Former 'kamikaze' Pilot Comes To Understand Father's Anger After Building Own Family

Former 'kamikaze' pilot comes to understand father's anger after building own family

When young Imperial Japanese Navy pilot Tatsuzo Nishimura tried to leave a keepsake with his father when he came to visit his base during World War II, his father angrily refused to take it. The Kyoto native, now 89, says that he only understood his father's reaction after the war when he started his own family.

"Having a child give a parent something to remember them by when they die is so cruel," he says. "I did the worst disservice to my parents."

Late Former Okinawa Gov. Ota Praised By Ruling, Opposition Members

Late former Okinawa Gov. Ota praised by ruling, opposition members

Members of both ruling and opposition parties lamented the passing of former Okinawa Gov. Masahide Ota, who dedicated himself to relieving Okinawa of the heavy burden of hosting large swaths of U.S. military bases, recalling him as a "great governor" and describing his death as "shocking."

Ota, who survived the fierce Battle of Okinawa toward the end of World War II and later served as Okinawa Prefecture governor for eight years, died of pneumonia and respiratory failure at a hospital in Naha on the morning of June 12. He was 92.

Former Okinawa Governor Masahide Ota Dies

Former Okinawa Governor Masahide Ota dies

Former Okinawa Governor Masahide Ota, who tackled the issue of reducing the number of US military bases on the island prefecture, died on Monday. He was 92.

Ota, who was from Kumejima island in the prefecture, served in the post for 8 years starting in 1990.

Former Okinawa Gov. Ota, Who Tackled U.s. Base Issues, Dies At 92

Former Okinawa Gov. Ota, who tackled U.S. base issues, dies at 92

NAHA, Japan (Kyodo) -- Masahide Ota, a former governor of Okinawa who strived to resolve problems arising from the presence of U.S. military bases in the island prefecture, died in Naha on Monday morning of pneumonia and respiratory failure, his office said. He had turned 92 the same day.

Ota was governor when large protests erupted over the rape of a 12-year-old local girl by U.S. service members in 1995, bringing national attention to the disproportionately large U.S. military presence in the southern prefecture and raising tensions between the prefectural and central governments.

Injured Fukushima Cleanup Worker Sues Contractor In Place Of Bankrupt Former Employer

Injured Fukushima cleanup worker sues contractor in place of bankrupt former employer

A 49-year-old man injured while decontaminating the area around the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant decided to file a lawsuit in Yokohama against a construction company in Ehime Prefecture that contracted the Tokyo-based company which hired him, as his original employer went bankrupt.

In an attempt to meet the demand for decontamination workers, many small companies joined recovery efforts in Fukushima Prefecture, only to withdraw after a short time, causing trouble for those who were injured on the job. The man filing the lawsuit is one such case complicated by the situation as he was forced to file his lawsuit not against the company that hired him, but the one that had contracted that company.

Former J-league Goalkeeper Enomoto Picked By National Blind Soccer Team

Former J-League goalkeeper Enomoto picked by national blind soccer team

Former Yokohama F Marinos goalkeeper Tatsuya Enomoto has been selected as the official reinforcement designation player for Japan's blind soccer team, it has been learned.

The 38-year-old soccer star, who has played in a total of 223 games in the J-League, decided to take on this role for the national blind soccer team -- having announced his retirement as a professional player in December 2016.

Previous National Security Boss Okazaki Bites The Dust At 73

Former national wellbeing boss Okazaki bites the dust at 73Tomiko Okazaki, a previous executive of the National Public Safety Commission and vice president of the Democratic Party of Japan, passed on Sunday at a doctor's facility in Sendai, as per the gathering's Miyagi Prefecture section. She was 73.
Okazaki, a previous anchorwoman of a nearby communicating station in Miyagi, acquired a seat in the House of Councilors race in 1990 on the ticket of the dead Japan Socialist Party.

Former Idoling!!! Member Ito Yuna To Become An Idol Group Producer

Former Idoling!!! member Ito Yuna to become an idol group producerFormer Idoling!!! member Ito Yuna will become an idol group producer.
Ito graduated from Idoling!!! and retired from showbiz in April of 2015. As a college student, she started up a company called TKMK last December and currently serves as its manager. Utilizing her own experiences as an idol, she will make her way backstage and produce female idol groups.

Baseball: Former Home Run King Rhodes Faces Long Road To Hall Of Fame

Baseball: Former home run king Rhodes faces long road to Hall of FameAlthough he was the most productive foreign import to grace Japanese pro ball, it seems there is little chance Tuffy Rhodes will be inducted into Japan's Baseball Hall of Fame anytime soon.
In 2001, Rhodes became the second player after legendary slugger Sadaharu Oh to hit 55 home runs in a season. And though he didn't break Oh's record, Rhodes accomplished his milestone in the heat of a pennant race, while Oh's team was well out of it when he hit 55 in 1964.