Kisenosato To Debut As 4th Yokozuna

Kisenosato to debut as 4th yokozunaKisenosato held up the freshly printed ranking sheet and, seeing his name in the largest and boldest letters — reflecting his promotion to sumo’s highest rank — grasped the expectations that lie ahead.
“[As a yokozuna], the definitive criteria is to be in the battle for the championship,” Kisenosato said Monday, following the release by the Japan Sumo Association of the official rankings for next month’s Spring Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka.

Sumo: Kisenosato To Be Named 72nd Yokozuna Wednesday

Sumo: Kisenosato to be named 72nd yokozuna WednesdayOzeki Kisenosato is set to become the first Japanese-born yokozuna in 19 years after a Japan Sumo Association (JSA) advisory body recommended his promotion on Monday.
Kisenosato will be named the 72nd yokozuna, the first born in Japan since Wakanohana in 1998, at an extraordinary JSA board meeting Wednesday as a formality, after the rankings for the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament are decided.

Sumo: New Year Champ Kisenosato Beats Hakuho, Set For Yokozuna

Sumo: New Year champ Kisenosato beats Hakuho, set for yokozunaOzeki Kisenosato came one step closer to becoming yokozuna as he twisted down hard-shoving Mongolian grand champion Hakuho on Sunday, the final day of the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament.
The win was the icing on the cake for Kisenosato (14-1), who had secured his maiden championship the previous day, and gave an added boost to the 30-year-old Ibaraki Prefecture native's chances of reaching sumo's pinnacle rank.

Sumo: Mongolian Yokozuna Off To Winning Start At New Year Tourney

Sumo: Mongolian yokozuna off to winning start at New Year tourneySumo's three Mongolian yokozuna had convincing wins on Sunday as the 15-day New Year Grand Sumo Tournament got under way before Japan's emperor and empress.
Kakuryu, who won his third career title in most-recent November tourney, was never troubled against Tochinoshin, latching onto a left overarm belt hold before sending the Georgian komusubi sprawling with a pulling throw for his 20th win in their career 21 meetings.

Goeido Dealt Blow In Bid For Yokozuna

Goeido dealt blow in bid for yokozunaAfter an undefeated run to his first Emperor’s Cup in the previous tournament, ozeki Goeido’s hopes of a possible promotion to yokozuna were dented midway through the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament on Sunday.
Sekiwake Okinoumi drove Goeido to the edge of the ring and the ozeki was on the bales when Okinoumi fell down and out. The referee designated Goeido the winner, but after the judges viewed the replay, it was apparent the ozeki’s heel touched outside the bales first, giving Okinoumi (2-6) the victory.

Sumo: Goeido In Yokozuna Promotion Hunt, Hakuho Back In Kyushu

Sumo: Goeido in yokozuna promotion hunt, Hakuho back in KyushuGoeido, who has been mostly mediocre during his time at the second-highest rank of ozeki, will have the unlikely chance of reaching the exalted rank of yokozuna at the Nov. 13-27 Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament.
Two years on from appearing as ozeki for the first time at the 2014 Autumn tourney, Goeido exceeded all the expectations this September by winning all 15 bouts for his first career championship in Tokyo.

Goeido A Step Closer To Becoming First Japanese-born Yokozuna In Years

Goeido a step closer to becoming first Japanese-born yokozuna in yearsGoeido became the first kadoban ozeki ever to win the Emperor's Cup with a 15-0 record after defeating Ozeki Kotoshogiku on Sept. 25, the final day of the fall tournament.
The victory marked the first time in 20 years -- since the 1996 victory of then Yokozuna Takanohana in the fall tournament -- that a Japanese-born sumo wrestler won a tournament with a perfect record.

Hundreds Gather To Pay Final Respects To Late Yokozuna Chiyonofuji

Hundreds gather to pay final respects to late yokozuna ChiyonofujiSome 1,000 turned out to honor late legendary sumo wrestler Chiyonofuji on Sunday, when the funeral and memorial service were held at Tokyo’s Kokonoe stable.
Cattleya, the orchid loved by the iconic former yokozuna, were laid inside his coffin, as his former stablemate and fellow yokozuna Hokutoumi, current Japan Sumo Association head director, and former ozeki Chiyotaikai, who succeeds Chiyonofuji as stablemaster Kokonoe, spoke.

Kisenosato Stays On Track To Yokozuna

Kisenosato stays on track to yokozunaWhile ozeki Kotoshogiku was sent to his second defeat, yokozuna Hakuho and ozeki Kisenosato emerged unscathed after the second day of the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament on Monday at Nagoya’s Aichi Prefectural Gym.

Kisenosato Out To Scale ‘double Wall’ In Bid For Yokozuna

Kisenosato out to scale ‘double wall’ in bid for yokozunaAs has become customary, the stables aligned with the Nishonoseki stable had a joint practice at the Oguruma stable lodgings here ahead of the upcoming Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament.
Ozeki Kisenosato appeared out of sorts for some reason during the training session on Tuesday, as he was pushed around at times by fellow ozeki Kotoshogiku and others.

Sumo: Kisenosato Ready For Run At Yokozuna

Sumo: Kisenosato ready for run at yokozunaOzeki Kisenosato said he is in top form for his bid to secure promotion to yokozuna at the upcoming Nagoya Grand Tournament.
“I’m feeling great,” Kisenosato said Monday, the day the rankings for the tournament starting July 10 were announced by the Japan Sumo Association. “I’ve prepared well physically and will do my best from the first day of the tournament.”

Sumo's Yokozuna Hakuho Clinches His 37th Title

Sumo's Yokozuna Hakuho clinches his 37th titleIn professional sumo, Yokozuna Grand Champion Hakuho has clinched his 37th tournament victory.
On Saturday, the 14th day of the summer grand sumo tournament, Hakuho forced out another Yokozuna Grand Champion Harumafuji, maintaining his sole lead with a clean slate.