for a 321-event program.

Golf: Miyazato To Be Offered Coaching Role For 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Golf: Miyazato to be offered coaching role for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Retiring professional golfer Ai Miyazato could feature at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as coach for the Japanese women's team, the head of the sport's development headquarters for the games revealed Wednesday.

"There's no one opposing the idea" of asking Miyazato to serve as coach, said Masahiro Kuramoto, who is also chairman of the Professional Golfers' Association of Japan.

Lexus To Build Production Super Yacht In 2020?

Lexus to Build Production Super Yacht in 2020?

Lexus plans to build a 60 foot yacht based on their recent Sport Yacht concept, according to a report from Bertel Schmitt of Forbes:

Instead, Lexus is planning for a 60 foot superyacht in what is commonly called the "gin palace" segment, "and for the engine, we’ll start thinking about it from scratch," Sawa said.

2020 Tokyo Games Cost-sharing Decided

2020 Tokyo Games cost-sharing decided

A broad agreement has finally been reached on splitting the costs for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

The metropolitan, national and prefectural governments, as well as the organizing committee, agreed Wednesday on the basic terms of a cost-sharing scheme.

Olympics: Kids To Vote On 2020 Mascot To Be Announced In March

Olympics: Kids to vote on 2020 mascot to be announced in March

The winning design of the public competition for the official mascot of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be announced in March next year with elementary school children having a say in the judging, the games' organizing committee said Monday.

The winner of the competition, whose entry period is from Aug. 1 to 14, will receive a prize of 1 million yen ($9,000) and an invitation to the opening ceremonies of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.