Shimizu Eyes Karate’s Debut At 2020 Tokyo Games

Shimizu eyes karate’s debut at 2020 Tokyo GamesWith karate added to the Olympic program for the 2020 Tokyo Games, world champion Kiyo Shimizu watched the Rio de Janeiro Olympics with a different perspective than usual.
“As I was watching, I was asking myself what would I be feeling if I were on the Olympic stage. I thought, do Olympic athletes care about such and such? It became a good learning experience,” Shimizu said.

Legendary Karate Fighter, Film Star Willie Williams Conducts Local Seminar'

Legendary karate fighter, film star Willie Williams conducts local seminar'Kyokushin Karate World Champion Fighter and film star Willie Williams recently did a special “Kyokushin Karate Training Seminar” at The Jenkins Center in Murfreesboro.
Williams was invited to conduct this seminar by local Kyokushin Karate instructor Kenny Buffaloe. Williams and Buffaloe trained together under world renowned Karate master Shihan Shigeru Oyama of Japan, who recently passed. This made this training seminar even more special and Williams and Buffaloe dedicated it to the memory of their famous teacher.

Largest Open Karate Tourney In Alabama Taking Place

Largest Open Karate Tourney In Alabama Taking PlaceThe Department of Leisure Services and Mike Culbreth’s School of World Yoshukai Karate will host the 37th Annual Southern Region Open Karate Tournament that is held in conjunction with the National Peanut Festival. The tournament will be held on Saturday, October 29, 2016 at the Dothan Civic Center. This is the largest open karate tournament in the State of Alabama.

Vernon Valley Karate Pal Benefit Tournament A Success

Vernon Valley Karate PAL benefit tournament a successThe Vernon Valley Karate Academy once again hosted this year’s annual "PAL Benefit Karate Tournament." On June 5 students from throughout the area met to demonstrate their martial arts skills.
Ranging in age between 4 and 13, participants competed in three different karate disciplines: Kata, the performance of prearranged karate techniques, Kumite, sparring between two students where points are awarded for effective and controlled punches and kicks, and Kobudo, arrangements of fighting moves using traditional Okinawan weapons.

Usa Karate Championships Held In Pittsburgh

USA Karate Championships Held In PittsburghThe USA Karate Championships have come to Pittsburgh for the first time. There’s action on every mat at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.
National Team coach and former USA champ Dustin Baldis led the way in bringing the Championships to his home city.

Millbrae Teen Uses Karate To Fight Back Against Epilepsy

Millbrae teen uses karate to fight back against epilepsyGino Villeggiante refuses to allow his epilepsy define him, and instead uses the disability to help fuel his motivation for martial arts.
After four tries, the Millbrae native was awarded in May his black belt in karate, the expert certification in his training.
Villeggiante, 15, began practicing the craft roughly 10 years ago as a means of helping him cope with his seizures and the result has been the development of a passion which he believes will serve him for life.

Women Proving They've Got The Karate Chops

Women proving they've got the karate chopsSometimes it's the no’s you get in life that push you into your destiny. It happened to a local woman.
No question karate is a beautiful art form. It’s the combination of high kicking, punching, blocking and other techniques.
Linda Podrazik loved it all.

Karate Academy Hosts Kick-a-thon

Karate academy hosts kick-a-thonNearly 100 young karate students will be throwing a collective 10,000 kicks in support of local disadvantaged children through a Kicks for Kids Kick-a-thon at 1 p.m. Saturday at the World Champion Karate Academy, 3402 Irvin Cobb Drive.

Kelowna's Karate Kid

Kelowna's Karate KidA Kelowna teen is making waves in the world of competitive martial arts, bringing home a gold in March before heading to Ecuador with Team Canada later this year.

Japan Shudokan Budo-kai Karate School Brings Back Gold

Japan Shudokan Budo-Kai Karate School brings back goldThe 2016 AAU North Carolina State Karate Championships were held on Saturday in Winston Salem, NC. Over 150 competitors from all over North Carolina competed for state titles in their respective divisions and today started Zeb Mathis’s new quest for 2016 AAU Karate Gold.