Lexus Ux Sub-compact Crossover Launching October 2018?

Lexus UX Sub-Compact Crossover Launching October 2018?

Japanese magazine Mag-X is reporting the upcoming Lexus UX will be enter into its final stage of testing this fall and will launch in October of 2018.

It’s expected the UX will share a platform with the new Toyota Prius — the design will draw deeply from the UX Concept from last year’s Paris Motor Show, with a full lightbar across the trunk and a coupe-like profile.

Kuhl Racing Injects Some Toughness Into Toyota C-hr Crossover

Kuhl Racing Injects Some Toughness Into Toyota C-HR Crossover

Japanese tuner Kuhl Racing has put together an extensive body kit for the Toyota C-HR, upgrading the funky crossover from bumper to bumper.

The kit consists of a front spoiler, rear half spoiler, side skirts, rear floating diffuser, rear bumper diffuser, corner sensor attachment, fog lamp attachment and a center exhaust tip.

Toyota's Next Small Crossover Could Be The Tj Cruiser

Toyota's next small crossover could be the TJ CruiserA trademark application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office hints that a vehicle based on the Toyota FT-4X Concept may be headed for production. But it won't be called FT-4X (good riddance). Instead, Toyota may riff on the deceased-but-still-loved FJ Cruiser by naming its smaller 'ute the TJ Cruiser.

Remember, the FJ Cruiser was intended to evoke the memory of Toyota's famed FJ Land Cruiser series, which were (and still are) legendary for their off-road prowess and durability. The FJ had some legitimate off-road chops, too, but don't expect the same kind of mission statement from the TJ Cruiser, if it ever does hit the showroom floor. The FT-4X was marketed toward Millennials – which didn't sit well with some of us – and the TJ Cruiser would likely go down a similar path as a small, utilitarian crossover.

Rumor: Lexus Ux Subcompact Crossover Arriving October 2018?

Rumor: Lexus UX Subcompact Crossover Arriving October 2018?

Japanese magazine Mag-X has released a new rendering of the upcoming Lexus UX subcompact crossover that shows a very distinctive full-bar taillight — the magazine has also republished an older illustration from the front:

Mag-X suggests a on-sale date of October 2018, which seems altogether possible. The UX will have ample opportunity to gain a sales foothold in North America — with the recent cancellation of the CT hatchback, the sub-compact crossover will likely be the new entry-level model for the brand.

Nissan Preparing Electric Crossover Concept

Nissan Preparing Electric Crossover Concept

Nissan has commenced work on a new concept that will preview an all-electric crossover.

The vehicle is expected to debut later this year, be dubbed the Vmotion 3.0 and will follow in the footsteps of the Vmotion 2.0 that debuted earlier this year. According to company executives, it will focus on electrification, on-the-go connectivity and autonomous driving.

Acura Is Considering A Subcompact Crossover For The Us Market

Acura is Considering a Subcompact Crossover for the US Market

The Acura CDX is a small crossover currently only sold in China, but that might change soon.

With the crossover segment continuing to grow in North America, Acura is thinking about adding the CDX to its lineup. The Acura CDX went on sale in China last year and rides on the same platform underpinning the Honda HR-V. If it does make its way to North America, it would slot below the Acura RDX and would likely be powered by the same 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine found in the Honda Civic.

Mazda To Launch New Cx-8 Crossover Suv In Japan

Mazda to Launch New CX-8 Crossover SUV in JapanMazda Motor Corporation today announced plans to launch the Mazda CX-8 crossover SUV in Japan. The new model, the first in the new-generation lineup in Japan to feature three rows of seating, will go on sale before the end of the year.
The latest new-generation model featuring the full suite of SKYACTIV technologies and KODO-Soul of Motion design, the CX-8 will be the flagship of Mazda's SUV lineup in Japan.

Video: Designing The Lexus Ux Crossover Concept

Video: Designing the Lexus UX Crossover Concept

Automotive design website Form Trends has an extensive interview with Stephan Rasmussen & Alexandre Gommier, the exterior and interior designers for the Lexus UX crossover concept at debuted at last year's Paris Motor Show:

There's also a nice collection of UX design sketches and clay model photos on the Form Trends website — here's a selection:

Honda May Build A Two-row Pilot Crossover On A Shorter Wheelbase

Honda may build a two-row Pilot crossover on a shorter wheelbase

According to WardsAuto, Honda has a new crossover on the way. The news outlet says the company will build a short-wheelbase version of the current Pilot SUV, and production will begin September of next year. Such an SUV would have a lower price, fewer seats, and compete with similar-sized crossovers including the Nissan Murano, Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, and Ford Edge.

Honda certainly has space in its lineup for a two-row, midsize SUV, both physically and price-wise. There's about $6,000 worth of breathing room between the compact CR-V's base price of about $24,000 and the large Pilot's roughly $30,000 price. The two crossovers' lengths differ by about 14 inches as well. With that in mind, it wouldn't be crazy to expect this predicted SUV to split the difference of both numbers with a price of about $27,000 and a length of around 187 inches. This hypothetical SUV wouldn't step on the toes of existing Honda models, and it would give Honda another offering in a crossover market that shows no signs of cooling off anytime soon.

Lexus Confirms Production Ux Subcompact Crossover

Lexus Confirms Production UX Subcompact CrossoverIn an interview with Motoring Australia, Lexus International executive vice president Yoshihiro Sawa confirmed a UX subcompact crossover will be released in the near future:
“We are doing [UX],” [Sawa] said. “Please expect UX, it’s not so far away.”

New Honda Wr-v Wants To Conquer India's Small Crossover Market As Well

New Honda WR-V Wants To Conquer India's Small Crossover Market As WellAfter unveiling their WR-V sub-compact crossover at last year's Sao Paulo International Motor Show in Brazil, Honda has chosen to launch the car in India as well.
The model's name is an acronym which stands for 'Winsome Runabout Vehicle' and its purpose, according to Honda, is to offer solid utility and cabin space within a compact, easy to maneuver, exterior.

Mitsubishi Brings Back The Eclipse As A Crossover

Mitsubishi brings back the Eclipse as a crossoverThe rumors were correct. Mitsubishi announced Tuesday its new crossover will be called the Eclipse Cross. Based on the company's statements, the idea is this crossover has coupe-like style, which is why Mitsubishi chose the name of its well-known Eclipse two-door. In this form, however, it will also be practical crossover – hence the Cross name.