Rare Megamouth Shark Captured Near Tokyo

Rare megamouth shark captured near Tokyo

Japanese fishermen have found a rare megamouth shark caught alive in fishing nets in the Pacific near Tokyo.

The fishermen spotted the 5-meter shark on Monday about one kilometer off the coast of Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture.

Tokyo Police Urge Go-kart Tour Companies To Improve Safety Measures

Tokyo police urge go-kart tour companies to improve safety measures

Tokyo police requested Monday companies hosting go-kart city tours on public roads improve safety measures due to the increasing popularity of the attraction among foreign tourists.

The Metropolitan Police Department said it asked five go-kart rental companies in Tokyo to encourage patrons to wear helmets and protective gear while driving.

Gallery: Crowds Descend On Asakusa, Tokyo For Sanja Matsuri

GALLERY: Crowds descend on Asakusa, Tokyo for Sanja Matsuri

Over the weekend the streets of Asakusa, Tokyo played host once again to one of the Japan capital’s biggest and, arguably, brashest festivals, the Sanja Matsuri (三社祭).  

Centering around the popular temple complex surrounding Asakusa Shrine and Sensō-ji in the heart of Asakusa, the festival of over 700 years is considered one three great Shinto knees ups in Tokyo (the other two being Kanda Matsuri and Hie Shrine’s Sanno Festival).  Sanja Matsuri is held annually on the third weekend (Fri - Sun) in May to honor the three men who founded Senso-ji, whose spirits now reside in Asakusa Shrine.  

Fukuoka Robbers Found To Have Fled To Tokyo, Vicinity

Fukuoka robbers found to have fled to Tokyo, vicinity

Police have identified people suspected of the April robbery of 384 million yen ($3.5 million) from a gold buyer in Fukuoka Prefecture, and believe the robbers later switched cars and fled to metropolitan Tokyo, investigative sources said Friday.

The robbery occurred in a parking lot near a Mizuho Bank branch in Fukuoka city on April 20. Two men sprayed a 29-year-old employee of a precious metals shop in Tokyo with a substance, and stole his bag containing the cash he had just withdrawn from the bank to buy gold bullion.

Giant Panda At Tokyo Zoo Shows Signs Of Pregnancy

Giant panda at Tokyo zoo shows signs of pregnancy

A female giant panda at a Tokyo zoo has shown signs of being pregnant, including a reduced appetite and increased dozing, the zoo operator said Thursday.

If 11-year-old Shin Shin at the Ueno Zoological Gardens does give birth, the panda cub would be the first born at the park in five years.

Abe, South Korean President's Envoy Hold Talks In Tokyo

Abe, South Korean president's envoy hold talks in Tokyo

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and a special envoy of new South Korean President Moon Jae In held talks Thursday in Tokyo on their countries' response to North Korea, which test-fired its latest ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan over the weekend, among other issues.

Moon Hee Sang, a heavyweight lawmaker of the ruling Democratic Party, said at the outset of the meeting, which was open to the media, that the two countries "have in common a practical interest to deal with the North Korean nuclear issue."

Asteroid Conference Opens In Tokyo

Asteroid conference opens in Tokyo

About 200 scientists are gathering in Tokyo to discuss the threats posed by asteroids and comets, and actions to be taken to deflect a threatening object.

The Planetary Defense Conference of the International Academy of Astronautics opened in Tokyo on Monday, bringing together researchers from space agencies in 24 countries.

More Than 20 Detained Foreigners On Hunger Strike In Tokyo

More than 20 detained foreigners on hunger strike in Tokyo

More than 20 foreigners being detained at an immigration facility in Tokyo have been on hunger strike since earlier this week, protesting against Japanese immigration policy, support groups and officials said Friday.

The hunger strike, which began Tuesday evening, was launched to protest multiple detentions after provisional release and demand an improvement in conditions at the detention facility, according to a support group for detainees.

Japanese Retailer Sets Up "all Gender" Restrooms At Flagship Tokyo Store

Japanese retailer sets up

Japanese retailer Don Quijote Co. has unveiled a set of "all gender" restrooms at its new flagship store in Tokyo's Shibuya, offering facilities for the city's LGBT community and visitors.

The firm is offering three such toilets on the second floor of its "Mega Don Quijote" store, which opened on May 12, each equipped with accesibility features such as handrails and baby seats.

Female Leaders Gather In Tokyo To Discuss Women's Empowerment

Female leaders gather in Tokyo to discuss women's empowerment

Female government and business leaders from over 60 countries gathered at a forum in Tokyo that began Thursday to discuss how to accelerate women's economic progress worldwide.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the 27-year-old Global Summit of Women, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hailed the forum's long-lasting efforts to promote women's empowerment and gender equality and said his administration is committed to creating a "society where women shine."