Playstation Boss Sees 'limited Potential' For Handheld Gaming

PlayStation Boss Sees 'Limited Potential' For Handheld Gaming

Ever wonder what happened to Sony's PS Vita console? Back in 2015, it was reported that gamers probably shouldn't expect to see a successor anytime soon, and last year there were also rumors that the console could be discontinued in North America. If you're still holding out on the hope that Sony will have a new console soon, you'll be disappointed to learn that it really doesn't seem like it will happen.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Sony's PlayStation boss Andrew House has stated that he sees "limited global potential" when it comes to handheld gaming consoles, at least as far as this day and age are concerned where smartphones are more than capable of being powerful gaming devices.

Super Mario Run Gets A Temporary Price Cut And New Levels

Super Mario Run Gets A Temporary Price Cut And New Levels

If there was one main criticism that many gamers had when Super Mario Run was launched was its price tag. Sure, the game was free up to a certain extent, but gamers who wanted more content and features would have to fork out $10 for everything, which as far as mobile games are concerned is pricey.

However the good news is that if you've been holding out on purchasing the game, Nintendo has announced that from the 29th of September until the 12th of October, Super Mario Run will be discounted and have its price slashed by 50%, meaning that the game will only cost you $5 if you were to purchase it within that particular time period. After that we expect the price to go back to normal levels.

No Official Plans For Final Fantasy Xv For The Switch Yet

No Official Plans For Final Fantasy XV For The Switch YetRecently it was reported that Square Enix was apparently exploring ways to bring Final Fantasy XV onto the Nintendo Switch, or at least that was according to the game’s director Hajime Tabata. However it turns out that maybe gamers shouldn’t hold their breath for the game just yet.

Nioh: Bloodshed's End Out Today On Ps4

Nioh: Bloodshed's End Out Today on PS4

Hi folks, it’s Tom with Team Ninja again. As we celebrate the release of our final DLC today, I just wanted to provide some insight and inspiration into why we chose to finish our campaign with Bloodshed’s End.

As our dedicated players have come to experience the bloody Sengoku period through the eyes and heart of William, we wanted to conclude his adventure with an ending that is deserving of this incredibly awe-inspiring time in history. We chose the Osaka summer battle as the most fitting stage to close out our campaign and lead us to the end of the Sengoku era.

Your Wacom Tablet Won't Work With Macos High Sierra Until 'late October'

Your Wacom tablet won't work with macOS High Sierra until 'late October'

Apple's newest macOS operating system, macOS High Sierra, launched today. But if you use a Wacom tablet to do your photo editing, you'll want to hold off on hitting the upgrade button. It seems Wacom tablets won't work with High Sierra until the end of October.

The disappointing news was broadcast in a tweet published by the main Wacom Twitter account that read, "We will release a Driver update late October for 10.13 High Sierra. The current driver is not compatible." If you click on the more info link offered in that tweet, you get this slightly more detailed explanation:

I-o Data Lcd-mq271xdb 27-inch Wqhd Monitor With Super Resolution Technology

I-O Data LCD-MQ271XDB 27-Inch WQHD Monitor With Super Resolution Technology

I-O Data has unveiled another one of its upcoming 27-Inch WQHD monitor, the LCD-MQ271XDB. Utilizing the Super Resolution technology for improving the low resolution images, this new 27-inch ADS LED-backlight monitor supports a native resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and provides 1000:1 contrast ratio, 250 cd/m2 brightness, 14ms (GTG) response time and 178/178 degree viewing angles.

Panasonic To Start Mass Production Of Intelligent Electronic Rear-view Mirrors

Panasonic to Start Mass Production of Intelligent Electronic Rear-view Mirrors Jointly Developed with Ficosa - Fareastgizmos
Panasonic will start mass-production of electronic rear-view mirrors this month -the first product jointly developed with Ficosa International S.A. The electronic rear-view mirror integrating Ficosa’s mirror technology and Panasonic’s camera and liquid crystal display technologies have been adopted by Toyota as genuine parts. Using a wide-angle lens camera, the electronic rear-view mirror shows a wider rearward area at a longer distance (horizontal direction) behind the vehicle and improves visibility of hard-to-see areas diagonally behind the vehicle, compared to conventional rear-view mirrors.

