Snow, Frigid Temps Forecasted To Continue Across Japan

Snow, frigid temps forecasted to continue across JapanThere was no letup in Japan's snowy spell on Jan. 16 as frigid temperatures gripped the country, with the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) projecting continued snowfall until the winter pressure system weakens on the afternoon of Jan. 17.
The agency warned of damage to transportation systems and icy roads, and called on people to exercise caution when clearing snow.

Ex-foreign Ministry Official To Become Japan's Youngest Mayor At 28

Ex-Foreign Ministry official to become Japan's youngest mayor at 28A 28-year-old former Foreign Ministry official is set to become the youngest mayor in Japan after beating the 61-year-old incumbent in an election in Osaka Prefecture on Sunday.
Shuhei Azuma will assume office as mayor of Shijonawate in the western Japan prefecture on Friday, taking the title of the youngest municipal chief from Yonosuke Terui, 32, mayor of the town of Esashi in Hokkaido, according to the National Association of Towns and Villages as well as Japan Association of City Mayors.

Japan Diet Heads Discuss How To Enact Emperor's Abdication Law

Japan Diet heads discuss how to enact emperor's abdication lawJapan's parliamentary heads began discussing Monday how to handle possible legislation to enable Emperor Akihito to abdicate, including how to iron out differing opinions among political parties.
The meeting of the heads and the deputy heads of the Diet's two chambers comes a week ahead of a government advisory panel's release of an interim report summarizing its three-month discussions on issues pertaining to the 83-year-old emperor's abdication. The report is likely to put emphasis on the advantages of special legislation applying only to him.

3 Reasons Honda In Japan Is Way Cooler

3 Reasons Honda in Japan is Way CoolerMore proof has surfaced that Honda in Japan is 100 percent cooler than Honda in North America.
The Japanese automaker has always kept its home market happy with adorable little kei cars and tiny sports cars that we North Americans have always been very vocally jealous about.

Lexus Is Sending Its 2017 Rc F Gt3 To Do Battle In The Us And Japan

Lexus is sending its 2017 RC F GT3 to do battle in the US and JapanBare carbon fiber doesn't do much to tone down the swoopy, animal RC F GT3, does it? This is the latest tweak of the Lexus GT3 racer, which appeared in an earlier spec with the American team F Performance Racing. (Incidentally, the team changed its name to 3GT Racing recently to further differentiate itself from Lexus.) The latest RC F racer will compete in IMSA and Super GT racing.

"megaphone-shaped" Holiday Home In Japan Prioritises Garden

"Megaphone-shaped" holiday home in Japan prioritises garden This holiday home by Japanese studios Taku Sakaushi Architects and OFDA has a tapered form that broadens towards a garden, but narrows where it meets a road, creating a secluded getaway in Karuizawa.
The site is hemmed on its northern edge by a street and by neighbouring properties on its other sides, so Taku Sakaushi and OFDA tried to create a design that ensures the house is not overlooked.

Japan’s Fantastic Emerald Green Algae

Japan’s fantastic emerald green algaeThink of Japanese gardens and candyfloss clouds of cherry blossom, canopies of bronze-leaved maples and arched red lacquer bridges might come to mind. Yet to me the understated beauty of Japanese horticulture goes far beyond this random collection of individual elements that are really just a handful of Western preconceptions.

Japan To Recall 2 Diplomats From S.korea On Monday

Japan to recall 2 diplomats from S.Korea on MondayJapan's government is recalling 2 diplomats from South Korea to protest the installation of a statue symbolizing those referred to as comfort women in front of a Japanese diplomatic mission.
The statue was erected in late December just outside the Japanese consulate general in the city of Busan. A similar statue stands in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul.

Japan’s Tornado Warning System Sees Five-fold Improvement

Japan’s tornado warning system sees five-fold improvementThe Japan Meteorological Agency says its new tornado prediction system is five times more accurate than its predecessor and enables some warnings to be issued up to 30 minutes earlier.
Tornado forecasting is a difficult science. In only a few percent of cases in Japan, powerful gusts of wind actually occurred in areas where tornado warnings had been issued.