City In Fukushima Hopes Cool 'ramen Ice Cream' Treat Will Get Warm Reception

City in Fukushima hopes cool 'ramen ice cream' treat will get warm reception

KITAKATA, Fukushima -- A tourist facility in this city known as a holy grail for ramen has hatched a new plan to attract hungry tourists: "ramen ice cream."

The unique treat is sold at the Kitakata Ramen Jinja (shrine) & Ramen Museum in the city, home to a version of the noodle dish revered as one of Japan's top three. The icy version comes in a cup containing soft-serve ice cream made to look like noodles and topped with "naruto," a famous pink and white sliced fish cake, made from rice cakes. The soy sauce flavor is true to the original, and the shop recommends topping the treat with black pepper or chives.

Cut Of Pork Simmered In Tea For A Moist And Tender Treat

Cut of pork simmered in tea for a moist and tender treat

Cooking a cut of meat sounds tempting, but our busy schedules or small families keep many of us from trying.

"Not many people usually cook cuts of meat. But as a meat lover, I want them to really give it a try," said Utako Yamada, 54, a tea expert, enthusiastically.

Triple Treat For Toyota Coaster

Triple Treat for Toyota CoasterToyota Australia has given local buyers of the perennial Coaster bus three special reasons to celebrate, headed by a complete styling and safety redesign due here within two months.
Coaster's extensive upgrade is focused on enhanced safety with the introduction of airbags for the driver and front-passenger seats, and a stronger frame that improves body structure and rigidity.

Photo: Trash Or Treat 2016

Photo: Trash or Treat 2016Volunteers are seen collecting garbage in Jack-o'-lantern trash bags in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward on the morning of Oct. 31, 2016. A group organized by the Shibuya Ward office and residents clean up the youth culture hotspot's streets in the mornings around Halloween as the area has become a major draw for costumed revelers in recent years.

Taros Boiled In Huge Pan In Yamagata Fall Festival Treat

Taros boiled in huge pan in Yamagata fall festival treatIn a hearty taste of fall, thousands of festival-goers feasted on a mouth-watering serving of taros in a soup boiled in a massive 6-meter pan in a riverbed here on Sept. 18.
A total of three tons of locally produced taros were cooked along with 1.2 tons of beef, 3,500 pieces of konjac and 3,500 leeks for about 30,000 people in the Best Imoni Society Festival in Japan. "Imoni" means “boiled taros.”

Deep-fried 'kakiage' Of Broad Beans Seasonal Treat

Deep-fried 'kakiage' of broad beans seasonal treatSatoru Uchida and his staff at Tsukiji Mikuriya, a Tokyo-based vegetable wholesaler catering to restaurants, always prepare their own lunches.
The 61-year-old proprietor and his workers, who are on the job in the wee hours of the morning, look forward to using in-season vegetables for the meal.

World‘s First Cyborg-type Robot Hal Will Be Used To Treat Spinal-cord Injuries In Japan

World‘s first cyborg-type robot HAL will be used to treat spinal-cord injuries in JapanCyberdyne and Keio University School of Medicine has concluded a partnership memorandum of understanding, in order to advance and accelerate the world’s first, cutting-edge research project and to realize medical innovations for the purpose of making direct contributions to extending healthy life expectancy , using Robot Suit HAL for Medical Use (Lower Limb Type).

High-resolution Mri Developed To Treat Baldness

High-resolution MRI Developed to Treat BaldnessMen's Health Clinic Tokyo (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), which has a specialty outpatient clinic for treatment of androgenic alopecia (AGA) or male pattern baldness, developed a technology to carry out an image-based diagnosis of AGA by using an "ultra-high resolution scalp MRI."

Schoolgirl's Ice Cream Twist On Melon Bread Goes Down A Treat

Schoolgirl's ice cream twist on melon bread goes down a treatIf schoolgirls think your product is "sweet" and snap it up, then you are on to a winner.
That's something that "melonpan" maker Shiro Mikami, 51, has discovered.
He had his doubts four years ago when a high school girl suggested he cut open his freshly baked melon-like bread and stuff in some vanilla ice cream.