Surge In Visitors To Japan Attributed To S. Korean Tourists

Surge in visitors to Japan attributed to S. Korean tourists

The surge of foreign visitors to Japan in the first half of this year to a record 13.76 million is primarily attributable to a rise in South Korean tourists, particularly those arriving on low-cost carriers.

"More young (South Korean) people are enjoying brief personal trips (to Japan) casually using LCCs," said Shin Seo Kyung, deputy director of Korea Tourism Organization's Tokyo office.

Orange Juice Faucet No Longer Running Joke At Matsuyama Airport

Orange juice faucet no longer running joke at Matsuyama airport

A new refreshment stand featuring a unique faucet opened Thursday at Matsuyama airport in western Japan, making a reality the long-running joke that orange juice flows like water in citrus-producing Ehime Prefecture.

At the stand, named the Orange Bar, customers can serve themselves the juice of local citrus fruits for 350 yen per glass, with the type of juice varying depending on the season. Ehime is one of Japan's major citrus fruit production areas.

Details On Sasaki Ayaka's Solo Single Revealed

Details on Sasaki Ayaka's solo single revealedMomoiro Clover Z member Sasaki Ayaka's solo single will be released on August 23, and recently, its details have been revealed!

The single titled "My Cherry Pie (Koiki na Cherry Pie) / My Hamburger Boy (Uwaki na Hamburger Boy)" is a double A-side single. Both title tracks are written and composed by Maeyamada Kenichi and arranged by Miyazaki Makoto and Kawada Ruka, respectively.

Hello, Goodbye

Hello, GoodbyeHigh school student Hazuka (Minori Hagiwara) worries if she is pregnant by her ex-boyfriend. Aoi (Sayu Kubota) is Hazuka’s classmate, but they are not friends. Aoi is an honor student who feels loneliness because of her busy parents. To forgot her loneliness she steals things. The two girls meet an elderly woman (Masako Motai) with Alzheimer's disease. The old woman wants to give a love letter to her first love. Hazuka and Aoi try to find her first love.

Alley Cat (japanese Movie)

Alley Cat (Japanese Movie)Hideaki Ashita (Yosuke Kubozuka) is a former champion boxer. His boxing career ended after a head injury during a boxing match. Now, he suffers aftereffects from his head injury and works part-time for a security company. He leads a lonely life, but he adores a stray cat. After the stray cat goes missing, Hideaki Ashita meets auto repair shop employee Ikumi Umetsu (Kenji Furuya).


GintamaSet in a parallel universe around the Edo period.
Alien species Amanto attack planet Earth. The people on Earth fight back against the aliens for more than 10 years. The Shogunate sees the power of Amanto and decide accept their conquest. The Shogunate builds a puppet government for Amanto and carry out the Sword Abolishment Edict. Due to these actions, samurai, that fought against the Amanto for their country and their lord, fall into a decline.

Tokyo Aquarium Clinches 'world First' With Flying Penguins Show

Tokyo aquarium clinches 'world first' with flying penguins show

When visitors enter the Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo's Ikebukuro district from July 12, they won't believe their eyes at the latest feature--and with good reason, as the "flying penguins" are a clever optical illusion.

The display appears to show penguins flying through the sky, thanks to a strategically placed rooftop water tank that perfectly shows through a view of high-rise buildings and blue sky.

The Time Of Backlights

The Time of BacklightsTakatoyo Akada (Mahiro Takasugi) is a high school student, born and raised in Kyoto. He has feelings for Mikoto (Wakana Aoi), whom he has known since their childhood days. During his ordinary daily life, he has uneasy emotions and grows up slowly.