Legendary Karate Fighter, Film Star Willie Williams Conducts Local Seminar'

Legendary karate fighter, film star Willie Williams conducts local seminar'Kyokushin Karate World Champion Fighter and film star Willie Williams recently did a special “Kyokushin Karate Training Seminar” at The Jenkins Center in Murfreesboro.
Williams was invited to conduct this seminar by local Kyokushin Karate instructor Kenny Buffaloe. Williams and Buffaloe trained together under world renowned Karate master Shihan Shigeru Oyama of Japan, who recently passed. This made this training seminar even more special and Williams and Buffaloe dedicated it to the memory of their famous teacher.

Plan To Decommission Troubled Monju Reactor Meets Local Criticism

Plan to decommission troubled Monju reactor meets local criticismThe central government's plan to decommission the Monju fast-breeder reactor came under heavy criticism Monday from the governor of the prefecture where the trouble-prone nuclear facility is based.
Fukui Gov. Issei Nishikawa said the move to decommission the reactor is "totally unacceptable" after being told of the plan in a meeting with the central government on Monday.

Mother Whose Child Failed To Gain Spot At Day Care Sues Local Government

Mother whose child failed to gain spot at day care sues local governmentA 33-year-old woman living in the Tokyo suburb of Mitaka is suing the municipal government to cover part of the cost of putting her fourth child into an unlicensed day care center, which is more expensive than a licensed one, arguing that the municipal government has failed to fulfill its responsibility to provide child care.

Local Mascots Gather In Saitama For 'summit'

Local mascots gather in Saitama for 'summit'Hundreds of local mascots have gathered in Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo, for an event titled "the World Character Summit".
The annual event was held on Sunday in Hanyu City which is trying to promote local communities around Japan that have mascots.

Local Govts Creating Own English Vocabulary Workbooks

Local govts creating own English vocabulary workbooksIn an effort to improve the English skills of middle school students, some local governments have begun producing their own unique vocabulary workbooks.
“Lonely.” “He felt lonely.” Third-year students are taking a vocabulary examination in an English class at Konan Middle School in Nankoku, Kochi Prefecture, in mid-June.

City Promoters Try To Boost Unpopular Local Mascot In National Contest

City promoters try to boost unpopular local mascot in national contestWith an eye on this year's "Yuru-kyara Grand Prix," a local mascot popularity contest, officials here are trying to boost the fallen ranking of Yanagawa's local symbol, "Koppori."
Koppori was created in 2011, and is supposed to be a magical being that protects the local waterways. Koppori has participated in the popularity contest for four years in a row since 2012, but while it took 61st place that year, by 2015 it had plummeted all the way down to 1,305th.

Landscaper Lends Japanese Style To Local Gardens

Landscaper lends Japanese style to local gardensKoji Morimoto grew up in a peaceful village living “a classic Japanese lifestyle.” Only after immigrating to the United States in 1992, landing in California, then moving to upstate New York, did he fully appreciate what he had and became serious about Japanese gardening.

Honda Motogp: Marquez Leads Front Row Of Local Heroes Catalunya 2016

Honda MotoGP: Marquez leads front row of local heroes Catalunya 2016Marc Marquez continued to be the man to beat in Catalunya as he sprinted to his third pole of the 2016 season.
The sun continued to beat down as MotoGP™ World Championship bikes roared out of pit lane for Q2. With an air temperature of 25.5°C and a ground temperature of 42.5°C, conditions were ideal for the forthcoming battle for pole position at the Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya.

Physician Turns To Politics To Attract More Doctors To Local Areas

Physician turns to politics to attract more doctors to local areasTomonori Kiyoyama, 34, was once a promising, elite physician. A graduate of the prestigious University of Tokyo's medical school, he also studied in the United States. But he turned to politics five years ago and is now trying to attract more doctors to local areas in his hometown on Japan's southernmost island of Kyushu.