Japan All The Rage In Asian Craze For Snaps Before Nuptials

Japan all the rage in Asian craze for snaps before nuptials

The photos of the brides and grooms set against the backdrop of Japanese landmarks looked great, but wait--the couples haven't got hitched yet.

"Pre-wedding photography" is all the rage across Asia, where families of the betrothed set great stock in showing off snaps for guests to admire on the Big Day.

Japan Sizzles With Mercury Again Surging Beyond 32 C

Japan sizzles with mercury again surging beyond 32 C

A heat wave continued to scorch Japan on the morning of May 22 with temperatures yet again shooting past the 30-degree mark.

The mercury rose to 32.4 degrees in Ishikawa, Fukushima Prefecture, 32.2 degrees in Fukushima city and 31.6 degrees in Tatebayashi, Gunma Prefecture. The temperature in central Tokyo reached 29 degrees.

U.s. Commerce Secretary Wants Amenable Fta With Japan

U.S. commerce secretary wants amenable FTA with Japan

WASHINGTON--Emphasizing a preference for bilateral trade ties but cognizant of Japan's cautious stance, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the ultimate goal for the two nations is a free trade agreement.

"Our hope would be eventually to have an FTA (with Japan)," Ross said in an exclusive interview with The Asahi Shimbun here on May 18.

Heat Wave Gripping Japan

Heat wave gripping Japan

People across Japan sweated it out in summer-like conditions, with temperatures on Saturday surpassing 30 degrees Celsius in some areas. Most observation points recorded their highest temperatures of the year.

A high pressure system covered almost all of the archipelago bringing a heat wave. Temperatures in Hita city, Oita Prefecture topped the country at 33.1 degrees.

Japan Gov't Oks Bill To Allow 1st Abdication Of Emperor In 200 Yrs

Japan gov't OKs bill to allow 1st abdication of emperor in 200 yrs

The Cabinet on Friday approved a bill to allow Emperor Akihito to hand over the Chrysanthemum throne to Crown Prince Naruhito in what would be Japan's first abdication in roughly 200 years.

The government envisions December 2018, when the emperor turns 85 years old, as a possible timing for his abdication, and that the nation's "gengo" era name, which remains in use for the length of an emperor's reign, will likely change at the start of 2019, sources close to the matter have said.

Japan To Tighten Crackdown On Coercion In Porn Video Business

Japan to tighten crackdown on coercion in porn video business

The Japanese government decided Friday to tighten its crackdown on the coercion of young women in pornographic videos by deploying specialists in prefectural police departments across the country.

A set of measures, compiled by the government, also calls on authorities to strengthen support and consultation services for victims of sexual exploitation.

Soccer: 15-yr-old Kubo Stars As Japan Win U-20 World Cup Opener

Soccer: 15-yr-old Kubo stars as Japan win U-20 World Cup opener

Former Barcelona youth prodigy Takefusa Kubo came off the bench and set up Ritsu Doan's winner as Japan came from behind to defeat South Africa 2-1 on Sunday in their Group D opener at the U-20 World Cup.

Grant Margeman handed South Africa the lead in the seventh minute but Koki Ogawa leveled three minutes after the break, and the 59th-minute introduction of the 15-year-old Kubo had a telling impact.

Japan Lodges Protest Over Possible Drone

Japan lodges protest over possible drone

The Japanese government has lodged a protest with China after what appeared to be a drone was observed near a Chinese patrol ship that entered Japanese territorial waters off the Senkaku Islands.

Kenji Kanasugi, the head of the Foreign Ministry's Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau, lodged a protest by phone with the Chinese embassy in Tokyo, saying the conduct could escalate tensions.

Japan High School Baseball Federation Appoints First Female Directors

Japan High School Baseball Federation appoints first female directors

OSAKA -- The Japan High School Baseball Federation, commonly known as Koyaren, appointed its first female directors in its over 70-year history during a board meeting here on May 17.

Chiyono Terada, 70, house mover Art Corp.'s president and vice chairperson of the Kansai Economic Federation, and Atsuko Ogasawara, 56, general manager of the Project Division at the Mainichi Newspapers' Osaka Head Office, have been named new directors of the 35-member board of Koyaren.