Jam Project Announces New Album And World Cosplay Summit Performance

JAM Project announces new album and World Cosplay Summit performanceAnisong super unit JAM Project (Hironobu Kageyama, Masaaki Endoh, Hiroshi Kitadani, Masami Okui, and Yoshiki Fukuyama) appeared together on the live broadcast "MOTTO! MOTTO!! Radio Vol. 1″ on May 19 to promote the upcoming release "JAM Project LIVE TOUR 2016 ~AREA Z~" Blu-ray and DVD, due for release May 24.

Long Goodbye: Tantei Furui Kurinosuke

Long Goodbye: Tantei Furui KurinosukeKurinosuke Furui (Ryu Morioka) grew up at an orphanage. He now works as a private detective. One day, he receives a request. The request is to collect money which was stolen by a woman who killed herself. During Kurinosuke Furui's investigation he uncovers a shocking truth.

Yuzu To Release 2 Cds In June

Yuzu to release 2 CDs in June

Yuzu will release two brand new CDs in June.

The first one is titled "Utaou", and it will hit store shelves on June 21. A week later on June 28, the second CD called "4LOVE" will be released. 

Bonnie Pink Gives Birth To Her First Child

BONNIE PINK gives birth to her first child

BONNIE PINK has announced via her website that she gave birth to her first child, a baby girl, in April.

Back in September of 2015, BONNIE PINK held her 20th anniversary life "BONNIE PINK 20th Anniversary Live: Glorious Kitchen". It was on this stage that she announced her marriage to a non-celebrity man earlier that year. 

Michishige Sayumi To Hold 28th Birthday Event

Michishige Sayumi to hold 28th birthday event

Michishige Sayumi, who will celebrate her 28th birthday this year, will be holding a birthday event on her birthday July 13 at Yamano Hall in Tokyo. 

After announcing her comeback last November, Michishige officially resumed her activities with performances at Marunouchi COTTON CLUB in March and April. Besides the new announcement, Michishige wrote on her blog, "I will let you celebrate my 28th birthday. I'm already looking forward to it."

Lisa's In And Around Tokyo: Noborito--home To Wartime Balloon Bombs, Counterfeit Cash

Lisa's In and Around Tokyo: Noborito--Home to wartime balloon bombs, counterfeit cash

I looked at the old sakura tree near the defunct Imperial Japanese Army Noborito Laboratory Museum for Education in Peace and thought about the person who long ago planted that tree.

Who was he, and what was going through his mind? Could the person be a she? Either way, that person is probably no longer with us. That tree, however, that has seen so much, continues to witness all that we do or don't do, and through the seasons, stands there, just being.

New Theater Provides Immersive Experience

New theater provides immersive experienceIHI Stage Around Tokyo in Toyosu, Tokyo, is only the second theater in the world with a revolving seating area. It opened in late March with a popular play by the Gekidan Shinkansen theater company, and I took in a show to see what all the fuss was about.

The seating in the auditorium began moving as soon as the performance started. The action-packed period fantasy, "Dokurojo no Shichinin: Season Hana," is a new version of "Dokurojo no Shichinin" (Seven Souls In The Skull Castle), depicting a pair of wandering samurai (played by Shun Oguri and Koji Yamamoto) who set out to fight against the tyrannical lord of Dokurojo, a fictitious castle in the Kanto region during the Sengoku warring states period in the 16th century.

Exist Trace Reveals The Story Of Existence In Second Night Of The 19th Challenge

exist trace reveals The story of existence in second night of The 19th ChallengeAll-female J-Rock band exist†trace performed the second night of their one-man concert series "The 19th Challenge" on May 19th at Ebisu's club aim.
The 20-song "A story of existence" recounted the musical journey of the pioneering visual kei rockers beginning with original fan-favorites like "Judea" and "liquid" moving through "Get Back" and "Sky" from their recent release ROYAL STRAIGHT MAGIC.

Japan All The Rage In Asian Craze For Snaps Before Nuptials

Japan all the rage in Asian craze for snaps before nuptials

The photos of the brides and grooms set against the backdrop of Japanese landmarks looked great, but wait--the couples haven't got hitched yet.

"Pre-wedding photography" is all the rage across Asia, where families of the betrothed set great stock in showing off snaps for guests to admire on the Big Day.