New 'shachihoko' Ornaments For Kumamoto Castle Unveiled

New 'shachihoko' ornaments for Kumamoto Castle unveiled

Jiji Press KUMAMOTO (Jiji Press) — New shachihoko ornaments for the towers of Kumamoto Castle in Kumamoto went on display Wednesday at a tourist facility near the castle, which was heavily damaged by powerful earthquakes in April last year.

Jolted by the quakes, a total of four sculptures of shachihoko imaginary tiger-headed fish, made in 2008 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the establishment of the castle, broke after falling from the rooftops of the connected main and smaller castle towers.

Drone Used To Capture Images Of Osaka Castle Turret For Repair

Drone used to capture images of Osaka Castle turret for repair

An architectural office captured images of the rooftop and walls of a turret at Osaka Castle on Monday using a drone, with the aim of offering renovation services for cultural assets.

The flying of drones in areas near the castle and other parks in the western Japan city of Osaka is prohibited, but the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry helped the office gain special permission from the city as part of its initiative to promote new businesses.

Kumamoto Castle Repair Work Shown To Media

Kumamoto Castle repair work shown to media

Work to restore the main tower of Kumamoto Castle was shown to media on Friday, about one year after a series of earthquakes struck Kumamoto City, western Japan.

City officials initially planned to preserve the structure with some repairs, but later it was found that there are cracks on pillars supporting the roof and other places.

Alligator Gar Fish Captured 'gar'ding Nagoya Castle Moat

Alligator gar fish captured 'gar'ding Nagoya Castle moat

NAGOYA -- Nagoya Castle had an unusual guard on duty swimming in its outer moat -- an alligator gar, one of the world's largest carnivorous fish, the municipal government announced on May 17.

According to the Nagoya Castle General Administration Office, the gar was between 1.2 and 1.3 meters long, and was caught around 5:30 p.m. on May 17 by city officials and volunteers.

Japan's Matsumoto Castle Needs Stronger Quake Resistance: Officials

Japan's Matsumoto Castle needs stronger quake resistance: officials

Matsumoto Castle in central Japan is more vulnerable to earthquake than previously thought and requires work to strengthen its resistance, officials of the city where the national treasure is located said Thursday.

A recent earthquake resistance test has found that the castle's main tower could fall in the event of a quake measuring upper 6 or stronger on the Japanese seismic scale of 7, according to the officials of Matsumoto city's education board.

Wanted: Lord And His Lady To Rule Over Hirado Castle

Wanted: Lord and his lady to rule over Hirado Castle

HIRADO, Nagasaki Prefecture--After almost 150 years, Hirado Castle is again looking for a lord and princess to rule over it, in the battle to draw more tourists.

The city government and a guest house service company are accepting applications for an overnight castle stay for a couple on May 20. Overseas entries are also welcome.

Tea Under The Cherry Blossoms At Matsumoto Castle

Tea under the cherry blossoms at Matsumoto Castle

Visitors to Matsumoto Castle in Nagano Prefecture in central Japan have enjoyed a spring tea ceremony under the cherry blossoms.

The annual event held on Sunday at the castle, a national treasure, was hosted by Urasenke. That's one of the main schools of Japanese tea ceremony.

Repair Of Kumamoto Castle Under Way

Repair of Kumamoto Castle under way

Work to repair Kumamoto Castle is under way one year after a series of devastating earthquakes struck Kumamoto Prefecture and neighboring areas.

The castle suffered severe damage from the quakes.

Kumamoto Castle Open For Cherry Blossom Weekend

Kumamoto castle open for cherry blossom weekend

People in Kumamoto are celebrating the cherry blossoms around their historic castle, as the city continues to recover from the quakes of last April.

Kumamoto Castle was heavily damaged in the earthquakes and has been closed since. But city officials have temporarily reopened part of its grounds for viewing of the famous cherry blossoms there.

Computerized Sakura In Full Sprout At Kyoto's Nijo Castle

Digital sakura in full blossom at Kyoto's Nijo Castle

KYOTO- - "Sakura" in full bloom are as of now pulling in guests to Nijo Castle here, because of a projection mapping show.

Cherry bloom roused advanced images are being anticipated on to the UNESCO World Heritage site's Karamon entryway, which is assigned as an essential social property. The advanced images demonstrate the cherry blooms in full sprout and petals blowing about beautifully.

Needed: Castle Ruler, Woman For A Night, Bargain Incorporates Free Household Flights

Wanted: Castle master, woman for a night, bargain incorporates free residential flights

HIRADO, Nagasaki - A guesthouse organization is searching for a couple to wind up noticeably the master and woman of Hirado Castle here, and they started their pursuit on "castle day," April 6.

Hyakusen Renma Inc. is hoping to have the couple remain in the manor for one night, on May 20, and will even pay the cost of residential plane tickets to make the trip. The city of Hirado is loaning the manor out for nothing out of pocket, and welcoming the couple to "get an essence of the ruler and woman lifestyle."

A Scary New Year In Nagoya Castle With Quake Fears?

A scary New Year in Nagoya Castle with quake fears?Having just warned that Nagoya Castle could collapse in a strong earthquake, the mayor of this central Japan city is inviting people to spend New Year's Eve in the main keep to observe the first sunrise of 2017.
The invitation would seem to be sharply at odds with signs erected around the historic attraction on Nov. 18 by municipal authorities warning that the structure would not withstand a temblor measuring upper 6 on the Japanese intensity scale of 7.

Nagoya Castle Warns Structure Could Collapse In Strong Quake

Nagoya castle warns structure could collapse in strong quakeThe Nagoya municipal government on Friday took the unusual step of posting a warning to tourists that they enter Nagoya Castle's tower structure at their own risk due to the building being in danger of collapse in a strong earthquake.
Three signs were installed within the castle grounds to warn of the risk of entering the multistory building, whose concrete is degrading and therefore lacks resistance to temblors, according to the city.