By installing the camera inside on the rear window, the electronic rear-view mirror reduces rear blind spots. Unlike conventional rear-view mirrors, this rear-view mirror provides a rearward view, fed by the camera, unobstructed by rear-seat passengers or objects present in the vehicle.
The camera with high-sensitivity obtains clear images during nighttime driving or when driving through a tunnel. The camera switches to the nighttime mode in conjunction with the headlight switch and reduces headlight glare seen when using conventional rear-view mirrors.
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Mitsubishi Electric Field Testing Worlds First Autonomous Driving System Using Clas

Mitsubishi Electric Field Testing World's First Autonomous Driving System Using CLAS from Quasi-Zenith Satellite System - FareastgizmosMitsubishi Electric announced today that it began field testing the world’s first autonomous driving technology on highways to use a centimeter-level augmentation service (CLAS) broadcast from the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) on September 19. CLAS is a positioning-augmentation service for high-precision positioning, distributed free of charge in Japan from the QZSS, which operates under the auspices of the Cabinet Office. CLAS is scheduled to begin operating in April 2018 and is currently in the final stages of verification. It is expected to be used for practical applications such as safe-driving assistance and automated driving.

CLAS improves precision by using positioning-augmentation data from a network of continuously operating reference stations (CORS) administrated by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan. The data is broadcast via the QZSS to high-precision positioning receivers installed in automobiles that can detect locations with centimeter-level accuracy. Driving tests will be conducted to verify the possibility of infrastructural driving, utilizing CLAS signals and high-precision 3D maps combined with Mitsubishi Electric’s intelligent driving technology, including sensing technologies such as millimeter-wave radar and cameras.

Thermal Camera-equipped Smartphone To Be Released In Japan

Thermal Camera-equipped Smartphone to Be Released in Japan

Onkyo & Pioneer Marketing Japan Corp will release a smartphone equipped with a thermal camera in mid-October 2017.

The smartphone, "S60," is a business-use product of Caterpillar Inc's "CAT" brand, the US-based major construction machine manufacturer. It is the world's first smartphone equipped with a thermal camera, Onkyo & Pioneer Marketing Japan said.

Nintendo Accounts Can Now Be Secured With Two-factor Authentication

Nintendo Accounts Can Now Be Secured With Two-Factor Authentication

Those who have a Nintendo account can now rejoice as the company has added an additional layer of security to its online accounts. It has finally enabled two-factor authentication for Nintendo accounts. This is going to go a long way in ensuring that users are kept safe from the possibility of unauthorized access and use of their Nintendo accounts.

Nintendo account users can now enable two-factor authentication to add another layer of security to their accounts. They will be prompted to download Google Authenticator in order to obtain a code before logging in. Players who enable this feature will have to enter a six-digit code generated by the Google app when they’re logging into their Nintendo Account.

Xperia Xz Premium Camera Reviewed By Dxomark; Scores An Average 83

Xperia XZ Premium camera reviewed by DxOMark; scores an average 83DxOMark camera review site recently changed its review protocols for mobile products to take account for new advances in technology including dual-camera setups, on-sensor phase detection for quicker autofocus and better low-light performance. Therefore, DxOMark has pretty much reset all of its scores for all new reviews.

Xperia Xa1 Plus Launches In India For Rs. 24,990

Xperia XA1 Plus launches in India for Rs. 24,990Sony Mobile India has announced launch details for the Xperia XA1 Plus. The device is set to hit retail stores and Sony Center from tomorrow, where it will be available for Rs. 24,990 (£284, €322, $385). The phone will be available in three colour options including Gold, Black and Blue.

Looking Back On Twenty Years Of Sucker Punch

Looking Back on Twenty Years of Sucker Punch

All of us at Sucker Punch are looking forward to a big anniversary—we're about to turn 20 years old! Unfortunately, we didn't have enough room to invite all of you to our anniversary party, so we did the next best thing—we added Infamous: Second Son to your Instant Game Collection this month! Have fun!

Long ago, in October of 1997, five friends and I left cushy jobs at Microsoft, sublet some crappy office space down the street, and got to work on our first game.

Canon's 'virtual Camera' System Will Turn Sports Games Into 3d Videos You Can Explore

Canon's 'virtual camera' system will turn sports games into 3D videos you can explore

Canon is developing a new imaging system called the Free Viewpoint Video System that may revolutionize the way sports and other events are broadcast. The system, as demonstrated in the video above, eliminates the restrictions of a single viewpoint by making it possible to view the action in an immersive multi-angle way.

Put another way, Canon says the system "gives the user a sense that they are really there."