Common Causes Of Semi - Truck Breakdowns

Common Causes of Semi-truck BreakdownsThe semi-truck or big rig is an effective way of transporting freight across the country. It doesn’t matter what size or type of freight, the semi-truck can handle it.

Unfortunately, it is a mechanical vehicle and things can go wrong. When they do it can be costly and inconvenient to repair, especially if the truck is fully-loaded.

That’s why you should be aware of the common causes of breakdowns, it will help you to be prepared for them, minimizing disruption.


This is the only part of the vehicle that is in touch with the road. As such it is the most important part and the one under the most stress. Tires that are not well maintained will be too soft, too hard, have bad tracking, or simply be unbalanced. All of these factors increase the likelihood of something going wrong with the tires, effectively stopping the truck in its tracks. 

That’s not even thinking about when the road melts and causes tire issues!


You may have noted that trucks are becoming increasingly complicated, the level of electronics in them is rapidly rising. In theory, this makes them safer and more enjoyable to drive. However, it also means there are more things that can go wrong. Just one sensor not working properly can make a huge difference to the running ability of a truck!

You need a reputable automotive electrician who can help you maintain your vehicle to help prevent issues arising. They’ll also take care of you if you do have an issue.


This is another element of a truck that is under a lot of stress. It takes a lot of force to stop a full-laden semi-truck, especially f you have to stop quickly.

The braking system on any truck is under immense pressure from heat, friction, and pressure. If they are not maintained properly and regularly the brakes discs and drums will quickly wear. They are also likely to warp, causing the truck to shudder.

The driver will then need to fight to retain control while trying to stop the rig.

Alongside regular brake inspections, you should be aware of reduced performance. This can be a result of an air leak, corrosion, or even water contamination inside the pipes which freezes in extreme weather, preventing the air brakes from working!

Refrigerated Trailers

A problem with the trailer doesn’t mean your rig has broken but it will still stop you in your track. If you’re transmitting refrigerated goods and the trailer stops working properly the goods are immediately at risk of perishing.

It’s essential to have the refrigerated trailer inspected and serviced regularly. You should also have an alarm system that alerts you in the cab if there is a potential issue with your trailer.

It’s definitely better to be safe than sorry.

In general, a semi-truck can experience the same issues as any vehicle on the road. But, because of its size and weight, breakdowns can be a much more serious issue, maintenance is the sensible approach.